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Mario Heinz Kisel, Axel Stoll &co.: the new-swabia nutjobs

Last posted Aug 01, 2014 at 07:47PM EDT. Added Jul 29, 2014 at 07:19PM EDT
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so, this is a rather germany-specific thing, but especially in the last 2 years these guys have gained some attention on the internet. “dr.” axel stoll and mario heinz kiesel, both members of the NSL (new swabia) forum and self declared imperial germans (meaning that they believe that the federal republic of germany isn’t a legitimate country, and that the german reich still exists), aka neo nazis. they believe in and spread conspiracy theories, like the “chem-trail” theory, the conspiracy of the allied forces to control and harvest the german population, a conspiracy about killing off 85% of the world population to ensure survival of the 15%, various theories about “space nazis” (the “races” are actually extraterrestrial races from different planets), nazis having flying saucer and space-travel technology, etc. etc.
they have gained somewhat of an online following, aside from their own “official” youtube channels (here , here , here and here ), there are channels entirely dedicated to spoof them and their rather ridiculous theses (here , here , here ,here and here ), and various fake/parody facebook and twitter accounts and pages (fb here , or here , twitter ), all with not too many subscriptions, likes or followers, but with a dedicated “fan” community, which spawned hundreds of parody clips, songs and images.
now, as i said, this is almost entirely limited to germany/ the german-speaking part of the internet, but the a nonetheless developing phenomenon as well as a very active community.
a book published in early 2014, about an interview with axel stoll, brought further attention to him.

He also made an appeareance on the infamous history channel:

so, i dunno if this is too small to be entry-worthy, but it’s definitely noticeable here.

apparently, dr. axel stoll died on the 28th of july at the age of 65

here a message from mario “romanowski” heinz kiesel

axel stoll’s entry on a remembrance website already reached over 4.500 visitors on the day of it’s creation (30th of july) and received 250 lit candles as of now.

i’m honestly sad about his death, he may have been a neo-nazi and conspiracy theorist nutjob, but he was mostly harmless and brought me and many others bursts of laughter, for which i kind of feel bad now. it’s also sad that i believe he maybe wouldn’t have died that quickly if he’d have went to a doctor, but he didn’t trust in “modern mainstream medicine”, which played a part in his conspiracy theories.

EDIT: there’s also a forum entirely dedicated to spoof imperial-germans and counter-propaganda: anti-reichsdeppenforum

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And for the sake of completeness: After Dr. Stoll and his NSL members were mentioned in the german podcast called “Not Safe for Work” on the 5th of may 2012 they started getting real attention. Two episodes later they laugh lustily about this video: Best of Dr. Axel Stoll – Teil 1: Die wichtigsten Fakten
(Part one: The key facts) It also has English subtitles.

He was known before, but got famous in 2012 after he was mentioned in that podcast and the best-of video was released.
The <a href"">history of his wiki page on (a website like speaks for itself.

After two more best-of videos there was no further release on that Youtube channel till Dr. Axel Stoll died.

On the same day this video was released in memoriam to Dr. Axel Stoll

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