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Japanese memes

Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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Hello everyone.

I open this topic to gather as much information as we can about japanese memes. I’m currently thinking of writing about 必須アモト酸 (Airmoto acid required, as translated by google >.<). Any information you can provide is appreciated :) (Also, I would like to know of the source from which your information is provided)

“Airmoto acid required” (It is a temporary title, as google translate seems inacurate to me)

About :

“Airmoto acid required” is a tag created on Nico Nico Douga of many MAD videos based on Masami Hisamoto TV appearances. It’s centred on the actress Masami Hisamoto (久本雅美, Hisamoto Masami) and other people related to the shows or interviews she starred in. There is actually over 5000 videos tagged on Nico nico douga, with the most famous one scoring over 600 000 views. There is just over 500 on youtube because many are deleted due to copyright infringement.

History :

The first occurrence of this meme started the 30 November 2007 on Nico nico douga, after a MAD movie of Masami Hisamoto was uploaded using Kirby’s gourmet race music. It featured this actress doing “PAN”, where she pose her hands on her face than shout while putting her hands away. This particular move was the start of many MAD movies and since then, many others were released which could contains people related to her.

Other notable characters :
* Daisaku Ikeda (池田大作 いけだ だいさく, Ikeda Daisaku) :
an old man sitting at a table hitting his table or doing strange moves. [Since I don’t know what he says in japanese, I can’t explain much]

* Ishikawa :
Fictionnal name for the actor who says “KONBAWA”.
* unnamed character behind Ishikawa :
Actor behind Ishikawa, who disappears in subsequent scenes. MAD movies uses the scene music sounds when this character appears.
* Kurachi Oshikake :
Fictionnal name for the actor who closes the door at Ishikawa.

English sources :
Wikipedia entry about Masami Hisamoto :

Japanese sources :
“Airmoto acid required” on Nico nico douga :必須アモト酸
- Same sorted by recent date :必須アモト酸?sort=f
- Same sorted by views :必須アモト酸?sort=v
Nico nico douga encyclopedia :必須アモト酸
- Article more related to her “PAN” move :頭がパーン
Uncencyclopedia entry about “PAN” :頭がパーン

EDIT : The page is here ! I’ve added mona_jp, 1983parrothead and omniputance to the list of users able to edit the page :

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> About Masami Hisamoto and Souka Gakkai International (SGI)
Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a lay Buddhist organization. But in fact, it’s a new religious movement.

There are a lot of criticisms for their passionate entreaties and obstinate election support.
Therefore, the reputation is not so good in Japan.

And, they are recognized as “Sect” in some countries.

Masami Hisamoto is an ardent believer of SGI and a famous poster column of them.
We can see her in many TV shows.
But it is said that the reason why she can do that is not because of her talent but the intention of the SGI members who exist in TV station and advertiser.

The reason why there are so many Hisamoto-san MADs in NND is dissatisfaction of Japanese people with SGI.

> About Daisaku Ikeda
Daisaku Ikeda is the president of SGI.
His speech use in MADs is mainly taken from the conference held in Los Angeles, 1995.

It is here.

He is showing his “epicness” in this video.
Phrase that is usually used in MADs is “Yoga Flame” (correctly “You are great”). “Big Apple” , “Mahora” and “Maharo” are also used.

> Aout source video
The Videos using in MADs are evangelist video series of SGI.
There are named “すばらしき わが人生(subarashiki waga jinsei : My Beautiful Life)” and released by Shinano Kikaku that is a related company of SGI.

here is an official web site.

Masami Hisamoto said in this video that she was praised of her performance by Daisaku Ikeda and her head was “PAN” exploding because of excitement and pleasure.

Yes, “PAN” is a expression of her pleasure.

> about hissu amoto san

“必須アモト酸”(hissu amoto san : Essential Amoto Acid) is pun of “必須アミノ酸”(Hissu Amino san : Essential Amino Acid) and “久本さん”(His-amoto-san : Ms. Hisamoto).

NND users thought that if tag was honestly named “hisamoto-san”, movies are easily found by Shinano Kikaku or SGI and deleted from NND immediately.
Therefore, they started using “必須アモト酸” to avoid being searched and

必須アモト酸 is a jargon of hisamoto-san.

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from what i know, the Airmoto meme is based around a company and some TV interveiws(Future2, Masami Hisamoto etc.).
the meme has some popular examples:
Hisamoto : “PAAAARN”, she say it while beeing interviewd about somthing that i tih k its realted to Matsouka Shu Zo.
???: “HON BA/DA WAAAA”, saying some person that most people call him “Ishikawa Quility” for no reason.
there is also “BIG APPLE” and “SHAVADAVA” and “FUU” and many more.
i am studying this wonderfull meme and i have encourted with somthing that scares the crap out of me. there are videos of airmoto and from some reason, the eyes and the mousth of the people turn sidways and its fcking scar, here is an example for the classic HOON DA WAA scene with the sideways face:
it is very disturbing, when i think of it i have goosebumps O___O
now, i know about Airmoto alot but i srsly dont have power to write all down, so, PM me on youtube i has a channel with over 25 airmotmo vids in HQ and over 40 in my PC witing to be uploaded. so i am serious, cheack my Airmoto channel out, its called tasteleikfoot but you cnat subscribe or anything becuz airmoto vids are extremly ileagal on youtube and the company Shino Art can find you easily, trust meh i know.
i will make up a video about jap memes becuz i am a very good reasercher regarding jap memes, right njow i am working on Airmoto and Futae no Kiwami.(hope i spelled right i am a grammer nazi)

Thanks for all this information. I’ll try to sort it out for an entry that i’ll call “Masami Hisamoto – hissu amoto san”. I’ll edit later this post and my first post to include the link when i’ve finished.

@mona_jpn : I knew a bit about the origin of thoses videos somehow related to the SGI, but I didn’t know how I could explain it. Now it’s clearly SGI promotion videos :)
Thanks also for explaining the pun on “hissu amoto san” ^^.

@omniputance : I’ll have to take a look at your channel then :).
As explained by mona_jp, “PAN (the head)” expresses her pleasure. Since the video is designed to promote SGI, I think it’s something related to a revelation, “exploding” (in a metaphorical sense ^^) her mind with satisfaction and pleasure. (See an explicit example here but be aware of the violent and horrific content : ).

About the misplaced eyes and mouths in your video, it’s related to this tag on Nico nico douga : オチョ本さん
Link :
- Nicovideo :オチョ本さん
- Nicodouga encyclopedia :オチョ本さん

According to the encyclopedia, this a failed clone of Misami Hisamoto which would have been the next step of evolution for humanity after 「My」「Revo」「lu」「tion」. There is only 102 videos actually.

I think there is another pun in :
If you know anything, please let us know :)

EDIT : The page is here ! I’ve added mona_jp, 1983parrothead and omniputance to the list of users able to edit the page :

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so, Cult Coaster is kinda distrubing…kinda leik suicidemouse.avi…..
so, i have been searching for this kind of info for a long time, thanks allo and when i’ll research more ill come and tell you guys the results.

keep safe and away from shinano/shiano art =D

ow and one moar thing, after we finish researching Airmoto, can we please reserach KYM aka Futae no Kiwami,i find this meme kinda interesting, but we will get to it later ^^",and again, thanks allot guys =D

Well its a totally different culture, and they’ve had 2chan longer than we have had 4chan, so they will most likely have twice as much as us, this should be interesting.

ow and all of you, and one more thing, download and instal the firefox plugin called NicoFox, it downloads videos from NND into a SWF or FLV which are both highly compatible with YouTube, so ,please donwload this plugin and download as much Airmoto vids from NND to Youtube and use only the tag “tasteleikfoot” which is my airmoto cahnnel, and probably the biggest airmoto channel on Youtube, if possible, sned me tMSN or somthing so i coaded to meh via MSN or somthing so i could upload them to my channel. i am asking this from you guys cuz my understanding is that some of you know japanese or know how to browse NND better then meh and i realy want to deliver these awsome vids and share the Airmoto with all the ppl, not only the once that has a NND account.

Sometimes they take this food commercial she appeared in, and use it as one of the meme’s materials:


Kirby Super Star – The Mountain / Sky High

A typical MAD

@G0DVL @omniputance
> future2
This is also promotion Video of SGI and hasn’t been shown on air. It was just shoot like TV show.
Ishikawa, Kurachi and the man who is behind Ishikawa are appearing in thid video.

HON BA/DA WAAAA” that is Isikawa’s dialog is “こーんばーんわー” (kohn bahn wah : goood eeevniiig). Yes, it’s just saying “good evening” in high spirits.

> オチョ本
オチョ本 (Ochomoto :“Ocho” It doesn’t mean anything in particular.) is small sub-meme of hisamoto-san. I wrote before that some of Japanese hate SGI and SGI members. So they make creepy Ochomoto MADs to scoff at them and enjoy its creepiness.

That is the structural formula of “必須アモト酸”. NND users can upload their graffiti on NND encyclopedia. That is one of them and just joke.

> Airmoto
Airmoto is jargon of hisamoto-san.

hisamoto-san MADs were deleted so many times in the beginning. NND user thought that they might be able to enjoy hisamoto-san without any hisamoto-san’s element.

And they stared enjoying hisamoto-san with only KBR music.
Because it had looked like Air-Guitar, it was named Airmoto (Air + hisamoto).

Nowadays, hisamoto-san MAD are not so deleted from NND. Therefore, It seems that they don’t need to do “Airmoto”.

Yes, there are so many memes in Japanese web culture. However, there are deeply based on Japanese culture and its language.
therefore, it’s very difficult to explain them to you.

And, unfortunately, all Japanese don’t know how interesting their web culture is for foreigners.
so they don’t make any effort to explain about their web culture in English or other languages.

Last edited Feb 27, 2010 at 04:34AM EST

future2… I’ve figured it was promotion videos, but I didn’t know they weren’t diffused.

Thanks for explaining the “oekaki”. I bet it has to do with the pun and also with what she says in her interview, likely a revelation / revolution.

I’ve tried to resume most of the information you provided and here it is :

You should be able to edit this page.

I don’t know how to explain properly the origin of “Airmoto”. What is KBR music ?

That food commercial is “こてっちゃん (Kotetchan)”. Kotetchan is sold by S Foods.
Because of BSE problems, it’s not be sold in US unfortunately.

  • For your information, “てっちゃん(or テッチャン, tetchan)” means “large intestine”.

The Original commercial video is here.

Yes, this is also promotion video of SGI and is sold by Shinano Art.

I wanted to say that it was not “TV program”.
I’m sorry for my poor English.

Oh sorry, “KBR” is typo. “KGR (Kirby’s gourmet race)” is right.

Here is Airmoto MADs.

Although it’s just playing kirby’s gourmet race music, NND users are enjoying it as hisamoto-san MAD with only ascii art. This is “Airmoto”.

And, Airmoto or Airmoto-san (エア本, エア本さん) also had been used as tag’s name for hisamoto-san MADs before.
Because tag’s name is unified “必須アモト酸” today, we can’t find “Airmoto” in hisamoto-san MADs on NND.

But Airmoto is still alive as one of jargon of hisamoto-san MADs.

@mona_jpn : Ok. So future2 filmed it like it was a TV show but it was not diffused on the TV program. Your english was clear. It’s my interpretation along with my logic that was off. :|

Also, エア本さん (Airmoto-san) is related to this Shift JIS art which represent Hisamoto herself : ┗(^o^ )┓三
As there was no “image” of herself in the videos, the users used this instead.

I’ve edited the page a bit to explain the two tags used :

Thanks again for your help mona_jpn :)

Last edited Mar 02, 2010 at 11:58AM EST

Well done, everyone.

The Shift JIS art represents Hisamoto dreaming of becoming a bird. The arms are the flapping wings, while the lines behind it are what you usually see behind flying objects or people in cartoons.

This niconicoMUGEN Wiki article explains that she was dreaming of becoming a bird. It tells MUGEN contributors about where her MUGEN counterpart originated from and how it became popular. Press the square buttons with “+” symbols on them for more info about the meme. It even includes the Kirby’s Gourmet Race video:

Now for other Japanese memes. Shortly before I was going to say this about Shuzo Matsuoka, when I checked to see the name of founder and owner Michał Gołębiowski how its spelled, I noticed you sent me a PM telling me you created the article about Shuzo Matsuoka. At Michal’s gameads website, I noticed that Shuzo Matsuoka appeared in this commercial:

For some of you who didn’t know, there is an interview with him about Panasonic’s new electric razor. Even though it has nothing to do with the meme, it kind of proves that he is notable enough:

Don’t know what he is saying when he shouts “ATSUKU NAREYO!!!” I also don’t know what else is necessary other than adding artworks at the bottom of both articles. The NND Encyclopedia has an artwork of Shuzo Matsuoka with flames surrounding him.

For MIYOCO (or Hikkoshibaba), the chant she’s doing, “hikkoshi, hikkoshi, sassa to hikkoshi,” means, “move away, move away, move away immediately.”, which explains why it’s used in remixes. When dancing, you got to “move away, move away, move away immediately.” However, some like to think she is saying “Hip Hop $#/+!” instead of “hikkoshi”. Here are some videos that tell how her meme got started, but they are in Japanese:

She may look like a small meme, but these three remixes look like a lot of hard work:

Her MUGEN counterpart is also catching a lot of attention. It was when I first heard of her. The Yaranaika? article also has a MUGEN video.

This MUGEN video I create shows a character name Nico who’s move set is full of nearly every Nico Nico Douga meme:

This meme below is one of them:

Last edited Mar 03, 2010 at 03:11AM EST

@1983parrothead : I don’t know much to add about Matsuoka Shuzo that isn’t already written, besides translating some of his speech (if I understood correctly japanese, that is :/ )
There is fine article on NND encyclopedia :松岡修造
They say Matsuoka Shuzo is “so hot” (his motivation energy burns ^^) that he’s responsible for global warming.

It seems he’s nicknamed “Fairy of Fire” (according to… google translate of that article).
There’s an article here about the “fairies” of NND :
Source :ニコニコ4大妖精
There are links for each fairy.

List of the “4 main fairies” (i’ve mixed up the google translations so that maybe it’ll speak to some people) :

  • 森の妖精・・・兄貴こと「 ビリー・ヘリントン 」氏( レスリングシリーズより) The brother Fairy of the Forest “Billy Herrington,” said (from Series Wrestling)
  • 氷の妖精・・・⑨こと「 チルノ 」( 東方Projectより) Fairy of ice that ⑨ “Chiruno” (Touhou Project more)
  • 炎の妖精・・・元テニス プレーヤー 「 松岡修造 」氏( 現実 世界より) Players Tennis Fairy source of the fire, “Shuzo Matsuoka,” said (from world reality)
  • 岩の妖精・・・声優兼ポケモン ブリーダー「 うえだゆうじ [ タケシ ]」( ポケモンシリーズより) Pokemonburida cum-actor fairy rocks “Yuji Ueda [Takeshi]” (from Pokemonshirizu)

The NND encyclopedia entry has so much information that we can certainly explain more about Matsuoka Shuzo. I’ve not studied it much, so I don’t know where to start.

For MIYOCO (or Hikkoshibaba), the NND tag is 騒音おばさん. I don’t know if much videos were removed from NND, but there are only 109 videos today. I met her on a video called “NISHIKAWA ZONE” (NSFW : but didn’t know about her at that time.

so guys, i am realy proud of you for creating those articles regarding Shu zo and airmoto.
please keep this thread alive, i want you to invite everyone you know that is good at jap memes in here so everyone wil help us researching.
now, i know i fdont help often, its becuz i am not good in jap but i can still do some good to this thread. i know someone who knows really good all these stuff on NND, i will try to convince him to write everything he knows about jap memes in this thread.
one last thing, Shiano Art found me in my tasteleikfoot channel, i uploaded a bunch of videos and forgot to rename “the traditional old man and the saika youjo” so they got me…i am sorry BUT good news is that i found a supreme method for hiding the vids from shiano art, here it is:
you know the unicode used to make up a triforce?
 ▲ ▲
so, [alt+*random nubers*] makes up allota random symbols, so , you can name the airmoto vids as andom unicode sequences to make shiano art a reeally hard time trying to find your videos ^^

i am now studying this meme i found with this man playing a game and everytime he loses you hear this weird scream saying “YEEEEEAAAA” so i will post the resolts here after i finish. sorry for my poor english i am 13 years old guys and im not from and english speaking place so i has mistakes, mostly by meaning but you get the ideaqd ^^"…

i am really proud of you guys again!.

In order for me to upload more Airmoto videos without being noticed by Shiano Art/Shinano Kikaku, I’ll probably have to create another account and set the videos to “Private” mode for a few days, with only one very good r tag they don’t usually use to search for. Uploading a large amount at once can make them easier to find in the newest videos list. Uploading them privately makes them very unnoticeable, while using one good tag (e.g. “Seymour Battle”, “Gourmet Race”, etc.) is enough to catch attention.

Someone secretly uploaded some good AirMoto videos that’s been up for a while without being noticed by Shiano Art/Shinano Kikaku:

I have added videos and images to the article.

Shiano Art/Shinano Kikaku is probably watching the AirborneMotor account, so I’ll have to quit uploading videos to it, and use it to add as many unnoticed AirMoto videos to its favorites as possible. Shiano Art/Shinano Kikaku forgot about the favorites list. Here is a list of tags that they most likely know:



Air Mo To


Nico Nico Douga


Masami Hisamoto (probably)


Any tag mirrored (e.g. 酸トモア須必 = 必須アモト酸)






Souka Gakkai International (SGI)

池田大作 いけだ だいさく

┗(^o^ )┓三



Those are all I can think of for now.

For MIYOCO/Hikkoshibaba, her real name is “Miyoko Kawahara” (河原美代子). The name of the event when she was the criminal we know is titled “奈良騒音傷害事件” (Excite: Nara noise injury event / Google Translate: “noise assault Nara”). Sometimes her well-known quote means “Move out! Move out! Hurry up and move out!” Here are some helpful information about her criminal act in English:

Even Fox News mentioned her (scroll down a little and you’ll find the paragraph about her):,2933,153387,00.html

No English Wikipedia article, but there is a Japanese Wikipedia article about the event:

Back then, Google Video was still quite popular, but was starting to lose its popularity by the success of its competitor YouTube. Here is a video I found on there with an English description:

Here are the numbers of MIYOCO/Hikkoshibaba videos under what’s typed in. Some are unrelated, some are the MUGEN character and some are the same ones that can be found under other things typed in.


MIYOCO”: About 53


“Miyoko”: About 2


“騒音おばさん”: About 120


“引越しおばさん”: About 149


“Hikkoshibaba”: About 2


“Hikkoshi Baba”: About 9


“Hip Hop $#/+”: About 3 to 863


“友蔵”: About 48


“騒音”: About 1160 (some unrelated)


“騒音ババア”: 1 (a highly-viewed MUGEN video showing her MUGEN counterpart performing good combos)


“河原美代子”: About 16


About 1563 to 2423 (some unrelated to the meme)

Nico Nico Douga

MIYOCO”: About 98


“Miyoko”: About 11


“騒音おばさん”: About 42


“引越しおばさん”: About 19


“騒音ババア”: About 3


“騒音”: About 1440 (most unrelated to the meme)


“Hip Hop $#/+” (capitalized with no quotation marks): About 22


“友蔵”: About 62 (some unrelated to the meme)


“Hikkoshibaba”: 1 (a MUGEN video featuring Takakazu Abe from the Yaranaika? meme)


“河原美代子”: About 8


About 1706 (266 when you exclude “騒音”)

This is about all I can do to support this meme.

Last edited Mar 04, 2010 at 01:15AM EST

well, this woman does have a website where you can find all of her remixes, i have a collection.
i will provide you the link later, but as far as i reaearched, she is an old agresive lady that ppl recording on a camera and pissing her off, then, a DJ starts to make some realy good remixes in HQ, i said, i will provide a link next time a wirte here.
so, abou the airmoto, another and a KILLER method to hide your videos, is to make your channel display ONLY YOUR FAVORITES, then, if shiano art gets you, they wont be able to delete ALL the vids on your ACC, which is an advantage.
ive reqaersched more on airmoto and here are the resolts:
airmoto as far as we know is a bunch of promotional videos for the SGI that failed and now ppl making luagh out of them.
there is a long video that take ALL of the 5 or 6 parts of the videos into one, you can find it on NND but its hard and you gotta know japanese.
i found part 2 and 4.
wut’s really interesting in these videos, that altough the fact they have many tags that covers them up, they dont get deleted, they use parn insted of part or pan and such other keywords, we can use that too.

PS, i edited the entry a bit.
1)warned about Cult Coaster which is very scary!.
2)warned abou that part where they take a shower.
3)a bit more explanation about Ochomoto.
4)re-entred miss used words/fixed the wrong english used.

Thanks omniputance :)

@1983parrothead : I don’t know how useful Google video can be about videos. I find it more useful to find a video with the tag system as defined by users from NND. Even if the number of videos is low on NND (109 videos, last time I checked), it doesn’t prevent this to be a meme as it is as widely used in different contexts as some others.

MUGEN, some other remixes, memes cross overs >> It’s somehow part of this “meme culture”.

@omniputance : There is nothing you can do to hide a video without dereferencing it from their search keywords. Eventually, they may find the article on knowyourmeme and will try to take it down along with the videos in it :/ (getting by this way new keywords and trying to find more videos to disable, ect… I do the same to research about things in japanese that I don’t understand :P )

> about “fairy”
The naming style of “Xの妖精” (X no Yousei : The fairy of X) started in“Billy Herrington". In the billy’s video, guys appears from forest. And fairy is jargon of “Gay”. So NND users started to call them as “森の妖精 (Mori no Yousei : fairy of forest)”. Afterward, It became that the person who is used in many MAD videos are sometimes called fairy. (in this case, meaning of “Gay” is lost).

The reason why Shuzo is the fairy of “fire” is that Japanese express their motivation by fire. And they also express their energy by temperature.
For example, in Japan, the man who has high motivation is sometimes called “he is burning”. the man who is very energetic is usually called “he is hot”. Needless to say, “hot” doesn’t mean “sexy” in this case.
Because these usage are in Japan, Shuzo – the best motivating man ever – is called as the fairy of fire.

> Miyoko “The legendary HIPHOPPER” Kawahara

The meme of her was happened in Mar, 2005 and ended within 2005. Yes, this is very old meme.

There were no video hosting service in Japan at that time. Therefore, almost of all her remixes are audio file.

And because many Japanese had lose interest in them and forget about her, they aren’t uploaded so much on Youtube or NND.

Almost all MIYOCO MADs we can find today are made recently and doesn’t tell us the impact of her meme in those days.

Last edited Mar 04, 2010 at 12:55PM EST

@mona_jpn : I though at first the “Fairy” was just a joke, something antinomic to describe him, a “muscular man”, as opposed as what we can think of a fairy (A mystical little being, with wings). I’ll add it later to the Billy Herrington entry.

I have come to understand why Shuzo is called “Fairy of fire”, maybe because i’ve played a lot “Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan” (押忍!闘え!応援団) and its sequel, with similar flames surrounding the cheerleaders as they motivate/help some people.

I’ll ask the original editor of Matsuoka Shuzo article to add that information.

Thanks again mona_jpn :)

EDIT : Billy Herrington entry slightly updated at

Last edited Mar 05, 2010 at 11:19AM EST

I checked out that and thank you for adding me to editor.

> Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan
Yes, the flames showing in that game are typically effects meaning motivation in Japan.

like this image

I’ve never expected “Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan” to gain a lot of popularity outside of Japan as soon as it was released, because of it looking so different, I thought it would make most people outside of Japan say something like “What the freak?” In Little Miss Gamer’s “High Compatibility” video, one of the people at the cash register said that its sequel (if not spin-off), Elite Beat Agents, is a rip-off of “Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan”, but it’s actually part of the series.

Anyway, I found a new idea: if we can’t easily upload AirMoto videos on YouTube, then why not other video-sharing websites besides YouTube and Nico Nico Douga?

Google Video is no longer allowing anyone to upload videos, but they still host preuploaded videos, as long as they don’t get removed by the ones who uploaded them. MetaCafe’s uploader often freezes halfway. ZippyVideos is offline. Don’t know about others, but I’ll check later.

>Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan
Yeah, I was surprised too. I like that. But in fact, that is too silly to accept for even Japanese.

I think it would be better to choice the video hosting service which doesn’t provide their service in Japanese and English. So it become hard for them to find videos.
For example … Russia ?

I’m not sure if it’s necessary for someone to translate this Japanese Wikipedia article below into its English version, because I don’t know if the event is notable enough to be added to English Wikipedia. It might also require citations to avoid it from being deleted. Here is the article, which I already showed earlier:奈良騒音傷害事件

I’m currently starting to build my first Know Your Meme article, which is about MIYOCO/Hikkoshibaba. You can give me some other ideas and suggestions if you want to.

She had already been tried and atoned for her sin.

Therefore, when we make the entry about her now, it would be better not to write her real name in the entry clearly to respect her human rights.

Actually, Japanese wikipedia doesn’t write her real name by same reason.

So I think it would be better to write about her as a fictitious character “MIYOCO – the legendary HipHopper” born from social issue.

Entry for “MIYOCO – The Legendary HipHopper” now created. I have also added mona_jpn and G0 DVL to the editor list:

Now I have a few questions before I continue to build her entry:

  • Are you saying it’s really inappropriate to mention her real name in anyway? Several English sources often refer to her as “Miyoko Kawahara”, which are pretty important.
  • Besides “Hikkoshi, Hikkoshi, Sassa to Hikkoshi,” (meaning either “Move away, move away, move away immediately.” or “Move out! Move out! Hurry up and move out!”), what are all of her other quotes and what do they mean in English?
  • What does this meme mean in English → 雪、無音、窓辺にて

I think I understand the point mona_jpn about her real name : For example, Masami Hisamoto is a TV star and she agreed to make those videos (well, if she knew her work would be distorded that much… :P). Leopold, aka the Angry German Kid / Keyboard Crasher is volunteer too (he says his name in a video). Unlike her, the “legendary hiphopper” wasn’t filmed with her agreement. It’s only respectful that her name is preserved, even if it’s known on internet.

Besides that, it’s an great entry. I’ve got nothing else to add/edit :)

Upon advices from youtube contacts, I’ve managed to cross-over other memes from NND for Masami Hisamoto :必須アモト酸+RED_ZONE
(to “cross-over” memes, just write 2 NND tags, separated with a space, and it should retrieve videos tagged with all the tags you specified. Very useful ^^)


An old lady saying “tekilu janai” ?


That man with the banda seems to repeat the same sentence “Kire da na” and the sentence that named this video itself “Saika yo”.

I may be wrong, but he’s the same in INU IKANE【犬以下×RED ZONE】 : (he’s saying “inu ike da” and “shigoku” ?)

0721 ZONE :

I know this one is a bit old too :). Do you know what “machame” is ?


I was wondering who this lady is, besides being called “Oba-san” (grand mother ?), which is what the man saying “saika yo” called her.


This is what my youtube contact has given the most info. This actor is Kenichi Endou (遠藤 憲一, Endō Ken’ichi), mostly known overseas for his role in Ninja Sentaï Kakuranger (Power rangers ?). He’s even slighter present than the other characters, as far as i’ve searched videos, but he’s definitivly “part of the crew”, so to speak :). Even his mother seems involved in this :

(I think i’ve accidentally clicked something here to register as a “follower” of her :/)

My opinion that I wrote before is based on Japanese sense. It may be different from your culture.

For example, souja girl is written her name clearly in her KYM entry.
If that is no matter in your culture, I think that you have no obstacles when you write MIYOCO’s real name in the entry.

> her quotes
“Move away, move away, move away immediately.” is better.

Other notable quotes are here.
-“(I’ll) slap you !” (しばくぞ! shibaku zo!) … she shouts this right after “move away immediately” in many remixes.
-“I make a protest (against you) !” (抗議しまーす! kougi simāsu!)

Almost of all remixes uses these phrases.

> 雪、無音、窓辺にて
“Yuki, muon, madobe nite” (lil “snow, in silence, at the window”)
This is the character song of Yuki Nagato appearing on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Because The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya became big hit in Japan and this song is much better popular than other charactor songs of that animation, many mad movies uses this song.

> Obasan
She is Rie Shibata. She is an comedienne as well as hisamoto-san and belongs to same troupe.
She came to believe in the SGI by hisamoto-san’s invitation.

She is also famous for SGI’s propaganda activities.
But she isn’t so epic in those source videos.
Therefore, she doesn’t show on MAD movies so much.

> Fusako
The old lady is Fusako Saito (斉藤ふさ子). Different from Hisamoto-san and Ms. Shibata, she is an ordinary person.

That phrase is “you can do that! (できるじゃない! dekiru janai!)”

In source video, Fusako talks that when Rie Shibata had few order and was being disappointed, Fusako said to her

“oh, in that case, you can do our religious activity ! (じゃあ 学会活動できるじゃなーい! jā, gakkai katudō dekiru janāi !) " and cheered her up.

For many Japanese it’s very foolish idea doing their religious activity without working. but she shouted that as if it was good idea. this sounds quite silly for many Japanese.

So, this phrase is used in many remixes to scoff at them.

> Saika Yo
The man is Masaharu Mori and comedian belonging to that troupe.
He is much more famous as the man of “Saika Yo” than his real name. He isn’t believer of the SGI.

“Saika Yo” is misheard phrase and doesn’t mean anything. And it’s uncertain what he said correctly.
People enjoy it by doing various interpretations.

> “inu ika da” and “chikoku”
He is Yasu Genki and also comedian belonging that troupe.
And He isn’t the believer of the SGI too.
So, He and Saika yo are totally victims of Hisamoto-san’s meme.

The phrase he said is “Anta no nou wa inu ika da!” (あんたの脳は犬以下だ!). And this means “Your intelligence is worse than that of dog’s !”

Mr.Genki said in source video that Rie Shibata blamed him with that phrase because he did “chikoku” which means “come late” in Japanese.

This episode is inserted to show how fierce she was before she belonged to the SGI.

> “machami” (it’s not “machame”)
“machami” is nickname of Masami Hisamoto. it’s derived from her first name “Masami” and not a jargon term of “hissi amoto san”.

> 0721 zone
0721 can be read as “onanī” in Japanese and this means masturbation.

the reason why a man calls “machami” repeatedly with sexually excited voice in that mad video is that he is doing masturbation.

this strange sexual perversion is called “machanī” (マチャニー). it’s a contraction of “machami” and “onanī” .

Needless to say, Hisamoto-san isn’t so beauty. So, “machanī” is very hard job.

about “マチャニー”

I don’t think there is any necessity to add “マチャニー” on the Hisamoto-san’s entry.

> Kenichi Endo
He and his mother are also beliver of the SGI.

He and his mother show on this video. And this is also the promoting video of the SGI.

In Japan, it’s very famous that he looks like Japanese comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako.

left:Kenichi Endo right:Hiroyuki Miyasako

Therefore, he is called “Airsako” which is derived from the pun for “Airmoto” and “Miyasako”.

And his mother is called “Hahasako” which is derived from the pun for “Haha” (which means “mother” in Japanese) and “Airsako”.

He and his mother appears only this scene. And he is valuated as good actor rightfully. So, he isn’t used in MADs so much.

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I think I’m finished working on MIYOCO’s entry. Are there any problems or missing info for this article?

I’ve also discovered a few other thing that I think are Japanese memes:

  • Ichiro Laser Beam (Japan’s Shoop Da Whoop)
  • 世界のナベアツ / Nabeatu
  • しょし / Gregorius:NMKY
  • ネイティオ / Xatu (a series about making fun of its in-game call)

Here is the old Japanese Internet memes thread I made before this new one we are currently discussing in was made. This had some old ones I already mentioned, some were already submitted:

Last edited Mar 09, 2010 at 11:53PM EST

That’s good.

I think if you want to make it more perfect, You should be better to add information about Masajuro Shiokawa (塩川正十郎 ,his nickname:塩爺 Shio Jī) who is the former finance minister of Japan.

source video

He appears on this TV show as guest commentator and talks about MIYOCO too honestly.

“She is mad. Please look at her face. (…) “Kichigai” is the only word for her expression."
“狂うてますわこの人。顔見てご覧なさい … 気違いの顔ですわ (kuruute masuwa kono hito. kao mite goran nasai … kichigai no kao desu wa)”

“Kichigai (気違い or キチガイ)” is discriminatory term for mental retardation and mental disorder in Japan. And this is the word which is not allowed to be used on the air in Japan. So, The announcer apologizes about that right after Shio Jī’s remark.

Japanese loves “Kichigai” as well as American loves F-words that are on the air.
Therefore, his “Kichigai” remark is used in some of remixes.

> other memes
I think some of them are not so meme-tic.
Anyway, I’ll gather the information of them later. Please wait for a while.

Last edited Mar 10, 2010 at 08:30AM EST

@mona_jpn : Wow, thanks for all your research. I think I understand a bit more the jokes inside the videos now. I’ll add it later to the article :) (I’ve tried editing a bit yesterday, but my javascript was wrong, so I reverted it)

@1983parrothead : I think I understand what you mean by “Japanese Shoop Da Whoop”. Google translation of the related tag i’ve found is “Technology Series Hissatsu” ( 必殺技シリーズ ) :必殺技シリーズ?sort=f

Unfortunately, those videos are not uploaded to youtube (no videos with the same tag):

Someones are related to Hisamoto, but I don’t see why. There’s also the video of the “world of warcraft freakout” with the same video editing pattern (shooting a laser after his last attempt at “self-torture”)

I’ve never heard of the other ones. I’ll make some research later.

Other potential memes of interest : Werther’s Original (one i’ve looked from quite some time), Bananaroido (the death note ending parodies), and 真島茂樹 (Mashima Shigeki :

ok so i searched more and here are some results:

i researched and i discovered that there IS a story behind the creepiness of Ochomoto.
i watched a Ochomoto video on NND and one of the product suggestions was of an old horror book.
i went to it’s Ebay page and discovered that the story actualy tells somthing about these ppl with there eyes and mouths rotated.
i will add it to the article about Hiamoto.

<> – it has tons of Airmoto vids.

ok so theres this meme where you see someone playing a realy hard game where he dies every 4th secons or somthing like that ^".
well the point is that every time he dies you here this weird sound of someonr screaming “YEEEAAHHHHH”.
the only thing i know that this game’s title music is “Montegues and Capulets” from Romeo and Juliet. this game is followed by moar calssic music.
so if you please can reaserch it, it would be great ^

a freind of mine gave meh alot of NND tags for many search results such as:
HON BA WA thingi
Kirby’s Sky High
Kirby’s Gourment Race
Kirby’s Sand Canyon
Night of Knights
and moar and moar…
so i will wright an article about night of knoght becuz i play Touhou for a realy long time.
i will wright a Kirby Deluxe article and make all these sky high, sand canyon and gourment race it’s sub memes.

ow and one last thing:
can someone give a “UN Owen Was Her?” tag for NND?

If we continue our work at this pace, we come to make over 9000 entries about Japanese internet culture !


> Ichiro
Ichiro Suzuki is becoming as meme actually. But his meme includes not only “laser beam” movies but also his character and many his episodes.

For example, this is the list of popular jokes about Ichiro.
“the legend of Ichiro” (イチロー伝説, Ichiro densetsu)

I translate some of them as a test.

“It’s natural that he gets 5 hits in 3 at bat. He sometimes gets 8 hits in 3 at bat.”
“He does many grand slams at the first batter.”
“He can catch his home-run ball and return the ball to catcher with his laser beam.”

Yes, it looks like “Chuck Norris Fact”.

If you make an entry about him, you have to be better to include these contents which are written in Japanese only.
It’s not easy work.

>Nabeatsu of the world (世界のナベアツ,sekai no Nabeatsu)
His popular gag is “Only when I count multiple of 3 and numbers including 3, I become an idiot. (3の倍数と3の付く数字のとき、アホになります; san no baisu to san no tsuku suji no toki, aho ni nari masu.)”.

This gag got popular in late 2007. almost all MADs were made at that time.

However, Using popular gag at that time is a vanilla way of MADs.

For example, all these are similar case to Nabeatsu.
パッション屋良 (Passion Yara)
狩野英孝 (Kano Eiko a.k.a. イケメン, Ikemen)
キャプテン ゴー☆ジャス (Captain Gorgeous)
上原チョー (Uehara Cho)

I think that we need to make entries about them if they have same impact such as “More Cowbell” and “I’m Rick James, bitch !”.
All of them are not enough. their popularity were quite temporary.

>NMKY (しょし,Shoshi)
“しょし” is video mash-up meme same as “Apache” or “Finnish disco lesson” on Youtube.

However, as visual mash-up using 70’s music video, “I Want To Love You Tender” is much more popular than “しょし” on NND.

If you make an entry about “しょし”, you should make entry about “I Want To Love You Tender” at first.

The series of mash-up of “I Want To Love You Tender” is called “世界で一番ダサいシリーズ(the series of most uncool in the world ; Sekai de ichiban dasai sirīzu”).

> Xatu (ネイティオ,Neithio)
He had already got popularity at Futaba Channel before NND is launched.

For example, his derivatives "ネイティブ(Native, compound “Nethio” and “Positive”)" and "ネガティブ(Negative,compound “Neithio” and “Negative”)" were probably made in Futaba a long time ago.

So, His popularity in NND is partly based on that of Futaba.

His features are characteristic cry , expression and visual line.

His cry can be heard as “トゥートゥー(two two)” for Japanese.
So, he is usually called “トゥートゥー” instead of Neithio. And his mad movies on NND are always tagged “トゥートゥー”.

When he looks us hard with his expression from TV or PC monitor, some guys say “Don’t look at here ! (こっち見んな, kottchi minna)” . This is a joke and anticipated custom of some Japanese internet users.

NND encyclopedia
xatu-wiki (Native, Negative, and some Shift-Jis Art are here.)

> whelter’s original, Shigeki Mashima

I’ll write about them tomorrow. Please give me a time.


That game is “The house of the curse” (呪いの館, noroi no yakata)
In early 2008, it was popular enough to be called as meme.

wiki page about “The house of the curse”
NND video list
NND encyclopedia

If someone tries to make the entry about this, I’ll continue to write about this later.

>UN Owen Was Her?
Using this tag is maybe best.

@mona_jpn : Oh don’t worry. Those are just my next targets. I still have to include all the information you gave previously. I prefer browsing the net first (if you don’t mind ^^)

@omniputance : You might find also some videos with Kirby’s Candy Mountain music. There’s also “only Kirby” related material on NND, such as remixes of all his musics (but I think you already know of this)

Last edited Mar 11, 2010 at 11:37AM EST

Thanks you.
OK, I’ll beat them at my pace.

> Shigeki Majima

- about him
He is a choreographer and dancer. His famous work is “Matsuken Samba 2” which became a big hit in Japan, 2004.

These song and video are very funny for even Japanese.

There are many mash-up movies using this Matsuken Samba II on NND and called “the series of the crazy Shogun (上様ご乱心シリーズ, uesama goransin sirizu)”.

NND encyclopedia
seach result on NND

If anything, this is more memetic than Shigeki Majima.

- Majima’s “Tinko!” movie
this case is similar to “PINGAS”.

The source movie is the promoting video of Pachinko machine “CR Matsuken Samba II”.

(For your information, Pachinko is popular gamble in Japan.)

He shouts repeatedly “Pa Pa Tinko !” in that video. His phrase means “Pachinko”. But “Tinko” also means “Penis” in Japanese. And, though he never tells so, his choreography means “Tinko” plainly.

Probably, he choices this choreography on purpose.

Therefore, MAD movies using him feature his “Tinko!” shout.

Japanese Wikipedia
NND encylopedia
seach result on NND

- meme or not
Movies are less than 50. And all of them don’t get so many PV.
I don’t think he is a meme.
if he is enjoyable for you, I think he has worth to have an entry on KYM.

ok, so:
i have moar results:

this VIP thingi is a video in which you see a woman dancing with a werid outfit.
she dances for a while for the music “Rawest Forest”, the Geno’s maze BGM rap song.
so she dnaces yes and then you see ppl looking at her and they look a bit frightened.
i think this is just a weird connection between this video and Rawest Forest song.
one more thing, it looks like this was an underground meme, seems that not many MADs of this VIP thingi were made except jaut a few, one of them was on of the first RED_ZONE MAD video that came out.

i am writing an article about FADs.
now i need help.
how do i make an article that has sub-memes?, like the NND article or the Futaba Channel article.

that’s oll for now.---

> VIP先生 (bippu sensei, lit. “VIP teacher”)
It happened in May, 2005. I think it was popular enough to be called a meme.

-Info page (WebArchive cache)
some of remixes and images are still alive.

-Original flash (Official)
This was made by German blogger.

-About Movie
VIP先生 is also called “マリオトロポリス (Mariotropolis)”. it’s a contraction of “Mario” and “Metroplis”.

-About Music
Yes, this is “Rawest Forest” from “Super Mario RPG”.

-About Actress
“VIP先生” is her.

-What’s “VIP先生” ?
“bippu sensei” is a misheard phrase of “peeps insane”.

The boom ended within 2005. After NND was launched, “VIP先生” started to be used again in MAD movies. Yes, it’s recycling.

-Google Insights for Search
NND encyclopedia
search results on NND
It’s over 200.

This is a remix on

Last edited Mar 11, 2010 at 04:15PM EST

Hi, fellow Japanese memes researchers.
You’re accomplishing a very great work and have proven great teamwork with your last entries.
I’m coming here to ask you for a little hand about 3 memes that started on Nico Nico Douga.

We have realized that our confirmed entry on Ran Ran Ru (now back in Subsmission until some changes are done) was a confusing mix between 2 memes, Ran Ran Ru and U.N Owen was Her, the Flandre’s theme of Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
We have seen enough remixes to consider U.N Owen was Her as its own meme.

- First of all: I’d like you to help me checking the facts of the Ran Ran Ru entry concerning the Japanese Ronald McDonald meme. Did it really started on Nico Nico Douga ? What was its Japanese name ? Is 2008 the correct date of birth ? (someone asserted that the first one was posted the 1st of Januray 2008) How is he seen across Japan ?
I read your comments on the entry 1983parrothead and G0 DVL, do you have anything to add on it ?

- Secondly: U.N Owen was her has spawned an impressive amount of MADs, YTPMVs and covers/remixes of the initial soundtrack, but I’m betting it also came from Nico Nico Douga. I admit I have trouble browsing that peculiar website. Can you help me researching details about how it became memetic please ?

- Thirdly: On an unrelated note, I’m planning to edit Watcher’s J-E-N-O-V-A remixes entry as well. Once again, there are evidences of it starting on Nico Nico Douga but it’s not clear enough when and which video was the first remix to be made. 2007 was as far as I could get for this one.
Do you have any information on this subject ?

Thank you very much for your attention and keep up the good work !

Last edited Mar 11, 2010 at 07:54PM EST

ok so:


i am a Touhou player for a long time.
the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the 6th touhou game in the touhou project games series.
Flndre Scarlet is the extra stage boss and her BGM is called “UN Owen Was Her?”.
i wont call “UN Owen Was Her?” a meme, rather i will make an article about “Touhou BGM MADs” which will include information about Un Owen, NIght of Knights and more of the Touhou soundtrack that ofently used to make MADs.

UN Owen did start on NND but it came very quickly to Youtube in the end of 2008.
as i requested earlier, here is a tag for UN Owen MADs, based on these MADs upload dates, we will be able to crack the time it first went on YouTube.
and, a Night of Knights tag i got from someone:

enjoy and thanks for the positive comment =D

> Ran Ran Ru and U.N Owen was her
They should be separated. They are not always sets.

> Ran Ran Ru

Original CM series “ドナルドのうわさ (Donald no Uwasa, rumors of Donald)” was being on the air from 2004 to beginning of 2007.

“ドナルドのうわさ” on Japanese wikipedia

The first source video is on YouTube. It was posted on May 12, 2006.

And, that was reproduced to NND at Mar 6, 2007.

The first MAD movie using “Ran Ran Ru” was posted on May 3, 2007.

This is classical MAD style. (It seems that this movie hasn’t been reproduced to YouTube.)

Donald appeared on M.U.G.E.N at first on Dec 17, 2007.

And over 400 movies about him were posted on NND within 2007.
Therefore, it seems that he had been already meme-tic around late 2007 at least.

/// The first “Ran Ran Ru” x “U.N Owen was her ?” MAD video was posted on Dec 6, 2007. ///

The most tremendous hit MAD movie was posted on Jan 1, 2008.

“Ronald McDonald insanity”
“M.C. ドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M” (deleted) (reuploading on Jan 17, 2007)

After this MAD movie was launched, both Donald’s MAD movies and “U.N Owen was her ?” MAD movies began to increase rapidly.

And, for your information, Donald has been popular on 2 channel as Shift-Jis art “お前ら 表へ出ろ (omaera omote e dero ; you, step outside)” for a long time. Of course, this means picking a quarrel.

> U.N Owen was her ?

Touhou itself and the remix had been already popular in Dojin culture of Japan before NND was launched.
They had been huge category around 2004 in Comiket .
It’s clear from this entry on KYM.

For example, the famous remix “最終鬼畜妹フランドール・S (saisyu kichiku imouto flandre. S, Last Brutal Sister Flandre S)”which are used in many MAD movies was released at Comiket in Dec, 2004.

The other famous remix “ナイト・オブ・ナイツ(Night of Knights)” was released on May 20, 2007.

And each of them were already popular tracks at that time.

I think that the popularity of “Touho remix” continues since about 2004 and MAD movies and remixes on the internet are simply under the influence of it.

So, I also think there is no necessity to make entries about “U.N Owen was her” or other “Touho remixes” severally.

If only the entry about Touho is enriched , that’s enough.

You’re awesome, dude. Thank you very much for all this !

So no need for a separate entry concerning “U.N Owen was her?” but it’s better as a big mention of its influence in the already existing “Touhou” article of this website, then ?
I’m still a little puzzled at this statement because there is a lot to say about Touhou soundtracks used in MADs (because I’ve encountered many, many, many different MADs using it, from the Nostalgia Critic videos to Team Fortress 2), maybe too much to consider it as a “simple” part of the existing Touhou entry.


Oh, I forget it. there are so many YTPMV on Youtube.
So, we can’t help the article becoming verbose…

OK, you’re right. let’s make entry about famous sound tracks in Touho severally as sub-meme of that.

“Marisa stole a precious thing” has been already done so.

However, now, there are over 40 soundtracks about Touho which are used in MAD movies on NND. And it’s a very heavy work to make entry about all of them.

So, we had better to pick up some limited musics which spread not only on NND but also on YTPMV.

1. Enrich and rearrange Touho’s entry as umbrella.
2. Make entries about some limited famous tracks as sub-meme.

I think it’s good way.

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