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Hey guys, I need help with a meme

Last posted Nov 19, 2012 at 12:28AM EST. Added Nov 18, 2012 at 03:50AM EST
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So I’ll bet all of you have seen a meme that goes something like this.
Silly [Enter Item], You are not a [Other Item it seems like] Would you guys have a clue about it or it’s origin?


I’m willing to bet it’s Buzzkilling. It’s actually an old favorite of mine.

You can tell that the article is a bit…scant, so I don’t think the origin is really known for sure.

Although the term Buzzkill predates popular usage of the internet, the present tense verb Buzzkilling today is largely associated with a 4chan meme that places more value on the comedic subtletly of straight-forward explanations of what is out of place in an image. In short, it is a form of anti-joke.

Although Put Yourself in My Shoes never caught on with 4chan, the “Those are my shoes. You are a dog” inspired the creation of other, simpler image macros utilizing the same anti-joke format.

ED offers some commentary on the subject:

The fact that one iteration of a five year old meme has become a meme in itself says something about the need for Original Content.

And by “scant,” I mean, "You just read the entirety of the entry.

If you’ve got something you want to add, then you can add a suggestion here, or you request editorship here if you’d like a chance at editing the entry so that it has other, more researched information.

And if by chance this isn’t what you meant, then I’ll leave this up until I hear confirmation from you.


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