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Christopher Dorner's California shootings

Last posted Feb 21, 2013 at 08:50AM EST. Added Feb 11, 2013 at 08:31PM EST
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It’s kind of a touchy thing to discuss, but if KYM documents internet reactions, then this might be worth a discussion.

For those that don’t know what’s going on, a former cop unleashed a manifesto online stating he was going to kill people who “hurt him” and started taking out targets. The shootings started last week and he has implied that he won’t stop until he’s dead. It’s a scary situation. And there’s more behind his motive, but tl;dr.

Once day, the police opened fire on what they thought was Dorner, but it was a newspaper carrier. Luckily, the people in the truck were only injured and as a result. In addition, a person who fit Dorner’s description got arrested, but it was a false alarm. Due to these issues, we have these:

As for the internet, I’ve run into several disturbing things. There have been people who actually support the shooter. Worse, I’ve run into a few photoshops:

So…is this enough to suggest an entry on KYM? Seeing as this is an event and there is an internet reaction, as I said before, it might deserve some consideration.

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Yahoo News seems to love this guy. Most of the commentors have read his manifesto, and have found it to be good. Now they’re planning to use a drone to find him. This is a pretty big manhunt, and it is the ENTIRE LAPD versus this one guy. I’d say this has a pretty good chance. If anything, it should be documented as an event in the very least.

Also, it is rather terrifying how many people are finding this man to be a hero. I’m personally struggling to figure out my view on it. I agree with what he wants, but not how he’s getting it.

However, people are looking at him like a major hero. Articles condemning him as “just another criminal” are being met with massive amounts of “HE’S A HERO!”

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Hi I’m a California resident myself and live a couple of hours from where this has all been occurring, and to be quite honest, it seems like a very large amount of the population are ignorant to the fact that this is even occurring, a friend of mine lives in the town where many of the incidents actually played out. She stated that many of the people in her school had no idea the incidents had been occurring up until the schools began entering lock-downs. Another interesting tidbit of information is that very few people seem to be chastising the police for their attacks on the innocents or mistaken arrests, while normally when such things occur, mobs of people seem to emerge to protest the police force’s very involvement in our lives. This could probably be derived from the fact that certain groups of our more liberal citizens, while generally very ready to protest and/or attack any form of government activity positive or negative within our state and cities (there are honestly protests running on just about anything at any point in any day), seem to throw away any of their bravado and freedoms the moment they feel they are threatened.
That is just my personal viewpoint into things, take it as you will, I just thought I would contribute.

We need to get everything documented.

I say this if only because all of the media are getting many details wrong. Last night there was a big ol’ scanner fest in which movements of officers and SWAT teams were tracked, getting details as it happened. I say we copy down the details and get them into the article, that way we can bring things up in case of confusion. Also, I may copy the page on to a Word file just in case anything goes wrong.

Alright, so I suggest we continue some documentation on the Dorner. “You Can’t Corner the Dorner” has been popping up everywhere, and seems to be pretty popular. Plus we could show the little fan game someone made. That was pretty funny.


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