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Regarding the GNAA

Last posted Dec 08, 2012 at 07:15PM EST. Added Nov 29, 2012 at 03:51PM EST
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I have some information regarding the GNAA and would like editorship on the article so I can add a section for it, but I wanted to discuss it here. I’ve already requested editorship.

Recently on /mlp/ there were several threads regarding supposed attacks by the GNAA. Some had substantial evidence but others lacked that, so it’s unclear whether they were legitimate, or simply fear-mongering by the GNAA themselves.

There were two noteworthy attacks: firstly, the BronyState livestream of the most recent My Little Pony episode was hacked and the stream was replaced with a troll video saying that the stream had been hacked and claiming that /v/ had done it. This was traced back to the GNAA, however.
Secondly, the GNAA performed an amateur-level phishing scam on deviantArt users, capturing “over 2000 usernames and passwords.” While some legitimate accounts were hacked as a result, the file containing the phishing data was not pruned at all and visibly contained duplicates and significant amounts of garbage data.

I have the resources necessary to add all this with citations to the GNAA article, including a video of the hacked livestream and the pastebin of the phishing data, and I’m searching through a 4chan archive to get the relevant threads.

Is this notable enough to include? Discuss.

Alright, I think I have everything I need, and I got some more info as well. Looks like there were also many YouTube videos taken down by false copyright claim (seriously, YouTube needs to fix their system for that), which was an attack organized on Twitter using the hashtag #WarOnBronies and was started by some of the GNAA’s notable members. I also found a thread about someone who was physically assaulted in public by someone wearing blackface and a GNAA shirt.

I would kill for editorship now. Researching articles is one of my favorite things around here.

That would be awesome, thanks very much. I’ll let you know if I get editorship.

Right now I’m still waiting. I don’t know if Don and Brad just haven’t logged in since I requested editorship, or if they just refused the request, since there’s no notification for a request refusal.


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