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Dramatic Reading

Last posted Aug 02, 2009 at 05:24PM EDT. Added Aug 01, 2009 at 07:39PM EDT
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From YTMNDwiki:

Dramatic Reading sites are YTMNDs in which a user reads aloud from a passage in a way which makes the text in question appear out-of-context. A good example of this is The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading a site created by boomaga after the eBaum’s World controversy in which he read the Cease and Desist emails sent by the the Baumans in the voice of a mock Shakespearean actor. The sheer ridiculousness of the hammy, faux-English accent coupled with the use of internet slang (the term “lol” is used in one email, Boomaga decided to pronouce it literally) gained it mass popularity and caused it to stay at the Top-rated YTMND spot for several weeks. While The Bauman Emails is not the first “reading” site to be made (sites such as Peta People Smart! predate it by at least a month), it is undoubtably the most famous and was added to the Hall of Fame, later starting the Dramatic Reading fad.

Well what does everyone think about this one? I know that it might not be as widespread as other memes but it did gain alot of popularity on YTMND. Not to mention you can find a pretty good amount of videos on YouTube just by typing in “Dramatic Reading”.

Here’s a few examples of the meme at work:

The Bauman E-Mails: A Dramatic Reading

Breakup Letter, Dramatic Reading (this one has over 2 million views)

Real History of World War 2, Dramatic Reading

And From YouTube:

You get 9000 awesome points for posting those two works of art. Thank God for Gmod. Also, I agree.

EDIT: I just noticed, in the guys in my two video previews are in the same position.


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