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A request to all members.

Last posted Aug 07, 2009 at 01:58AM EDT. Added Jul 29, 2009 at 11:18PM EDT
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First of all, members, I would appreciate it if sub-memes of YouTube poop were put under YouTUbe poop, and not in the submission section. It will save a lot of hassle. Also, don’t put stupid things that we know aren’t memes in the submission section. Things ;ike “Oh! The ironing!” aren’t memes, and you all know that. Secondly, please prioritize the most popular memes first. Memes such as Bridget, Catnarok, An Hero, and Profit still haven’t found their way here yet.

Also, to admins, it might be a good idea to prioritize moving memes to deadpool/confirmed in the order they were submitted. Girugamesh has been sitting in submissions for 3 months now.


I’m feeding the troll:

“Profit” is here:
“An Hero” has been submitted too but there seemed to be a problem with it, and it was marked as invalid.
“Catnarok” redirects to longcat. You’re right though, maybe it needs better informations between longcat, Tacgnol and their ancestrous fight to the death that will destroy us all.
Everyone is Gay for Bridget, meow that’s right. But then, is it enough widespread to be a meme ?

In the end, wanna see ’em ? DO IT FAGGOT !


_“Oh! The ironing!” aren’t memes, and you all know that. _
Yes we do, and that’s why it is in the Deadpool

As for prioritizing submissions on a first-come first-serve basis: That’s generally the idea but it doesn’t always work in practice. The entries with the best content are approved more quickly. We get a lot of submissions with minimal information, and that just takes longer. If you want your entry confirmed in a hurry, then please provide as much information about the meme as possible.


In the not-so-distant future of the site there will be a section in which Youtube Poop belongs, a section for Advice Dog variants, basically lot of sections for smaller fragmentary memes to be placed. But we don’t have this ready yet, so please bear with us.

Everything that gets SUBMITTED automatically appears in the SUBMISSIONS section until we can either CONFIRM or DEADPOOL it. Length of time in SUBMISSIONS varies on a case-by-case basis. I have a feeling there are some entries that will stay in SUBMISSIONS until the next big updates to the site roll out.

As for a couple of the memes you mentioned specifically:

We have gathered a good deal of information on Girugamesh but have yet to publish it on the site. SPOILER ALERT!!! We have a script in the works for a Know Your Meme episode about Girugamesh, and I’ve held off from updating the Meme Entry until I get word from the rest of the staff that it’s ready.

Being that “An Hero” involves the story of a malicious form of trolling in which the parents of a boy who killed himself were actually harassed in real life by a sub-section of anti-social /b/tards we’re giving a lot of long and serious consideration into how we address the meme. We’re not “the Internet Hate Machine.” We’re the observers.

You’re absolutely right that we need to improve our coverage of Catnarok, Caturday, Longcat, and all other big cat memes.


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