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Euro 2012 Memes?

Last posted Jul 02, 2012 at 11:28AM EDT. Added Jun 15, 2012 at 03:03PM EDT
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Hey all the football fans following Euro 2012,

Seen any potential viral jokes / memes from the games? I’ve been casually following the after-game talks, but if anyone’s got a lede on something & wants to cover Euro2012-related events or memes, feel free to go for it. Here’s a few that I’ve been digging on Google:

This definitely predates Euro 2012, but there’s this “Scumbag Ronaldo” image macro thing going around… anyone know if this is legit? Given his international stardom & very open douchey-ness, it wouldn’t be surprising that there were memes about the guy.

Sweden’s defender Mikael Lustig withdraws from his defense position during a corner kick, gives Ukraine an easy goal and sparks a Twitter hashtag / photo fad of people holding onto posts…

Not sure why they chose soccer, but it’s a pretty active Facebook page and covered with Euro-related stuff at the moment.

This is just self-explanatory…

The problem is that there are currently 2 matches every day. So something might spark interest during a match, but the next day there are 2 new matches and there’s bound to happen something funny again. So for match related memes it might be better to wait when they’ve reached the quarter finals, then everyone pays more attention as well.

As for Scumbag Ronaldo. Wouldn’t say I’m suprised. Ronaldo’s pretty well known for the scumbag behavior he sometimes shows. I would rather wait first to see how far Portugal gets. If Netherlands beats them in the next match, they’re out. Plus I wouldn’t say Ronaldo is playing at his best. He got switched out against Denmark and the guy they replaced him with made a goal. Both these factors might block some of the spread.

When it comes to mainstream media. Besides the covers of the games, most attention gets to the “scandals”. You had a few officials, players, referees, etc. who said something negative about another official or player. Everyone gets crazy about it, the person in question makes an official apology, and it’s done. Not really something unique happened yet.

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