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I hate X!

Last posted Dec 02, 2009 at 04:06PM EST. Added Nov 17, 2009 at 09:38PM EST
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I’m not so sure, but don’t you think Francis from Left 4 Dead deserves a meme because of his hatred of everything.
In the game he constantly says that he hates something when someone gives him a command Exp. Louis,“We have to go up these stairs!” Francis,“I hate stairs!” Parodies in magazines, youtube videos, and some imagery. Hell, there’s even a website to show it!
So, I’m not trying to force meme it. I just think it has a slight chance of being a meme.

You know what? I shall try to document it as a meme! With a little help, I might actually make one! :) But I call it! I’ll probably post it on, Friday or Saturday depending on spell check and imagery! I have a good feeling about this!

I’m kind of on the fence about this, considering how it seems to be more of a catchphrase that just so happens to be in a popular game than a meme. For something in media to be a meme, it should be the internet which causes its spread rather than the media itself. Consider how we have no entries for “The cake is a lie” and others. However, “One does not simply walk into Mordor” is a meme, because it wasn’t meant to be a catchphrase or memorable line at all.

HackerOnHacker gets it.


We are not here to make memes out of things that deserve memes. If there is a meme, it ought to be covered. But don’t try to force a meme where you think one ought to exist. That’s just bad Internet science.

This is where I hate X stands.

The phrase is in the game. Is it memorable? Yes. Developers intended it to be a running joke, therefore part of Francis’s personality. This is no meme. Other catchphrase memes have developed some sort of personality by the internet. Francis’s catchphrase has been already developed by the game, so there is not much room to grow out of. Therefore it is not a meme.

I believe your what your saying is right, but when you think about it. An advice dog version of meme? Near future, meybe? I’m a newfag at KYM. So it’s kinda like, the people have to come up with the meme, not the corporations that make it? Something kinda like that and also.

There is a website for generating I hate X.

There is a ton of videos paroding it.
A soundboard of his catch phrases.
But not a lot of YTMND’s.

I’m not trying to force meme it, I just want to make an article on a possible meme.


I wouldn’t call those videos parodies. They’re imitations, tributes, maybe even spoofs, but a parody makes fun of the subject. When the original subject was already a joke, and other people tell that same joke, they aren’t creating a parody. They aren’t adding any new context.

That’s not to say that all memes have to be made up of parodies. But when someone creates fan art of a subject that comes directly from mass media, the idea doesn’t get passed simply from one person to another online.

The idea is passed from the writer, to the production staff, to the marketers, to the distributers, to the content delivery network, to the viewers who then say, “I like this professionally produced product, so I’ll reference it.” Unless someone puts a unique spin on it, there is no point in tracing the route of spread online. The message was delivered to the audience from the top down.

A good meme is something that can be clearly identified as something that grew out of the internet, and not just anything that people do on it.

Check it out. Here’s a bunch of Grey’s Anatomy fan art. There’s nothing about this that I would call memetic. I don’t think we need to consider every bit of fandom to be memetic.


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