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Vocaloid Editors Wanted!

Last posted May 17, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT. Added May 11, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT
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Editors wanted for these two Vocaloid pages:
Assistance in uploading images/videos greatly appreciated from everyone.
Stop everything from being glommed into the Vocaloid page! We have memes too!

These my opinion:

  • I clearly say no to making vocaloid song entries in KYM. There are over 100 vocaloid songs which video has million page views in niconico and so many fanworks. But these are mere commercially succeeded songs, never internet memes. You think we need every single pop music songs popping-up on the hit charts for documenting boring lip-dub, reaction or singing cover fandom for it? This is a terribly bad idea. For vocaloid songs, it’s work of Vocaloid wiki or other web sites.
  • We should focus the theme of KYM’s entries to specific memetic topics. From the aspect of memetics, pure fanwork isn’t an important topic. All I know about magnet is that plagiarize melodies from EXILE’s song “Ti Amo”. And its famous cover art also plagiarize from Turn-A Gundam’s DVD label.

  • Meanwhile, Vocaloid character items (and that ugly “item wars”) well deserve to be documented. I guess.
  • Besides, we should give both Takoruka & Shiteyanyo a separate entry.

HorribleGhost wrote:

This is a wanted poster for a specific set of pages there aren’t other threads for this
Obvious troll is obvious

Um. “Need help with your entry?” Thread. I guess that dosent exsist

Rimshot wrote:

Um. “Need help with your entry?” Thread. I guess that dosent exsist

But have you found another “I need help with the Magnet and Vocaloid Character Items” thread?

Check. Fucking. Mate.

*Is laughing my ass off*

No seriously, troll, if you’re not here to request editorship or something GTFO.


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