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Youtube "Did he die!?"

Last posted Aug 14, 2009 at 03:46PM EDT. Added May 31, 2009 at 11:46PM EDT
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like im watching vids and theres liek soooooo many comments that say “did he die!?!”

im like WTF!?

where did that come from @_@__@_@

its like

“(subject) he/she die?”



Annoying spam, on one failblog video someone asked “did he died? [sic]” and people picked up on it and spammed every other failblog video with the same, even in fails where there’s no actual injury. It seems to be mostly contained to failblog though.

Yo! I got the backstory to this one, it originates in Germany. This was sent to me on youtube:
Since YouTube exists, there have always been comments by persons we call “Gutmenschen” in German: Whenever someone would slip on a banana peel or something they would seriously go like “OMG HE COULD HAVE DIED HOW CAN YOU LAUGH AT THAT YOU HORRIBLE MONSTER!” Some weeks ago, people started mocking that annoying attitude by asking “Did he die?” in any context, and it spread quickly. It’s hilarious when you have experienced the background for ages…

AFAIK, it started on YouTube and not 4chan.

Same issue is with

Every “Shit Bricks” the person in the comments state the person is missing a finger, just because at one picture, someone was missing a finger. Someone thought that this was catching on, decided to post a picture of a girl with 5 fingers, not noticed though because the 5 fingers, none of them where thumbs. people still said she was missing a finger.


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