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KYM Workshop: #princeso

Last posted Apr 24, 2013 at 11:09AM EDT. Added Apr 19, 2013 at 12:10PM EDT
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It’s more like an ironic trend. Men calling themselves princesos and posting things like “¡Noche de princesos!” (“Princesses night!”) on Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, it has begun to be used IRL.

It IS used IRL. My mother calls my baby brother “princeso”, so if it’s really used as a form of “fag”, I’ll show it to her and LOL like there’s no tomorrow. I heard my mother use this term about 2 months ago, and the articles Amanda gave us don’t give an acurate date. It is either a BIG coincidence that my mom called him like that, or it was used by mexican youth outside the internet, and someone put it on social networks and got famous.

It wasn’t until I saw this trending that I remembered an image on FB yesterday about “Hitting men doesn’t make you a better woman. Don’t beat princesos” so I opened FB and now it’s flooding with this kind of images . What the hell.

Suddenly Jesus of Facebook has made a challenging claim on the word princeso.


The princeso is NOT calling a fag, its in response of “ladies night out” where girls get free shit, so guys called for a “Saturday night of princesos” to undermine the feminist preference of the thing

#NoAlMaltratodePrincesos is rising in popularity, and is starting to spread to most Spanish speaking forums and boards. Most people have taken it as a joke and a parody of “Women Logic” and motivational speeches/images shared all over the internet that are meant for women. You can find a HILARIOUS video on by @PayasoSinGracia

Notable examples:

- “Ella me pidió que cambiara. Le respondí: soy un princeso, no un semáforo”
Rough Translation: “She asked me to change. I replied: I’m a princeso not a traffic light”.

- “Quieren igualdad de derechos, pero no le ceden el asiento a un princeso… Perras”.
Rough Translation “They want equal rights, but they won’t give their seat to a princeso… Bitches”.

- “Si te silban en la calle, no te des vuelta. Eres un princeso, no un perro”
Rough Translation: “If they whistle at you on the street, don’t turn around. You’re a princeso, not a dog”.

- “Golpear a un princeso no te hace más mujer”
Rough Translation: “Beating a princeso does not make you a woman”

- “Ingrata, no te enamores de un princeso si no estás dispuesta a dar todo por él”.
Rough Translation: “You ungrateful woman, don’t fall in love with a princeso if you’re not willing to give out everything for him”.

- “Hey tú, sí tú. eres un princeso y lo vales todo, eres perfecto”.
Rough Translation: “Hey you, yes you. You’re a princeso and you’re worth everything, you’re perfect”.

- “Recuerda que cuando una mujer trata a un princeso como un princeso, es porque fue criada por un rey, que alguna vez fue un princeso”.
Rough Translation: “Remember that when a woman treats a princeso like a princeso, it’s because she was raised by a king, who in turn once was a princeso”.

- “Si te pide espacio, déjala. Eres un princeso, no un astronauta”
Rough Translation: “If she asks you for space, leave her. You’re a princeso, not an astronaut”

- “Si te pide un tiempo, debes dejarla. Eres un princeso, no un reloj”
Rough Translation: “If she asks you for some time, you must leave her. You’re a princeso, not a clock”.

The joke lies in the fact that all those “sayings” and “pretty/motivational phrases” meant for women, lose all sense (and rise up as the stupid nonsense that they are) when you change the gender on the noun. The fallacy or the dumbness of the phrase (and the Princess denomination for women) becomes really obvious when tied to “Princeso”. Remember that in Spanish and Portuguese grammar nouns (and most words) have a gender (or it needs to be specified in order to be grammatically correct), and also the word for “Prince” in Spanish is “Príncipe”. “Princeso” is used to make the comparison even more laughable.

BUT, as in all things, of course there’s the group of people that don’t get the joke and have started “hating” on all the Princesos posts, calling them out as fags and whatnot. If you ask me, #Princesos should be “tagged” or referred to the “Women Logic” entry.

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