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Pretty Girl Ignored Meme

Last posted Nov 16, 2009 at 01:31PM EST. Added Nov 14, 2009 at 09:05PM EST
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This is a very difficult meme to name, but fairly easy to describe. It usually takes the form of a motivational poster. Basically, you its a picture of a pretty girl, but the caption of the poster humorously ignored for the sake of something else in the background. An example would be here

Is this already listed here? Does anyone feel like tackling it?

I’m not sure if ignoring girls specifically is a meme because people have been doing that IRL for a long time before they did OTI.

Though, there are some demotivational posters of something called “Gay Test” usually accompanied by the text, “If you noticed the X in the background first, I’ve got some bad news for you” or anything similar to it. I think it is that which is the meme and I think it deserves to be made into an article as well.


What are your thoughts about it, fellow researchers?

This seems like a (nsfw, borderline homophobic) offshoot of “If you see it you’ll shit brix”

This could also be part of some kind of list of Common Demotivational Themes -- any others stand out?


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