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Did he died

Last posted Mar 23, 2010 at 03:41PM EDT. Added Jan 27, 2010 at 02:38AM EST
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Actually, yes it has. It usually goes in the form of “Did X die?” for example “Did the lizard die” ,“Did the robot die”, “did the house die”, or “did the sky die”. Also on several occasions there is the phrase “Did he live?”

So yes, it has both imitation and mutation and is a meme.

Yeah it could me, like boctor said there are variations of the phrase. Also basically just saying did X die with X being something in the video. Usually when they just repeat did he die or whatver it gets annoying, but when people are creative it can be rather funny.

I see this a hell of a lot in comments on almost every single Keyboard Cat video on Youtube.
and yeah, it’s usually in the form “did x died”" (but it’s purposely written as “died” so saying “did x die” is wrong)

I’ve definitely seen lots of “did he die” comments spammed on videos. It’s most noticeable in videos where there’s no reason to suspect that anyone died. Finding an origin will be difficult because of how common the phrase is. But there’s enough of it out there to prove that there’s a meme.

There’s even a single topic blog.

If ur talkin bout Billy Mays then yes… yes he did =(

(Also note that this is a Copypasta of the Above Post.)

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