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Heresy as an entry?

Last posted Sep 17, 2013 at 08:31PM EDT. Added Sep 14, 2013 at 02:46AM EDT
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I while back I thought about making an entry for Heresy but the more I looked into it the more questions I had. Should it just have a mention on Warhammer entry or Angry Marines entry or should it be it’s own entry? So I never did start it. If I do make it, I will need help from someone who knows the meme, the olden days of 4chan, present days of 4chan, weeaboos, furries, ponies and Warhammer.

How come nobody is answering this? HERESY is perhaps one of the more recognisable memes that came out of Warhammer. Useful response for when people admit to not liking chocolate

As such it would be useful to take another look at it. The main Warhammer entry already lists HERESY as one of the memes that come out of it. But I think more information could be added to that part of the article, including how HERESY has spread and how it is used in different forums.

Whether or not it needs it’s own article depends on just how much more viral it is compared to the Warhammer subculture as a whole and that may rest on more examples being submitted

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The Only problem with the warhammer entry and the sub-memes it lists is that, it only covers the game and not any internet memes or forum boards. The game itself is a meme but internet culture has also spawned several memes from the game. The angry marines entry is the only meme entry.

Also the sub meme it talks about is called “Heresy BLAM” and not Heresy. The difference being “HERESY! BLAM” refers to the actions of a Commissar of The Commissariat to execute a Heretic, using his iconic weapon; The Bolt pistol. Where Heresy is used as purging a thread of heretics i.e.followers of Slaanesh a.k.a. furries, bronies, weeaboos, etc.

Blood for the blood god isn’t an entry and I still see that one around. I just saw this on derpibooru.

So do we make entries for them or rewrite the Warhammer entry to include more than just the game?

yes. yes. yes. heresy needs an entry. i am an expert on all things warhammer 40k related i can honestly say tht the term heresy is a very popular term in the 40k universe and on the internet. thoug however, that being said, the main warhammer 40k page needs to be cleaned up from head to toe, that entry is just a shambling mess of text that disrespects the god emperor of mankind and to all tabletop wargamers. the page must be cleansed and purified.

In my humble opinion I would dare to state that Heresy is such a widespread term that leaves me in a state of confusion on why this particular idea wasn’t forwarded earlier. So as a vote let me say this: “FOR THE GLORY OF CHAOS!!!”

If you’re looking for opinions, then I’ll throw mine in. I’d wage it’s more of a subentry to WH40K as, while being popular to the point that it has in some instances gone beyond reference to 40K, is predominantly related to 40K as either a topic or a reference. That, and if you’re intending to make it a meme, you’d probably need to look into the history of the actual word itself and its relation to the early church and how it came to become used in 40K. And Marcion. Marcion sucks.


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