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The future of memes...

Last posted Oct 28, 2009 at 04:02PM EDT. Added Aug 21, 2009 at 09:02PM EDT
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Nope. “This is My Milwaukee” is not a meme. I was just saying that niche communities like those who were in on the short-lived “This is My Milwaukee” Alternate Reality Game dug so hard into figuring out what was a clue and what wasn’t, that certain elements of the video became somewhat memetic amongst the players.

So I just figured that as time goes, interests become more diverse, and ever-smaller communities will begin creating more mutations of their own in-jokes. I don’t think memes are going anywhere. In fact, I’d say they’ll start popping up from the least expected places.

In the video, there are numerous appearances of a fennel bulb, and at one point during the video, it is eluded to as a “family tree.” Coloring-book style drawings of the Fennel bulb show up in the video as well.

On the unfiction forums, people decided to start coloring their own Family Trees.

Now, I wouldn’t call this a meme yet because of its small scale, but had it happened in a larger community, it almost certainly would have become a meme eventually.


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