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Last posted Aug 02, 2009 at 11:09AM EDT. Added Aug 01, 2009 at 11:39AM EDT
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A list of Memes yet to be submitted.

-- Duke Nukem; Balls of steel

-- illegal danish

-- post ending in x, does y

-- operation lemonaide

-- moot

-- google earth; finding naked people/weird stuff

-- double nigger

-- X hours in mspaint

-- tits or GTFO

-- SNL; needs more cowbell

-- the lonely island: on a boat, jizz in my pants, etc..

-- carlon from fresh prince of bel air

-- mooninites bomb threat


-- Technologically Impaired Duck

-- Hannah Bond; MCR an hero

-- 9/11 lulz

-- Duck Rolled

-- Captain Planet

-- Powerthirst

-- The Ricky Gervias Podcast – (ton of animations made by youtube)
Podcast & youtube animations, soon to become a tv show.

-- Karl Pilkington

-- “I Could Eat a Knob at Night” – Dance Remixes

-- Creationist Troll

-- Ventrilo Harrassment
Video compiler

-- Wow; Leather Belt
Ventrilo sound clip, has been adapted and changed over 9000 times into songs, pics and videos

-- Obama meme; e.g. “Baroccoli Obama’s What Is Love”, baroccoli obama

-- Llamas with hats
Youtube phenomenon

-- Swearing meme; i.e. when u put beeps in front of everything and make it seem like sesame street characters are saying fuck or whatever

-- Post Secret
Blogging meme

-- News anchor bloopers (if this counts, theres thousands)

-- Bill O’riley

-- Jeff Goldblum meme
4chan claiming jeff died with michael jackson, or instances of him acting drunk, or a million others.

-- David Carradine wanking meme
lol, asphyxiation wank

-- Gay referee
youtube famous celebrity

-- Mixing advice animals i.e. half a courage wolf quote with half an emo dog one. theres a ton of these.

-- swine flu

-- Flesh Search Engine
Where you search for someone via their body features, hard to explain, but highly popular

-- Bonsai Kitten (this one is huuuuge)

-- Gordon the Pringles Giraffe
If you havent seen at least a couple pics of this yet, your life isnt complete.

-- Insanity Wolf & Rich Raven
Advice dog submeme

-- Troll 2; “oh my god”
one of the most famous clips in nerd culture history !OMG!

Insanity Wolf and Rich Raven are Advice Dog spinoffs, so, oh wait, just read the subtitle for that.

tits or GTFO we kinda already had that discussion, no meme…

News Anchor Bloopers just happen, it’s not like they happen on purpose, and videos just pop up. So definitely no meme there.

And those are just ones that I think don’t need to be added. And m00t is a personality, so no meme also.

- “Need more cowbell” has already been submitted.
- Duckroll too, but it needs more informations.
- 9/11 jokes don’t seem to be welcome here.
- Every spin-off, even mixed with each other are just more variations of the same meme that starts them all: Advice Dog. But you can ask to add a few mores lines about the subgenre I think.
- Creationist troll ? Do you mean the weekly 4chan’s thread that trolls atheist or “christfags” (Well, everyone that feed the troll actually) ? If not, That can be widely related to my only and true God: The Flying Spaghetti Monster. May His noodly appendages bless you. And His entry already exists in that case.

I was thinking about the VideoCompiler and Ventrilo Harassment stuff though, but it’s more like a “pastime” that uses epic soundboards things from infamous and various actors/characters lines so…is it enough memetic ? Because I can try on that theme.

- The Mooninites “terrorists”. Yeah, I can look further on this one even it is much mainstream.

Okay some things not mentioned by users.

“Double Nigger” has previously been added but has been hidden.

“9/11 lulz” will never return because you keep whining about it. I’m kidding, sorta.

“Captain Planet” was a tv show. I need to see what your talking about before I think it’s a meme.

Same with “Swine Flu”. I’ve seen some funny Winnie the Pooh swine flu jokes but really, it was a pretty big world event.

“Gordon the Pringles Giraffe” is my favourite of all the things you mentioned and if no one beats me to it I’ll write an article tomorrow.

Also, I enjoy when people write a long list of things that need to be added. It’s nice to know there are plenty of undocumented memes.

^ I think what is meant by “Captain Planet” is how in a thread, users would “summon” Captain Planet by posting the summoning sequence (“EARTH!” “FIRE!”, etc.) in individual posts.


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