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Last posted Oct 17, 2013 at 08:15PM EDT. Added Oct 17, 2013 at 02:58AM EDT
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Well i have a meme site but i was wondering if i was to use memes from Google could someone file a copyright infringement against me? before i start to populate my site i want to know the rules :)

Remember, the word “meme” means an idea or a trend, not just pictures.

However, to answer the question I think you were asking, Google Images will bring up links to various images from all across the web. Just because it shows up there does not mean Google owns it, it simply means that it is available somewhere on the web.

The creators of any given image have certain rights to determine how said image is used, where it is available, etc. However, since many “memes” are collaborative efforts, it is unlikely that anyone will confront you about it.

So, yes, someone COULD file a copyright claim against you, however, if you remove the content from your website upon request, you shouldn’t be in any real legal trouble.

Dr. Coolface wrote:

If it can be copyrighted, it isn’t a meme.

This is not true.

You can get hit with a DMCA where people will ask you legally to remove their copywritten images. This is why it’s so so so so so important to source everything. I’m looking at you, everyone who uploads images -- always cite your sources!


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