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9/11 meme/ internet science ethics

Last posted Jul 20, 2009 at 12:37PM EDT. Added Jul 15, 2009 at 07:23PM EDT
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Okay, it’s still hidden.

I wish I could help you Richie, but I’m the bottom of the order when it comes to admins. Not that I’m complaining.

Even though they hold wine, cigar and puppy parties without me. (That’s right guys, I know.)

But it’s not deleted, I promise you this. PROTIP: If you search with the search bar you can still see the icon for it. Mabye it will re-emerge but as previously stated, I have little control over it.

americans can laugh in the face of sex crime, but put on a visual and sensory extravaganza like 9/11, and its too much.

stop worshiping your shallow flag, and appreciate that if you can laugh at sex crimes, homophobia and disability, that 9/11 really is good material.

it was more fun to watch than most news stories. more fun than fritzl, yet you choke your twinkies up laughing about that one.

Erm…. Topple. This is not an anti -american thread. This is a thread where we decide to let an entry about 9/11 trolling, as you have just performed, enter the DB.

OK, as of right now no Americans, the people most affected by this whole ordeal have said anything so the fate of Richie’s entry is still up in the air.

fair do’s.

if i’m honest my passion derives from the persistent use of fascistic terminology by americans, in all areas of the media there – that and the enjoyment I got from the hulk hogan 9/11 pics. nothing else.

soy un cabron pacífico.

Being that most of the staff is based in NY and were directly affected by it; it’s not exactly a favorite meme. That, and there are many examples of trolling that we just don’t feel are worth giving acknowlegment to. There’s more to life than trolling. There’s more to life than /b/.

yeah but thats not fair.
its not about whether its offensive or not or a sensitive issue.
if fritzl and aids gets in 9/11 should.
im sure to someone withs aids, the pool’s closed meme is just as unsightly as 9/11 is to a new yorker.

this is essentially supposed to be a catalogue or an encyclopaedia right?
would you ommit tragic events of say ww2 just cause its a sensitive issue?
no you wouldnt, instead just present it in a balanced and detached manner.

perhaps my written account of 9/11 wasnt as endearing as the staff would hope but that doesnt mean it shouldnt just be tweeked rather than deleted or hidden, its a very significant meme.

ps the word ‘trolling’ has very specific meaning, one that does in no way match my agenda. i also find it hard when such words are banded about – i speak as true as i can.

emphasis through exaggeration maybe, but trolling no.

@Richie M

dunno how i missed out on this one. i hear what you’re saying in this thread, but i think the original entry you submitted was less than convincing. if we were to balance it out, it will take lots of research & heavily changed beyond recognition. but if you’re willing to make a research day out of this, you’re more than welcome to begin the new entry under this thread.

and i’m not saying you’d have to turn this into a wiki article about 9/11 & interweb, but sort of yes. if the slogans & images are meant to function as trolls or graffiti or propaganda,etc, please mention the history of its usage in context. because the way it looks now, it doesn’t give besides “SHOCKING” to those that are not familiar. and as Chris mentioned already, i don’t think all shocking trolls are worth documenting. Thanks for bringing up this discussion though.

found this:

and this:

this one is the most famous:

Just to be more clear: I’m not sure which admin marked it as hidden, and I don’t know of what their motives were, but I could make some guesses. I’m thinking that 911 will remain as it is until a better explanation of the meme can be written.

And for the record, the thing about Pedobear is that Anonymous consists largely of teens who from time to time do what they can to fish for pedophiles and turn them in, in their own version of Perverted Justice. Pedobear is really more of the mascot of the “fishing for pedophiles” behavior that Anonymous exhibits, not a legitimate endorsement of pedophilia. To believe otherwise is to fall for a troll.

Okay, I’ve spoken with the Admin who marked it as hidden, and he was simply choosing to err on the side of safety.
Obviously there are memes out there that we feel go too far that we’re probably not going to cover. For instance: goatse, tubgirl, 2 girls one cup, etc. We’re not going to feature the originals, but we will feature the derivatives. The reason for this is that we’re more interested in the traits and themes of the jokes that make them grow. The 9/11 article just didn’t cover any one specific joke about 9/11, just the larger generic topic of 9/11.

But there are 9/11-related meme entries that are perfect. Tourist Guy is one example. So in the long-run, 9/11 isn’t a meme, but a trait present within other memes.

“But there are 9/11-related meme entries that are perfect. Tourist Guy is one example. So in the long-run, 9/11 isn’t a meme, but a trait present within other memes.”

i disagree, i think that 9/11 is a meme because of the numerous spin-offs in relation to
“x did 9/11”
i.e. jews, polish, gorillas.
the lulz derrived from that not just tourist guy fake pic.

its errrverywhere.
google who did 9/11
or jews did 9/11 and theres a ton of websites dedicated to these lulz.
some unfortunely also seem serious tho 0.o

i cant remember what the article said cause i cant look at it, but it definately mentioned those things.

and tubgirl or whatever are pretty different, theres a difference between offensive or off-colour humour and straight up porn like you’ve mentioned in all 3 examples.
the 9/11 meme would still be considered PG-13 is my point, goatse and 2 girls one cup would however obviously wouldnt be

Richie, the “Jews did 9/11” is almost entirely made of troll-bait.
Simple memes that amount to nothing more than blaming things on “Jews” “Niggers” “fags” etc serve only as examples of the typical /b/tardism that fails to bring lulz, but unites antisocial degenerates who spend way too much time in their mothers’ basements rather than getting to know real people.

I have yet to see an example of this meme that is funny. If anything, the spread of this meme just proves that there are LOTS of /b/tards.

well i think theyre funny.
whatever your opinion on these people, its fairly irrelevant. What does matter is the memetic aspects of this phenomenon which do meet the criteria of what one would define a meme.
uniting antisocial behaviour, also not relevant.
what matters is cataloging things which meet the criteria of an internet meme.

“What criteria should be considered?

Viral Spread: measured through Google Trends results.


Origin: Finding out where the meme first appeared and what sites it spread to, in what order.

Tick! 4Chan and other message boards, including speculation of conspiracies of 9/11 which appeared on youtube and all over the internet especially before the invasion of afghanistan.

Derivatives: Spoofs, mashups, remixes, parodies, re-enactments.

Tick, variations, it is a parody and reinactment pictures such as the 2 towers with rockets on the back flying into a pair of jet planes"

Is there anything else that contributes to whether or not something fits as a meme in your mind?

Wikipedia: A meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with “cream”[1]), is a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, and is transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

Also, it helps if the Meme content can be found on sites known for contributing to the spread of internet memes; like Something Awful, Tick 4chan, Tick YTMND, Tick Encyclopedia Dramatca, Tick Macrochan, Tick or Youtube. Tick

Chris Menning
3 months ago

broken link.

Here’s the result of a Google trend for “Jews did 9/11”

Your terms – “Jews did 9/11” – do not have enough search volume to show graphs.

And a Google Insights for Search query looks similar

Not enough search volume to show graphs.

well u made a typo in one of those searches, plus, minus the google trends aspects it still meets all the criteria of what a meme is.
im not sure why you are so resistant to this meme.
it may be offensive, but so is the vast majority of this content.
i did not realize this website was in the business of social filtering.

but we’re going in circles.
it fits the criteria of a meme.
it is not pornographic or contain 18+/R-rated material
but it has been removed from the website.
That would make this the first non-pornographic meme to be banned by this website, which i think is sad.

especially considering;
fritzl lulz
goofy time (which is a dad molesting son meme essentially, thats 90% of the pics)
chk-chk-boom girl where a man was shot, he survived, but regardless its still a human being.
take anything you want – making light of a story of a woman being robbed
pool’s closed due to aids – is that not offensive?
jesus lolz – there are more than 1 billion christians out there
a couple of “your doin’ it wrong” pics where people actually died.
Disaster girl – pics of building being destroyed where people died INCLUDING 9/11
the hitler meme, nuff said

my point is, that if you are going to ban 9/11 for being offensive then ban all these things too.

Okay, this conversation is too intense for me but I will make a correction.

There have been some non-pornographic entries hiddened [sic] before the 9/11 entry.

CALLUM LOL basically some kids making fun of a kid at school.

Special Poetry Slam Seriously, it really looks like exploitation of the handicapped, it’s hard to watch. Definitely not something we want in the DB.

removed and remove the latter seems to be a racist stereotype and I have no idea about the former.

velcro Someone just writing an article for shizznits and gizzigles.

cat meme Someone just wrote “bleh”.

There are more but I don’t think anyone will argue these should be let in.


this thread will eventually amount to the new 9/11 entry, assuming enough people are invested in covering the subject & improving this entry. Here’s the original entry submitted by @Richie McNuggets:

9/11 LULZ

After the september 11th attacks, many pictures and videos portraying the event were published on the news and the internet.
Since most people on the internet are sensitive fellas the intertrons soon became flooded with pictures of the iconic towers with lulz super-imposed. this also lead to several sub-memes such as:

Japanese anime fans did 9/11,
Cookie Monster did 9/11
and “Jews did WTC”

Many facecious celebrations of the event annually include slogans plastered over 4Chan announcing
“9/11 never forget”
“9/11 always remember”
to becoming outright sarcastic
“Happy 9/11”

Encyclopaedia Dramatica Article***
Reason to 9/11? Why, it is so simple. It was the super friends who took the WTC’s down. George Bush was flying Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and crashed into the towers. Space ghost and Casper took out the pentagon as per VP Cheney’s orders. Flight 93 was a drone with no passengers or crew and filled with tax stimulus refund checks for the liberals, Superman directed the plane into the ground in Penn. where co-conspirators called 911. This is the absolute truth because I say it is. I have irrefutable proof and you have to believe me!
other memes have been mingled into this, including gifs of fresh prince destroying the twin towers, Michael J Fox, and the WTC being shoop da whooped by lazors.


If I may suggest, try researching in a bottom-up fashion & presenting the info in a top-down fashion.

Also I’d go without the excerpts from Encyclopedia Dramatica article. It’s a cool story that I’ve only heard like a million times before, but it does more harm to the cause than good.


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