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Chocolate!?!?!? Guy.

Last posted Nov 23, 2009 at 09:02PM EST. Added Nov 23, 2009 at 08:52PM EST
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This meme all started with an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that was entitled “chocolate with nuts” and originally aired May 17th 2002. In the episode Spongebob and Patrick have to sell chocolate candy bars, while doing so they encounter a man who when offered to purchase a candy bar starts to scream “CHOCOLATE?…CHOCOLATE!?….CHOCOLATTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

Video Source:

This meme pretty much sat in obscurity other than a few YTMD creations.


Now my Meme Math may be a little off there but the 1st time I remember seeing the meme was on 4chan’s technology board /g/ around 2005. Here is how the meme is relation to /g/.

1) /g/ OP starts a thread detailing a tech set up of some kind be it a computer build or what have you.

2) Poster picks a seemingly benign part the assembly and types it in the post with in the fashion of the “Chocolate Guy”


3) The result is the OP now thinks there is something wrong with that part of his assembly even though there probably isn’t, it’s mainly just a troll device in which other trolls pile onto the thread and of course don’t sage. Next thing you know you’ve got a 100+ post thread about some guys choice in toggle switches or something like that.

This meme had a short life on /g/ a few weeks from what I can tell from the archives but what really killed it was people misusing it. For example, somebody would post in /r/ (Request) and no matter what they said somebody would used the “chocolate guy” meme out of context, the whole point of the meme was to make the OP feel like something was wrong (physically or tangibly not philosophically) about something they did or owned.


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