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Youtube People Entries

Last posted Jan 21, 2014 at 03:12AM EST. Added Mar 09, 2012 at 03:31PM EST
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Nikolaki8 wrote:

Well, there’s:
Steve (Duh)
Do’h I missed

That’s all.

He is a popular YouTuber, (possibly my favorite) but he doesn’t really need an entry.

“D’oh I missed” is really more the product of the Runaway Guys as a whole, hailing from their Mario Party LPs. (I have considered making a page for Mario Party on this site, but as far as I know, the only memes coming from it are “D’oh I missed” and “”">Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing". That’s not enough to justify making a page for it…)

Charmalandosaur wrote:

Chuggaaconroy maybe? there’s already a page for him on here, and he made the whole Steve the red pikmin thing, but i dunno if he’s actually famous enough

ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun recently got articles on this site… really shoddy ones. I’d like to improve ‘em, but the original poster hasn’t been around, so I can’t get editorship… :(

The question is… what about youtubers everyone in the German-speaking area knows? Are we sampling and making entries for the English speaking ones only or may “LeFloyd”, “iBlali” or “Abbadon” be included as well?

Good question Evanesca…

But it will most likely be nothing but English speaking YouTubers, as most people on this site have English as either a primary o secondary language… In some cases the ONLY language they know.

…I suppose if you can provide proof that they’re well known amongst that part of the Internet, we could fit them in somewhere.

encolli wrote:

What about Minecraft Youtubers?

and I know I’m missing a bunch

How about kurtjmac?

His main Minecraft series is like literally nothing else you will see. What he’s trying to do in it is walk to the Far Lands (in version 1.7.3) without using any mods that affect gameplay (he’s using a texture pack that someone made specifically for FLOB.)

What’s more is he’s doing it for charity. (Specifically Child’s Play charity, and FLoB is one of the largest contributors thanks to all the subscribers.)

He does do other things at times, but he is most well known for FLoB – it’s the name of his channel, even.

Said series also features the longest lived wolf in Minecraft (though it does keep getting hurt, and he once had to backtrack due to losing the guy due to a glitch. Everything was so feels when that glitch happened.)

I’m obviously a few months behind on any of his stuff (I can’t really watch many Youtube videos right now, and I have no idea when that will change.)

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