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Sonic (The Fast Food Company) Attempts a Meme Commercial???

Last posted Jan 22, 2012 at 04:06AM EST. Added Jan 22, 2012 at 01:38AM EST
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So I literally just saw this an hour ago. Not sure how old it is, but sonic was advertising their new Philly Cheese-steak toaster and it appeared to be either a yo dawg reference or combo yo dawg with inception reference. Searched online but couldn’t find it on their youtube or on their website, but I’m about 32.33, repeating of course, percent sure this is a bad meme commercial. Anyone seen this? Is there moar to come? Also once it goes youtube should it be acknowledged?

Couldn’t find it on YouTube either. Not that it’s meant for uploading commercials, but whatever. Haven’t seen it on any commercials either…only commercial I know that I can recently remember is that Jack in the Box JUMBAGO JUMBAGO thing. Frik, that’s stuck in my head…

I wouldn’t say it needs to be acknowledged if it was an Inception thing, because a lot of people know about Inception. But if it was a yo dawg thing, then I’d say it deserves some credit since it’s more…Internet-y-ish than Inception.


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