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Found more Japanese Internet Memes

Last posted Dec 22, 2009 at 09:57PM EST. Added Aug 19, 2009 at 01:12AM EDT
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Anyone know a large amount of the Japanese language? When I was surfing around Japanese websites for information about Japan-only video games developed by big-name developers like Nintendo, Namco and Sunsoft, while searching for creations developed for the 2D-fighting game engine called M.U.G.E.N, I’ve encountered these, which I think they are Japanese Internet Memes. Some of them made cameo appearances in other memes.

  • Yaranaika (やらないか, lit. “Shall we do it?”) – a one-shot homoerotic manga by Junichi Yamakawa (山川純一) first published in a manga supplement of the gay magazine Barazoku in 1987. The short manga, titled as “Kuso Miso Technique”, is a famous meme on the internet (Japanese internet forums especially), largely considered the representative work of Yamakawa and responsible for the revived popularity in his works.

  • “The Cheetah Men” series – Based on one of the games found in the NES and Genesis/Mega Drive versions of Action 52, and its sequel, The Cheetah Men 2, this meme is often about the music, but .

  • Spelunker – a character from the video game of the same name developed by Tim Martin and MicroGraphicImage. This meme is based mostly on the NES port of Irem’s arcade version, which made people in Japan say that Spelunker is the weakest video game character ever. Why? He falls and dies from a very short height, bombs are difficult for him to stand away from and survive, and he has a pretty small limited amount of oxygen to breath while standing in the mine with poisonous air.

  • Spooo (スプー) – A meme about the dragon from a Japanese children’s show (スプーのえかきうた騒動) who became badly drawn by the girl on the left, which caused several viewers to say that she’s the Monster of Hell (地獄のモンスター).

This article might explain about Spooo:

  • Hikkoshi Baba (引っ越しババァ / 騒音おばさん, lit. “Noise Aunt”), sometimes referred to as MIYOKO – a woman who makes a lot of loud noise with a lot of things. From yelling while using a carpet beater to playing loud music with a boombox. This YouTube account of grapplerjoe2007’s explains how these videos below it made her become a meme:

  • [MAD] Movies – a series of music videos similar to YouTube Poop, but with several words and sounds from different videos played at certain beats of a song. This first one is a simple example titled “Hoshi no Kabi” (lit. “Mold of the Stars”), which shows the S.C. Johnson product called “Kabi Killer” (or “Mold Killer”), but why is Kirby in this MAD Movie you might ask? Well, “Kabi Killer”, “Kirby Killer”, “Kirby = mold?”, get it?

Here are some other examples:

o Shuzo Matsuoka (松岡修造?) – a series of [MAD] music videos showing a former tennis player advertising a deodorant while shouting “Shu!”. Sometimes he tells viewers to never give up while complaining a lot.

o Ichiro Laser Beam – a series of [MAD] music videos showing Ichiro Suzuki, a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, throwing a baseball as a mass-exploding laser beam. Based on his extremely fast throws called the “Ichiro Laser Beams”.

o RAN RAN RU / Ronald McDonald Insanity – a series of [MAD] Movies showing the Japanese McDonald’s commercials cut and remixed. The first one noticed by English-speaking regions. I know this one’s already on this website, but I believe it should be in the [MAD] Movies section. No need to post one of the MAD Movies, because it’s already on this website. o Airmoto (エア本さん / 必須アモト酸) – a series of [MAD] music videos showing a famous Japanese actress and a member of a Japanese cult religious sorority from Nico Nico Douga. There are very few videos related to this meme on YouTube, but none of them are as well-known as most others seen on Nico Nico Douga. One time I uploaded the second half of this MUGEN video, and it was disabled due to a copyright claim by Shiano Art. I don’t know what the company Shiano Art does, but when I uploaded it without putting anything that mentions the meme, it hasn’t been removed.

To access Nico Nico Douga, look up “Nico Nico Douga tutorial”, but you must use the PC you use the most, because logging in from other PCs would block you. Here are two links to Nico Nico Douga’s videos related to this meme:

It is sometimes associated with these below:

Here is a very long one that shows an assortment of them:

Here are some M.U.G.E.N videos I recorded and uploaded that show some characters based on Japanese Internet Memes:

EDIT: How do I embed these videos and make links over words?

This is superb, 1983parrothead. To embed videos, check out the top-right corner of YouTube page, there’s html code for the video that you can simply copy & paste. To make links over words (on this site), try marking it in this format:


I can’t seem to edit my first post and I didn’t mean to add a lowercase “o” before the names of the Japanese Internet memes. And I can’t seem to find Kumikyou on Know Your Memes. I knew Ran Ran Ruu was covered, but I didn’t know about Yaranaika? nor some MADs. I’ve recently noticed that Shuzo Matsuoka (松岡修造), Airmoto (エア本さん / 必須アモト酸) and the Ichiro Laser Beam are more than just MADs. To prove it, surf around Nico Nico Douga. If you are too lazy to register your Nico Nico Douga account, you can use nicozon, which allows you to download and watch the videos without being blocked unregistered.

@ parrothead

The reason you haven’t found “Kumikyou” on this site is because it’s not called “Kumikyou”. It’s called KUMIKYOKU (or “組曲” if you prefer it in Japanese).

Here’s a link to the article:

Yes. You’re right.
These persons you choice have the great reason to make a lot of parodies. But this is based on Japanese culture deeply. so it’s very hard to explain how interesting they are to you can’t understand Japanese.

It is as difficult as that you explain me the reason why Billy Mays is so funny(or annoying) for American in Japanese.

Of course they are based on Japanese culture that is difficult for most people outside of Japan to understand, when YouTube users are gamers, they sometimes see these Japanese Internet memes popping up in the “Related videos” on the right, making them curious about them. For example, when you look up a video game you like, it may contain a link to a Hatsune Miku version of the game’s music in the “Related videos”. After that, a video featuring both the RAN RAN RU and Hatsune Miku may pop up. Although, those are well-known and already been posted on Know Your Meme, several people are curious about the points of some Japanese Internet memes well-known only in Japan that pop up next to the ones that are well-known worldwide.

Here are some examples of Japanese Internet memes cross-overs:

Big Brother (兄貴) VS Airmoto (エア本さん) VS Donald ドナルド (シーモアバトル), Seymour Battle theme from Final Fantasy X

Airmoto (エア本さん)×Big Brother (兄貴)×Kusakabe (みさお)×RAN RAN RU (ドナルドのドラッグストア), ‘Drugstore/Humoresque of a Little Dog’ theme from MOTHER 2/SNES EarthBound

In this third one, Hatsune Miku is seen beating up numerous Japanese Internet memes, including Toei’s tokusatsu Spider-Man, the tennis player who is probably Shuzo Matsuoka, one of the Cheetahmen, several Spooos, “RAN RAN RUU” (Ronald McDonald), Takakazu Abe (the “Yaranaika?” mechanic), “Enemy Controller” (Seto Kaiba), “Gourmet Race” (Kirby) and “Rock Man Can’t Beat Air Man” (Mega Man). Don’t know about the others, but Vegeta’s Japanese Internet meme is most likely different compared to his English Internet meme, “It’s over 9000!”

While I’m seeing again this topic, there’s a question that comes to my mind:

Can a program where anyone can add his own view/thing to it but without ever totally altering it be considered a meme ?
I’m thinking of M.U.G.E.N.
Theoratically, anyone can add his own sprite, music, backgound stage, animation to that open source game engine, but that game will stay a fighting game.

MUGEN, depending on the variations people make, can feature Basket ball stars, anime characters, non-fighting game characters, western shows characters (Homer Simpsons for example), real life actual or fictionnal characters (Ronald Mcdonald), internet memes, and so forth.
I saw many sites distributing their self-made sprites of specific characters for that matter.
The only requirement, I guess, is to know a little about computer programming and that kind of stuff.

Here is another M.U.G.E.N character I found name “Nico”, who is based on several Nico Nico Douga users. She uses Japanese Internet memes as her moves and weapons. I have included a list of several characters seen in it, some not known yet.

And recently, I noticed that YouTube is now being filled back up with more Airmoto videos, which hasn’t and probably won’t be removed by Shiano Art. Here are three videos below:

And here are all the results on YouTube.


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