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How The World Is Going To End

Last posted Feb 24, 2013 at 01:00PM EST. Added Feb 24, 2013 at 11:21AM EST
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I found this new meme on some meme website. Do you think it would be a good meme good enough to have an entry and be a proper meme? The “meme” is called “How the world is going to end” or “If X is X then X”. The original was a picture of Zoe Trent singing with the captions of “If this is how the world is going to end,then it will be a happy one”. So what do you think guys?

Feb 24, 2013 at 11:21AM EST

Know Your Meme is not for creating or spreading new memes. We only document existing ones. If you want to start a meme, try other sites such as Cheezburger, 4chan, or reddit.

Feb 24, 2013 at 01:00PM EST

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