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I'm With Coco / #teamcoco

Last posted Jan 19, 2010 at 12:06AM EST. Added Jan 18, 2010 at 12:59PM EST
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I’ve been following the growth of this over the weekend. A couple of observations:

What started out as a poster with a striking resemblance to the Shepard Fairey “Hope” poster (meme), turned into a tongue-in-cheek #teamcoco Twilight reference (meme-ish), is now a Facebook group with 300k+ followers and a Twitter hashtag campaign that’s actually organizing IRL protest rallies.

None of that by itself is particularly interesting, but I am intrigued by the number of tweets and wall posts I’ve seen from people who don’t watch American late night tv talk shows at all who have joined the cause.

Why are they doing this? Is it just because it’s a trending topic? Is it to gain a sense of inclusion? Is it for the lulz?

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I really think the primary reason it’s happening is because it’s easy. Like we were discussing in IRC, Tweeting and joining a Facebook group to show your support are as easy as signing a petition.

Personally, as much as I like Conan, I’ve been on the fence about hopping on the #teamcoco bandwagon. I’ve watched nearly every episode of The Tonight Show since he’s been hosting, but never when it airs. I watch it on Hulu.

Judging from this NY Times article that Yatta also tweeted about, I’d say that much of #teamcoco is probably made up of people like me, who don’t watch regular TV.

It’s worth considering that some of the young ones on Team Conan don’t even own televisions. “Gawker tv’s most essential service: letting me keep up with the late night wars even tho i don’t have a tv,” said @mattbuchanan on Twitter.

I like Conan, but I have a hard time believing that #TeamCoco represents a significant portion on late night NBC viewers.

Here’s a related link to news about the IRL protest rally.,0,37106.story

Well from seeing the videos, it looks like people are more dedicated than I gave them credit for. This is turning out interesting.

Though I’m not sure what will be accomplished.

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