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Manti Te'o's it a memetic event?

Last posted Jan 24, 2013 at 06:28PM EST. Added Jan 17, 2013 at 11:57AM EST
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If you follow sports (or even read the news honestly), you’d know about the hoax going around. It involves college football linebacker Monti Te’o of Notre Dame and what appeared to be an inspirational story about his girlfriend dying of Leukimia. Well yesterday, it was proven to be a hoax and has been spreading like wildfire.

Now, I’ve seen several image parodies already, jokes going around on twitter, and a ton of pics. Since KYM documents events that have memetic status, I want to know whether this would be deserving of article.

I don’t even follow sports but I read this article breaking down the whole story this morning and the whole thing blows my mind. I would say if you’ve seen a lot of pictures and parodies, go for an event entry!

Related: I’ve been trying to figure out how we can present a Catfish entry for months now (it’s kind of a meme but more a tv show, maybe a person entry on Nev?), so if anyone has any thoughts on that maybe i’ll start another thread

Aww…I wanted to make a General thread. I still may, because I wanted to discuss it on the basis of this not being new to us and not being a memetic phenomena. I’m sure a lot of us have become interested in someone they only know from a few pictures (if any) and chatting online.

But as you go from Web culture to the mainstream, the thought is “bizarre” as the anchors on SportsCenter call it.
As for Catfishing, I know something similar happened in the brony fandom if I understand things correctly. It drove smg13 to suicide attempts on multiple occasions. The difference here is that it’s removed from Web Culture and the mainstream thinks it’s an infrequent occurrence.


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