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Last posted Jun 24, 2013 at 10:36AM EDT. Added Jun 22, 2013 at 10:49PM EDT
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On Tumblr the past few weeks, everyone has been shipping Denny’s resturant’s blog with a number of other official blogs from other restaurants including Longhorn Steakhouse (RIP FOREVER BEST BLOG). Here’s a Daily Dot article about Denhouse.

However, it seems that now people are making “official” blogs for other food brands as part of the Foodom fandom. Foodom tag and Fooddom tag.

Here is a blog post by the amazing bluechoochoo about these fantasy blogs

here is a list of a number of fake ones (mixed in with real ones, like denny’s

The woman who runs the Denny’s tumblr let me know that if a brand is verified, they should be listed here, but this is not a comprehensive list.

Thoughts? Research? Someone want to start an entry? :D

How… bizarre. Then again, this is Tumblr we’re talking about. I mean, I’ve seen weirder things on the net but I’d never have imagined the day people started shipping restaurant chains of all the things o.o
Ah what the hell. I ship KFC and Burger King. So that then, there will be a sandwich with two delicious, crispy, boneless chicken buns, with a succulent burger in the middle. And the world will know true fear and power! All will bow before KentuckyFriedKing and tremble! Instead of a king you would have a GOD!

One Burger to rule them all. One Burger to find them all.
One Burger to bring them all and bind them in darkness.

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