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"Fuck Me, Right?" Advice Animal

Last posted Sep 11, 2012 at 11:49PM EDT. Added Aug 29, 2012 at 05:00AM EDT
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Would like to request a wee bit of research on this image. I’ve seen it a few times and a wide variety of forums and want to see if we can get an article up on Know Your Meme.

Origin (Superbad):



“Became popular in the 2007 movie SuperBad. …A Phrase used when you are feeling like an idiot for saying something, or someone gives you shit for something.”- Urban Dictionary

Dr. Coolface wrote:

We definitely need more advice animals, that’s for sure.

Hahaha I know, I know there’s many of them. I like to see the advice animals as a submemes. Honestly, I find them all very amusing with their own individual personalities.

Firstly, it definitely doesn’t deserve an entry right now. Doing that would just cause “OP is a faggot” jokes and the entry would be deadpooled about 30 minutes after its creation. Wait maybe even a couple months to see if it goes anywhere. Don’t try to force it though. It would just get deadpooled just as easily.

Oh, and remember a basic rule of thumb our community has set: If it’s from 9gag, it’s not a meme. Hurr durr.

It came from reddit actually. I created it on March 9th, 2012. The post made the frontpage that day but the meme itself didn’t really pick up steam until May when I saw people start making their own versions.


I don’t think it really needs an entry yet though as that’s really all the information about it. Just wanted to make sure people know it’s not from 9gag.


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