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[Event] Down With Molestia

Last posted Sep 05, 2013 at 08:08AM EDT. Added Aug 17, 2013 at 08:00AM EDT
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The ‘Social Justice’ Bloggers is at it again! And now they’re trying to take down the Ask Princess Molestia tumblr blog. His is event will prove how stupid people are when they take something so seriously on the Internet.


I’m not sure if we should create an entry but give the word and I’ll create one with shitty grammar and content.

For now it has just gotten a decent amount of attention in bulk. It’s notable, but currently it’s best to wait for how long this’ll stay something. “Offensive” topics Social Justice Bloggers and the like spend time on come and go. Molestia is based on dark humor, and her concept goes back years, yet it’s only recent that it had gotten attention from this point of view.

For any coverage on the site, for now I’d consider a section in the Trollestia / Molestia / Tyrant Celestia entry. That thing needs a rewrite anyway, as it only describes the characters, but doesn’t show where and through what they spread.

As for this case, it’s something to wait and see first. The person who started it all seems to be very ill informed. The Ask Princess Molestia Tumblr is what started the case, which is a widely popular Tumblr within the brony fandom. However, the Tumblr also covers a side-story of Gamer Luna, which doesn’t have the same “Molesting” nature as the Molestia comics, it follows Luna being a gamer. People who’d follow the Tumblr would be easily aware of those comics, yet the person who started the whole cause seemed to be completely oblivious to it, as shown below:

So yeah, to call that Tumblr blog the cause is a 50/50. Currently that Tumblr seems more like the Scapegoat those on the “Stop Molestia” side needed. It’s a widely popular Tumblr, so of course you’d reach a wide audience by attacking that one instead of a barely popular blog.

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I have posted this thing on PG but i’ll also put it here: Not sure if you have read it or not

I also want to add my two cents:

Rape jokes:I don’t care, nor those kind of jokes offends me.
But that doesn’t mean i found them hilarious. And yes even i have a dark humor inside, but not doing any rape joke online or IRL.

About “molestia” tumblr: I don’t care. Just a bunch of smut horseporn. Not new though, similar fetishes and hentai mangas goes around the whole internet. Including more than just a smut!
So why just attacking molestia? Incredibly suspicious.

About this campaign: Obviously an attention whoring step which uses “rape” insult to attract “white nights” and offends “rape victims” just like the “rape” fandom do..
Also like i mentioned before. This kind of fetishes are all around the internet! Are they just offended with one tumblr? What about the other ones? Should we take down all of that just because it offends someone? Don’t make me laugh!

Also it’s kinda suspicious that the campaign starter’s knowledge about the molestia tumblr from the start. But that doesn’t change the fact. As i said before, i cannot say i am okay with rape jokes. But taking down whatever you hate doesn’t change shit. Just ignore that shit and don’t be a morality guardian for someone else! If you are worried about your children, fucking give them knowledge, inform them. Internet is not innocent place. Realize it!

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I didn’t believe this thing at first when some anon posted, but if you click the image

you’ll see that this is not fake.

Here look at her blog. Nearly all of her posts includes jokes about money

“Welelele trolle hard lelel” God that is just incredibly stupid. She against rape joke, but somehow she can insult with money joke.. And wait for people to take her seriously? Seems legit.

But probably all of those post are trollbait. For cause shitstorm obviously

Or maybe she is not trolling at all. She may means it?..

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Hugobertington wrote:

This silly little person
Anyway, have you heard the support song?
Good God mine dear ears.

Has the Molestia mod made any comment on this btw?

If you asking about the whole “down with molestia” thing yes he did.

If you mean that music (??!!) thingy. I don’t know.. Why would he anyway?

Haha! They can’t take critism as i see. Such as disabling comments and thumbs..

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Iamslow wrote:

Ohgod. I’m laughing myself to death right now. You magnificent bastard.

And yes, I think that these people are taking it way, way too seriously. You know, I don’t even think Molestia (in JJ’s askblog, anyway) rapes ponies that much anymore. She’s sort of devolved into a Lovable Sex Maniac. Like a reverse Quagmire.

Well I’m not a brony and I’m pretty indifferent to MLP, so the “drama” (I really hate that word) won’t affect me in the slightest but this whole debacle has got me thinking: how come people get so upset over rape jokes yet no one gets all that bothered by murder or death jokes? Rape is a bad thing, there’s no denying that, but murder is just as bad. So why do people very rarely get bent out of shape over murder jokes. Why is there no Down With Cupcakes movement?

Say if I was to make a joke like this:
“Hey, did you hear about the guy who owed money to the mob and got thrown into a big meat slicer?”
“No, how’s he doing?”
“Not too good; I hear his life is in pieces!”

Presumably, very little people would even give the fact that I just made a joke about a brutal assassination a second thought.

However, if I made a joke like this:
“Did you hear about that girl who went to a concert and got drugged by the band’s drummer?”
“No, what ended up happening?”
“Well, let’s just say she got the short end of his stick!”

It would be very likely that would cause a massive shitstorm. But is one of the topics really more heinous than the other?

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Because there are no murder/death survivors. Plus everyone dies, but not everyone gets raped. And both sexes die in relatively equal amounts whereas most people raped are female.
(And plenty of people have complained about Cupcakes, they just never really organized.)

Caramel wrote:

Because there are no murder/death survivors. Plus everyone dies, but not everyone gets raped. And both sexes die in relatively equal amounts whereas most people raped are female.
(And plenty of people have complained about Cupcakes, they just never really organized.)

If people complained about murder, such notable franchises like Friday The 13th and SAW wouldn’t exist. Murder is a very important subject in fiction, like it or not.

Also, as you can see, I’m gonna parody this with my username until the whole thing blows over. I might keep the Molly avatar, though. Don’t know. Actually, hey Big Sexy, what do you think of this whole thing?

Uh, okay…?

Caramel wrote:

Because there are no murder/death survivors. Plus everyone dies, but not everyone gets raped. And both sexes die in relatively equal amounts whereas most people raped are female.
(And plenty of people have complained about Cupcakes, they just never really organized.)

Yeah, I guess that’s a fair reason for the jokes to be deemed more offensive by some.

Speaking as a complete outsider to this fandom and its antics, I’m honestly surprised that this didn’t happen sooner. For example, people got on PewDiePie’s ass for making rape jokes a couple months after he started recording videos of himself. People are just now protesting a My Little Pony meme centered around molestation, years after it began?

When the Trollestia / Molestia / Tyrant Celestia article is rewritten, it might be worth giving this a brief mention along with the temporary Tumblr removal of Joseco’s ask blog late last year.

For the moment though, this seems to have blown over like most Tumblr SJW campaigns. We had a few notable people make commentaries, but after that, it just came down to a small number in the fandom arguing over inconsequential crap.

I’d love to see Arrestria fanart.
Anyone who knows something about me probably knows that I’m a SJ person/misandrist/whore/antibrony/fag/homophobe/whatever name that you can come up with.
I don’t see a problem with having Molestia. It’s not entirely uncommon to meet a creepy guardian in real life.

@OP I think that comic’s more from Fluttershy’s point of view and less a general statement

According to this /mlp/ thread.
That the DWM drama is over. You can read it yourself to get all the details, I am not good at summarizing, however I might try to:
According to the thread, a petition was made to take away JJ’s VIP statues, but it failed and was taken down.
The people who were running this admitted what they did was wrong.
There will be still a few lunatics that will want JJ to be banhammered but all and all it seems the SJWs lost this one.

Also: I don’t know if this is just a victory of the battle or the war. I think this might cause a domino effect and be a turning point of the drama scenario for the SJWs which will cause them to stop flipping shit over a pony blog.

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here’s a link to a post made by the people who started and closed the petition.

Apparently the petition actually did reach it’s signature goal but the people who set it up had a change of heart once they remembered they were against censorship and yet were essentially trying to force john joseco to change the nature of his work.


This is the closest thing to arrestia fanart I could find

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