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Row Row Fight The Powah meme/podcast

Last posted Dec 02, 2009 at 12:24AM EST. Added Dec 01, 2009 at 05:37AM EST
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So… i was looking around on the web site and i came across the “Row Row Fight The Powah” Meme.

Funny story about that, Me and my Friend we started a pod cast a few weeks ago about anything and everything, a pod cast for anyone and everyone, Got a topic we will talk about it.

So my Co-Host comes up with the name Row Row Fight Da Powah, Him me and our other 2 co-host really liked the name, so we are using it for our pod cast.

I know they where telling me that the name was based of an anime. I for one loce anime but i am more of a gamer than anime person so i never really watched the anime we are named after so i didn’t think much of it. Then i came on here,(which i do every so often)i am looking tought all the memea and i saw Row Row Fight The Powah and saw it was the same anime we took our name from. I never really tought much about the name until just now, I just tought it was some kind of random anime they have watch and i havn’t yet, which i will.

I just find it pretty cool.

if anyone would like your welcome to check out our pod cast on Itunes or on our blog. We only have 1 ep posted, ep2 got delayed till mid this week, and we just record ep3 monday night.

We also have a facebook but i don’t know the url.

Either was i really don’t care if you guys do or don’t go to it i just wanted to post about the whole Row Row Fight The powah meme and how it’s funny what our pod cast is named after. Unknowingly to me at lest

lol i really don’t know if he is a /b/tard. i know it’s apart of the song from an anime i just don’t know the name of the anime. I just tought it was kinda of funny when i was suffering the site i saw that.

Really if it’s from 4chan or not i really don’t care, i never really liked 4chan, if my friend is a /b/tard oh well again lol. i know to many /b/tards so it doesn’t brother me if he is really one or not just keep the CP away all i ask lol.

anyways, All i really wanted was to post about this since i found it to be funny since i really never knew anything about the history of our name really so yeah.

Long story short, and as Chris and many other said, “raw raw fight the power” was the correct lyric of a song from the Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann anime series.
“Row row fight the powah”, or “Row Row fight da powah” to some instances, is the altered version of the lyric, the meme in itself.

Well I hope the article and the anwsers here helped you to learn all about this catchphrase’s backstory.


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