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Last posted Mar 08, 2013 at 02:08AM EST. Added Mar 06, 2013 at 10:13PM EST
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I’ve watched every single episode except for the most recent season (that I think it still airing?)
I also follow a lot of Supernatural blogs, so we can always go to them too, mhm

Supernatural is very genre-aware and perhaps meme-aware. Pop culture references of up to date, (which is impressive considering the characters’ lifestyles) as is the slang. I know Dean has used “gank” from early on. In fact he’s more likely to say “let’s gank the sonofabitches” than “kill the sonofabitches”. Characters like Becky and Charlie (Felicia Day!) are good examples of call-outs, and even the characters’ catch-phrases are addressed in two episodes.

The show is also a very good source of reaction faces, such as “Misha crying” and Castiel walking into the lake. Overall, very GIFable.

Much of the fandom and tumblr devotion seems centered around shipping, which the show is hyper-aware of, but I do believe the show could be meme worthy.


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