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Train Man / Densha Otoko

Last posted May 21, 2013 at 09:00PM EDT. Added May 08, 2013 at 02:00PM EDT
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I was searching around today and I found out that we don’t have a page for this yet – Wikipedia actually beat us to the punch – so I want to get one started. It is a media franchise that kicked off in Japan and was based off a highly popular 2Chan thread. It has gotten a book and a TV drama adaptation (which has since spun off into an anime). I would like to get some help, though, as a) I have to do grad student stuff so my page editing time is limited, and b) my knowledge of this thing’s reception in Japan is limited and indirect, so I will need some assistance on that front. If you want to help, please do.

Other relevant links:

TvTropes page.
TvTropes page for the anime spinoff of the TV drama’s opening theme.

I will get a page up soon and I start adding whomever is interested.

EDIT: The page is now up. So far I have only the most basic information on there. I will be adding more later.

Last edited May 08, 2013 at 02:11PM EDT

I would just like to point out that stories told in Train Man format are actually quite common. Users who share stories of their life, along with the “characters” in their stories, are often given nicknames, just like the Train Man user.

The cultural significance is definitely there, as Train Man has been referenced in manga and anime, just like how a lot of western memes are referenced in pop culture today.

On a somewhat non-meme but still related note, the manga Molester Man follows the same format as Train Man and even draws its story from 2chan threads by the titular character, just like Train Man. It’s well worth the read.

Several years ago DPF sent me a PM asking me to make the Train Man article together. But I begged off.

Train Man was a huge internet phenomena in 2004-2005 as shown by that Wikipedia article. There is no doubt about it. Not a few 2channel (not 2chan) users paid an attention to a series of Train Man threads in those days. However, all of them wasn’t supportive to that guy. Some of them, including me, were quite skeptic against the story. That’s because there were many contrarieties in the story told by him as a true story happening in real time.

To be honest I think Train Man was a completely fictional story for stealth marketing by novelists and publishers. And once removed the flavour of truth from it, that falls to a cheap novel that none would care about.

And as there was no further internet fads derived from Train Man, we have nothing to write about it in the internet meme database in more detail than Wikipedia or TVtropes.

Still, whether it’s a true story or not, it still was a big deal online. It seems like an oversight that we didn’t have at least something about it in the database.

Yeah, I don’t deny that KYM need to have an entry for this drama. What I want to say is we need to only transcribe descriptions from those other web sites because those articles are perfect and there is no space for the internet meme database to expand descriptions about it.


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