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Prince Harry's Naked Army

Last posted Sep 08, 2012 at 07:12PM EDT. Added Sep 01, 2012 at 07:13PM EDT
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Just heard about a new photo fad on the news. Supposedly, some nude photos surfaced of Prince Harry while he was in Vegas.

In support of him, troops (male and female) have started stripping down to offer him a salute and support the British prince.

Soldiers have stripped down in their barracks or on top of tanks, offering a salute in the buff, usually covering themselves cleverly with Union Jacks, helmets, or even their guns.

Here are some relevant URLs. Because of it’s nature, not entirely SFW, but everything is censored or covered:

Facebook group, “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!”:

Dailymail article, full of examples:

Article by the Indian Express about how the photo fad is drawing ire from the military hierarchy:

Here’s it on the Time newsfeed, so yeah – it’s legit:

And it apparently has it’s own website The website accepts donations to helping “Walking with the Wounded,” a charity which assists wounded veterans and their families.

The website describes its founds as follows:

“This group was started after two ex-military lads, Lee Kirton formally of the Royal Marines, and Jordan Wylie formally of the King’s Royal Hussars decided to form a support group on Facebook for Harry. This was initiated after receiving naked salute pictures from friends in the pub, intended as support for our favorite Royal. After suggesting we start a group on Facebook, and thinking we would get around 75 people maximum in the group, in less than 5 days this has now built to over 26,000 supporters, with more than 25,000 requests pending to be accepted. ‘Support Prince Harry with a naked salute’ is currently the fastest growing Facebook group page and we also have a trending hashtag on twitter #Salute4Harry and a Twitter account Salute4Harry. Many people have suggested ways to fundraise for a good cause using the support from these sites and we have thought long and hard about which charity to support. Our final decision is Walking With The Wounded with whom Prince Harry has worked with and is Patron of the next expedition.”

One more thing. The community page on Facebook not only posts pictures of people saluting Harry, but they also photoshop the prince’s head over pictures of various streakers or scantily dressed individuals to satirize how blown out of proportion the reaction to Harry’s nude photos was:

Here’s the community page:


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