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Do us a favor and stop doing this stuff for a while. (While you're at it, please do this.

Last posted Aug 18, 2009 at 02:06AM EDT. Added Aug 17, 2009 at 01:59AM EDT
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First of all, please do not submit stuff you know isn’t a meme. That seems to be part of the reason progress is slow lately.
Second of all, please do not submit Advice Dog spinoffs and YTP sub-memes at this time. Eventually, there will be a special section for them.
Thirdly, please do not double-submit memes. Awesome Smiley is already confirmed. Submitting Awesome face is unnecessary. It just slows down the admins. This is a (somewhat) professional environment. Let’s keep it that way, and I’m sure the admins will want that, too.

To add, please prioritize popular memes. And, as well, add as many pictures as possible. I’ve nticed that helps a meme’s confirmation.

Thanks all for helping us curate this thing! Our collective commitment to internet science has the MemeDB at over 600 (excellent) entries and over 8600 images. And we’re definitely listening everyone’s feedback about how to make the site even better.

Oh yeah, back to your original topic Genius; I don’t think the people you’re talking to are listening. Posting junk memes is undeniable “newfaggotry,” KYM style. If they were to lurk moar, they would understand the meaning of the site. If they don’t lurk in the memes enough to understand, I doubt they would lurk here. Just sayin’.


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