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Last posted Sep 26, 2012 at 04:56PM EDT. Added Aug 28, 2012 at 09:39PM EDT
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Ever notice how a Mario game can be trolled with people saying that Mario is for babies and that Call of Duty is the only REAL video game? (or just any other violent, manly game for that matter, usually in reviews). Does anyone think it could qualify for a meme? Or not?

Depends. Its not really a meme but more of a practice. Do you at least have any evidence or screenshots of theses type of acts?

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I’ve always seen it as more the fact that the average CoD fan will get worked up if you say something bad about it, but that’s the same with anything. On topic though, I always saw it as more nintendo is for babies, which stems off Nintendo’s current unpopularity. While it maybe part of trolling, I’d say it’s more part of the Nintendo hatedom as a whole. That said, does the OP have any proof of spread? Because personally, I don’t feel that this has enough to warrant it’s own entry, but maybe a mention on the Nintendo entry if it has shown spread.

Gashadokuro wrote:


Call of duty isnt that realistic at all, i mean SOME of the guns arent real!

That’s why it’s awesome

But on topic, it doesn’t seem like a meme at all, just some form of strange behavior on the internet. It doesn’t really fit the definition of a meme.

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Well, I have to say that the idea of the meme should be more:
" Call of Duty Fanboyism," or something,
since any games you see will have some people who say “Call of Duty is the best.”
By looking at any lets player: For instance Game Grumps, there is always this one guy who is saying call of duty is better and they should play it. I am a regular TF2 player and i find little kids saying call of duty is the best game.
I do not now of this trolling or ignorance on 4chan or any where else, I only know of Youtube, and the gaming community.


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