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What do you know about LUE?

Last posted Dec 03, 2009 at 11:23AM EST. Added Nov 30, 2009 at 11:11AM EST
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So, the popular lore goes like this:
LUE is short for Life, the Universe, and Everything, just like in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

LUE is also a board on that supposedly is only accessible to users who were registered before 2003.

LUE supposedly also branched off into LUElinks, a private invite-only forum started by a LUEser named llamaguy.

ED, and Wikifaqs have some pretty extensive articles on LUE.

When trying to access LUE myself, I get the following message:

403 Error: Not Authorized

Oops! You are not authorized to view this page. This is likely caused by your message board account not being a high enough level to view the page you just requested.

The error message from the server is: You are not authorized to read messages on this board.

LUElinks is said to be even more exlusive than LUE. Many urbandictionary entries claim it doesn’t even exist. redirects to which I don’t have a clue how to access.

But in order to really do justice to the meme entries for LUEshi and Summoning Captain Planet we’re gonna need more info.

So, what do you know about LUE and LUElinks?

While I didn’t join GameFAQs until long after the LUEshi fiasco, I might know a few people who can dig up some information for me.

I also tried to create an account to access the LUE board on GameFaqs, in order to confirm what I found for my “Y Helo Thar” entry but yeah, I got the same message as you Chris.
I saw many articles talking about what happened, what closed the boards by admins with many actions taken from half 2003 to the beginning of 2004.

All I know is that raiders tried (and apparently succeeded) to hack a myspace account from a girl that commited suicide. That was the last straw, I guess, if we add it with all the others raids, endless sex-oriented threads and randoms things.

It seems that the LUE board was the actual /b/ ancestor.


Like Chris said, that could really help for a bunch of fads that existed there.

Just talked to him.

Me: “Do you know anything about LueLinks? A friend of mine is doing some research on it, and I thought you might be of some use.”
Him: “Appears to be a fake or crappy community of 4chan rejects.”
Me: "Maybe. Apparently you can access the board if you have a gamespot account prior to the year 2004. Some say it may have illegal content on it. "
Him: “Lots of public sites have illegal content. This one just seems to be a gathering pit of some elitist internet retards who think its funny to pretend their site doesn’t exist.”

He is an internet elitist, so if he doesn’t know much about it, then we all might as well just give up hope looking for info on it. I might just have a few more people to get up with though. I have my connections. I’ll keep you posted.

From Wikipedia:

“Life, the Universe, and Everything” (Taken from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; often shortened to “LUE”) is a board on GameFAQs. One thing that appears on the boards is “LUEshi”, an ASCII artwork which depicts Mario riding Yoshi (derived from the cover of Super Mario World). LUE is currently a private board. On many occasions, Veasey said he would never allow new users into LUE. As of June 12, 2008, there are 15,003 accounts that can access LUE.

okay so this may interest you i was snooping around abit and found this*/ seems the site was last updated in 08 i cant find anything else on the archives accept for that. this seems to have the place where the ip of the domain is the guy also seems to be hosting a couple more sites thought you may be interested.

Encyclopaedia Dramatica:

Notable LUEsers -

LlamaGuy – Founder (and Deserter) of LUElinks.

BlackViper – a formerly lulzy guy who left LUE to join the military. When he returned, he had become a maniac evangelist that was generally hated by everyone.

Lunarhawk99 – The chosen one, seen as a messiah among LUEsers --DISREGARD THAT HE SUCKS COCKS. Srsly, nobody likes lunarhawk.

Movolo – Troll that became the only user to be b& from LUE, fails at life

Umaro – Posted a pic of his cockinside of a gym sock on YTMND

Kuro Ky – Completely non-notable, but happens to be friends with a certain ED SysOp

Nick710 – Please respond.

AfroChicken – The top LUElinks user, having over 9000 (15000) hours spent on it.

chuckyhacks – A god among men. His witty, insightful takes on life have caused many a LUEser to reassess their own lives.

The sheer insightfulness of LUE in its archived glory.

This is sad, and no-one took advantage of the Q…


hmmm. the paste doesn’t line up as well as it should, not true ASCII spacing…

try this…


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