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Thoughts on a potential Sonic sub-entry

Last posted Sep 04, 2013 at 05:12PM EDT. Added Sep 04, 2013 at 04:40PM EDT
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You may have already noticed the entries for “GET A LOAD OFTHIS!” and “It’s no use!”
Both those entries got deadpooled… However, I have thought up with a way to indirectly get them confirmed.

The thing is, the lines on their own do not constitute an article. period. Instead, I was thinking that we take ALL the memorable lines from the Sonic franchise (I don’t just mean from the games, either.) and make just one article, covering all of them. Talking about the exact points at which they appear if possible. (We NEED a better article for “It’s no use!” anyway. The one we have is completely inaccurate, has no research done whatsoever, so that the COMMENTS are more accurate than the article itself, and falsely attributes the point of origin.)

I don’t just mean the boss quotes, here. I also mean the lines whih are said once but are particularly memorable (Damn fourth Chaos Emerald, anyone?) And even the lines which while not said in the format that we refer ot it is, is said often enough in different variations to warrant an appearance in this hypothetical article. (Say it with me now; THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOMING SHOT!)

The fact it would be covering the entire franchise, not just the games, would allow for particularly memorable lines from other parts of the franchise – well, less memorable compared to the game lines since many of them are gonna come from the 90s stuff which not everyone would even know of in the Sonic fanbase… The only non-game thing from the 90s even coming to mind for me is that one movie…

Basically, the point is…. do you think that taking every single memorable line from the Sonic franchise and covering them all in one article would be worthy of an article? (Now obviously as it’s to do with the Sonic subculture, the internet at large probably won’t be familiar with those lines. That’s why we make it a sub-entry of the Sonic entry.)

Last edited Sep 04, 2013 at 04:47PM EDT
the internet at large probably won’t be familiar with those lines.

Exactly. We’re KnowYourMeme, not KnowYourMiscellaneousCatchphrasesFromAnyFranchiseEver. If you could actually outline the spread/usage/popularity of some of these phrases in this thread, then that would be a different thing. It’s also good to keep in mind that the only other fandom we’ve done this for is the Brony fandom, and only then because most of those phrases are regularly used by fans. I’ve literally never heard of any of those lines you’re talking about.

Those lines tend to be used in comments, really. And almsot always when a character or something associated with the line shows up. Images or videos featuring Eggman would almost certainly get one “GET A LOAD OF THIS!” comment in response AT LEAST.

“Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald” isn’t used particularly much, true…. but it DID receive a nod in Sonic Generations. Namely, Shadow has the fourth Emerald. (In the HD version, at least. 3DS version has special stages instead.)

And don’t even get me STARTED on “THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOMING SHOT!”

That line is the one that can be applied to non-Sonic things, because, well, homing shots…

And, for the record, I can use the same counterpoint for that other fandom you mentioned. I would not know any phrases that they would commonly use.


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