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more memes?

Last posted Aug 03, 2009 at 02:35PM EDT. Added Aug 03, 2009 at 01:27PM EDT
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hey there kids

it has come to my attention that succesful database is succesful, however, there have to be alot more memes out there that we haven’t archived, so here is what i propose:

start out with a list of suspected memes not archived on the site

put togethor group for mass research

post memes



seacrest out

Nice motivation!

Here are some pointers for writing a great meme entry.

Include as many FACTS about the meme as possible.

Do not write like a /b/tard. We are not Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you want to go on an opinionated rant, then go there.

We are all about intensive factual analysis of the why’s and how’s surrounding these contagious, subversive, and absurd in-jokes.

Google Insights for Search, and Google Trends are a great way of analyzing the scale and duration of interest behind a meme.

ED, YTMND Wiki, Wikipedia, and Macrochan are great resources. Use them. But remember to fact-check anything they say. ED is a good starting point in researching a meme, but remember that whatever you read on there has a high chance of being made up BS. Dig deep into whatever you read.

Try to find examples of the meme outside of the usual spots. Memes that make their way from SomethingAwful, 4Chan, or Newgrounds, and spread to smaller forums are the best. These are memes that have “caught on in the wild.”

With that said, there’s a great thread that has a list of memes that need looking into over here.


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