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clean the "bronies" entry up please.

Last posted Sep 12, 2013 at 09:05AM EDT. Added Sep 12, 2013 at 07:39AM EDT
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im sorry i need to make another thread about this but the previous thread was locked before i got the chance to repond.

so verbose made some fine points to why the article should stay.

but it still needs a serious cleanup. right now it’s a hub for distateful slander and haters who post shaful images and homophobic comments.
every video that mocks the fandom is immidetly linked to the entry.

and most of the folks in the previous thread agreed that we don’t need a subcutlre entry within a subcutlre entry. if the primary MLP article is too cramped, then we can just use the bronies as secondary entry not as dipiction of the whole fandom.

it can easily just be renamed “mlp fandom activities/events”

so what do you think.

i would do that myself but im a very big noob when it comes to editing articles

If you want to cover a fandom correctly, you need to cover its negative points and the slander it receives as well.

If you are bothered by distasteful videos, counter it with positive videos, add some balance.

it can easily just be renamed “mlp fandom activities/events”

Hahaha, no. Then you’ll just get a mumbo jumbo of dumb events anything can be added to.


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