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The Cult of Personality

Last posted Jul 31, 2009 at 09:49PM EDT. Added Jul 30, 2009 at 02:59PM EDT
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Every forum with a user-base has its own personalities that rise to cult-status.

I don’t need to explain why Boxxy was an influential personality to /b/.

But how important is it that we investigate other personalities with their own cult-followings?

What brings me to ask this is YTMND’s Dr. L337.
He’s been widely influential on YTMND, and he may actually be a group of people and not even a real person. I personally feel that this is relevent to our interests, but at what point does a personality become worth investigating?

Obviously I’m not suggesting that we consider an interent personality a meme. But should we plan for a “web personalities” section in which Dr. L337 and others like him would fit? Or is this just something best left on YTMND and ED?

Jul 30, 2009 at 02:59PM EDT

I lean towards leaving influential personalities on their own sites, but a web personalities section would not be amiss.

Jul 30, 2009 at 04:17PM EDT

Although KYM specializes in memes, there have been several debates over things like internet celebs, virals, mainstream memes, etc. While KYM in its current layout may focus too much on memes to suit internet personalities, I believe a “web personalities” section would resolve that. The fact that it’s been brought up often enough that you took it upon yourself to ask this makes it evident that this is relevant to the interests of enough KYM users to merit its own section.

Jul 31, 2009 at 02:08PM EDT

It does say documenting memes and web phenomena. and internet personalities are phenomena.

Jul 31, 2009 at 09:49PM EDT

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