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2chan and 2channels characters

Last posted Feb 27, 2010 at 02:02AM EST. Added Feb 24, 2010 at 11:59AM EST
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Hi there.
This topic is meant to be divided into 2 requests/questions:

- First of all, if there are still Japanese-speaking people, or persons that have some knowledge of it, coming here, I’d not mind, actually I really would like to know if there is an archived page of the first monâ appearance on 2channel.
The same question goes to Giko neko and its first appearance in a Japanese bulletin board called “Ayashii’s world”.

That would be the best way to settle their birth, more than having only a Wikipedia’s note about it.

- The second thing is about the others 2channel’s characters.
There are lesser known characters surrounding the previous two that I mentionned above. Can they worth entries as well ?

→ Shii, for example, is the only “feminine” character, a female cat in a box. She seems to be very present with the other characters.

Characters like 1-san, an ASCII character meant to represent the Japanese newbie coming to 2channel, “Avex”, “Nida” or even “Jisakujien” seem somewhat popular as well.

That would be great if someone that can transcript Japanese idioms, the best being a Japanese user, could help me see the ones that worth an entry from the others.

Thank you very much.

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> Mona
The first appearance date of Mona on 2channel is not certain.
The oldest thread on 2channel we can find Mona today was built Jan 3, 2000.
Mona in this thread is earliest Model.

However, it is said that Mona might have been used in “Ayasii” and “Amezou” (it was an BBS as famous as Ayasii in old times.) before 2000.
And there is one opinion that the birthday of Mona is Jan 1, 1999.

> Giko
There are two opinions about the first appearance of “Giko-Neko” in “Ayashii’s world". One side says that is July 20, 1999. And the other side says that is Dec 3or4, 1998.

However, we can find Giko’s Ascii Art from “Ayashii” log file of Dec 6, 1998.
Unless this was fake, the latter opinion will be right.

> other characters
I think it is enough only by Mona and Giko.
Shii is nothing but one of the derivatives of Giko.

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Here is the log file.

Somebody say that the birthday of Giko is time when the ascii art of him was made.
Other guys say that is when the character of him was established.


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