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Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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The meme in Japan is called Donald (ドナルド) or Donald McDonald (ドナルド・マクドナルド). It started in Japan about a few months before Super Smash Bros. Brawl was announced. When a MAD video related to the meme was uploaded on YouTube, some English-speaking YouTube users wasn’t repelled by the Japanese text (because they thought language means nothing), while they loved how “insane” the video looks.

Countries outside of Japan (especially the U.S.) were too lazy to look them up and just wanted to say “WTF?” They are also like people that just wanted to walk up to Ronald McDonald on purpose and say “I’m so scared of you!” Most people in North America are afraid of clowns, because of a horror movie or two that featured them with razor-sharp teeth and stuff.

Here are more Donald artworks by Masao:

Sometimes Colonel Sanders is seen next to Donald, because McDonald’s and KFC are both American fast food chains in Japan. It is similar to the “McDonald’s VS. Burger King” arguments in North America, but McDonald’s and Burger King are often compared, because they both mainly serve burgers. Some fans like McDonald’s more than Burger King, because it’s like the original, while some fans like Burger King more than McDonald’s, because of its superior char-broiled Whoppers with so many ways to order them. The arguments remind me of “Mario VS. Sonic”, “Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi Cola”, “Street Fighter VS. Mortal Kombat” and a few others. There are several stuff on the Internet about Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders looking at each other as major rivals. There was also a MUGEN character based on the Colonel Sanders part of the Donald meme, and one of his moves was taken from Oswald from the KOF series, while one of his winning quotes is one of Vega’s (Japan)/M. Bison’s (Worldwide) winning quotes.

Here are two KFC related artworks by Masao:

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Okay, I can help rewrite it, along with adding images below the article. I have spent several years learning some professional English, while practicing with my typing and article-writing skill. Along with that, during my time searching on Japanese websites for MUGEN characters and information about several lesser-known, but good video games by big-name companies, I ran into several of these memes and decided to help this website understand why they are popular.

I’ll work on it, whenever I get enough time and feel like building it along with others.

i am sorry i did not post anything on this tread for a while, i was on a weding and then i went to a vecation.
now, i got more on Ochomoto(yes im still mad about Airmoto):
so, as i said it developed from an horror book.
first, its not an horror book, its a manga. one day(i will give the date on “EDIT” becuase i am short in time)some nico nico douga user posted a video showing the pages of this horror manga in correct order on the about 10 – 20 pages that Ocho is born.
from my understanding, they ppl in the manga saw some kindof a doll with eyes and mouthes sideways, and after that, that doll grew and chased them. the most memrable picture, is that doll pikcing from a window or something, “looking” aon the reader.
now, this pic is been given a red effect making it look “redish”.
after this red effect, that pic became the cover of that manga.
more later cuz im in a hurry

Famous commercial characters’ parody artworks has been very familiar to Japanese internet culture since the end of 90’s. Of course, Ronald is no exception.

Therefore, Ronald’s parody artwork doesn’t always relate to the meme of “Ran Ran Ru”.

In particular, parody artworks being introduced on “Asame” had been famous as well as that of being made in 2channel and 2chan for a long time. And the parody artworks on Asame are developed by who loves their original culture and they are a little different from 2channel’s and 2chan’s and Nico Nico Douga’s users.

It’s hard for us to consider that these trends are simply being included on recently Ran-Ran-Ru’s meme.

We need to confirm the sequence of their birth every time.

You’re not serious, are you, omniputance? I hope not.


BAD NEWS: Both YouTube accounts me and omniputance created (TasteLeikFoot and AirborneMotor) for uploading AirMoto videos are not permanently disabled.

GOOD NEWS: MetaCafe fixed their uploading problem. I’ll be uploading some AirMoto videos (including some important ones) for the AirMoto article at MetaCafe.

I’m still working hard on the TwoTwo (Xatu’s in-game cry) and Ichiro articles. I’m not sure if I have all the information the Know Your Meme staff needs in order for them to confirm them.

Last edited Apr 06, 2010 at 12:24AM EDT

@1983parrothead – ummm, well, i was, i thought that no one has nothing to say more V_V".
anyway, add me as an editor for the TwoTwo article, it is importnet to say that there is another pokemon that is ofently used as a source.

i dont know he’s name but i do know that he has a RED_ZONE called OMU_ZONE, so i touhgt maybe he’s name is something with “Omu”.
mostly, “Omu” mixes are made the “acapela” way, which means, no base music is herd, only the noises inserted as source.
and i am going to make an account on Metacafe right away, ill tell MatrixMarioX(he makes MADs of airmoto) to make one as well.

ow and i hope you read wut i found about Ochomoto becuz i got to it’s ultimate source.
right now i am reaserching the impact of Omnyouji Let’s Go on NND, you MUST know Omnyouji, it is one of the first videos on NND, you can see by it’s link:
sm9?!, this is old!!!.
now, ppl in you level must have heard a nico medlay or two right?.
so me, being a weebo(which im not mostly)i herd many many MANY medlays and 68% of the medlays i herd had Omnyouji at the end as a chaos mix material.

Because many Airmoto MAD lovers keep resisting the SGI’s deleting request, Airmoto MADs can manage to live in NND.

They insist “If you delete us, we’ll increase (消したら増えるぞ, Keshitara Hueruzo)” and every time when Airmoto MADs are massively deleted they reproduce all of them and post the huge amount of new Airmoto MADs.

Because of the result of this battle which has continued several times since 2008, the SGI has become not so requesting deletions so much on NND.

But they haven’t done their battle except for NND. Therefore Airmoto MADs are easily deleted on other video hosting service.

BTW, This is the history of fashions on NND.

Of course , “Onmyoji Let’s go” is included and maybe many of them can be considered meme as well as that of YTPs of you westerners at least.

Should I translate this ?

OMG mona_jpn, this is some very interseting facts about the deletion thing :O.
so, if by “fashions” you mean “memes” so, this article is going to be my new bible.
please please please translate it cuz google translate is bad >:O
thanks anyways =D

So, to upload your Airmads to NND is the best way for you to avoid deletion requests by that annoying religious movement.

> list
Most of them are temporary trend only for some of NND users and don’t have social influence over Japanese internet culture enough to be called meme.

They may be enjoyable for you but it might be very difficult to be confirmed as meme by KYM’s admin :(

Anyway, please enjoy it for now :) I’ll try to translate that little by little.


even if they are “temporary trends” its still gonna be epic and thanks allot for tranlating it if you can =D

well, about “Omnyouji”, i think i might have enough proves that will influence the site’s admins to make Omnyouji an offecial meme.

BTW, why isnt Airmoto a registred meme alread?!, weve got tons of proves on the article =(

Hi again, fellow Japanese researchers.
I’m requesting help for a little translation, and maybe to double-check what I’ve found.
I’ve created an entry for the Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Meow! きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー dance and I’ve realized I made a little mistake on the origin.
While researching on Nico Nico Douga by typing “きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー”, the earliest instance of the meme is a Touhou character dancing and is from the 16th of June 2008.
However, i’ve found a Youtube instance of it dating from the 8th of June. I then found out that I overlooked the Nico Nico Douga article about it That linked to its Nico Nico Douga version dating from the 4th of May 2008.

Then, I’d like to know what these two titles mean:


I hope they are the very first instances here because it’s kinda hard to trace it back.

Thank you !

ill try to look in my DB…
but for now, i think this is a dead meme,
i dont remember to see a new version of these anymore…maybe i have the wrong tag…IDK.
but look, i do know that the “new” versions of these are kinda like this:
Reisen do this dance while Erin and Tewi are looking at here after a 30 secs: *Tewi(or Erin, i dont remember) takes a giant injector(am i saying it right?) and injects weird green stuff into reisen.
reisen stays down and than rises up and starts to dance in a MAD way to RED_ZONE and Night of Knights.
i saw the same “Kyu, Nya” dance in Yukkuri way.
*many Yukkuris are jumping over a road and falling into a pit, synchronizing with the music.

so, it is maybe vital to say that this meme has new ways of developing…

Last edited Apr 09, 2010 at 12:26AM EDT

I don’t think that it is a dead meme. On Nico Nico Douga, only couting the beginning of April 2010, 12 new videos of the dance have been posted.
Thank you omniputance, I’ll separate the videos only representing the dance from the ones that are evolving (MADs taken from different video shots to the music and what you described as well)

Last edited Apr 09, 2010 at 07:14AM EDT

“(ry” usually means “the rest is omitted”. In this case, “ダウ(ry” means “ダウンロード(download)” and “メディ(ry” means “メディアインストール(Media Install)”.

And “モンハン(Mon-Hun)” is abbreviation of “モンスターハンター(Monster Hunter)”


- ちぇんでMHP2Gのダウ(ry

MHP2G’s download dance by Chen

- ちぇんでモンハンのメディ(ry

Mon-Hun’s media installation dance by Chen

These are maybe good translations.

Because this music is played while user downloads quest data from web or chooses “media install”, their titles are named like that.

> Origin
the first source video is here. (posted on NND at 21st Oct, 2007)

And first MAD is “Mon-Hun’s media installation dance by Chen”. It was posted on NND at 4th May, 2008.

Chen from Touhou is “cat girl” as you know. Because combination between “cat girl” and “meow” in the source video are very natural and suitable, this MAD video became popular in its own way.

And what is the most important is this MADs are quite easy to make as well as “Loituma Girl”, “carameldansen” and “caipirinha-dance”.

Therefore, followers of that are born continuously and MADs are still popular without going out of fashion.

> Derivatives “すべりこむ○○シリーズ” (“X Sliding in”)
This is sub-meme making an animation like this source video with same music.

First MAD (posted on NND at 21st Jul, 2009)

Search result on NND (over 150 hits)

NND encyclopedia

KYM already has an entry about the cat.

I don’t know which entry is better to add this info on “Meow dance” or “Maru the cat”.

Last edited Apr 09, 2010 at 11:16AM EDT

Whoa what ?
They’ve combined the “Maru the cat” meme with the music of the “Kyu Kyu Kyu Nyah” meme ?

That’s awesome ! You’re incredibly awesome Mona_jpn. I’m going to remake the article with all the information you’ve provided.
I think these videos are more suitable to be in the “maru the Cat” entry. I’ll add several things in that entry about it as well.

Last edited Apr 09, 2010 at 12:19PM EDT

well, as i said : i may have the wrong tag
and thanks :D

OMG, you are from now on my second guru XDDD
your knowledge in jap memes is incredible!, i salut you!.

You’re welcome :)

I checked that entry. You’d better not remove “(ry” from movie’s name. It is like a internet slang and has meaning to use in itself.

BTW, if this meme is enjoyable for you guys, this simple animation fads will be also interesting.

- Buri(゚∀゚)Hamachi (ブリ(゚∀゚)ハマチ)

cute music with funny phonetic translations comes from “Ar tonelico III

NND encyclopedia

search result on NND (over 1000 hits)

About Buri and Hamachi (both of them are name of Japanese amberjack)

About Source Game

It get popular on NND since Feb ,2010.

Sorry Mona_jpn, I didn’t pay enough attention on it. I’ve just fixed it.
These animations about fishes are also on Youtube with an average viewcount of 10 000 views.
It seems very promising.

mona_jpn, i have a question about a new thing i found that may be a meme:
its the “FamilyMart” tune thingi.
now from my understanding, familymart is a local store(like WALMART or Shuphersal) that somehow got this catchy tune.
now, if you want, i have some vids of peaople making mixes and remixes of this tune in some DJ equipment(KOGs).
so, mona_jpn, i need you to give me a tag so i could reaserch more about this FamilyMart thing.

Tag is here “ファミマ入店音”

First notable remix is here. It was posted at 4th Sep, 2009. Now it scores 1.5M page views.

Last edited Apr 10, 2010 at 03:45AM EDT

I wrote about how to get niconico ext player code and use it.

It’s on my tumblr (yeah, I created an account just now).

I don’t know if this embedded-player can be watched by you westerners. However, if this code can work on KYM, our research will become quite easy.

yes it could be watched by westners(or middle easterns XD).
i saw this Ext player before on a atwiki page…

1st try:

【ニコニコ動画】HON ZONE

EDIT : 2nd try :

EDIT: 3rd try: 【ニコニコ動画】HON ZONE

EDIT : i tried but with no succes…
ill try to inspect the elements on your blog to see if i can extract and build a working code ^^

EDIT: 4th try:

<!--<a href="">【ニコニコ動画】☆ゲッダン☆</a>-->
EDIT: well, it seems i made a nice big flash window script…the problem is the last lline that indicates the video itself…how do i attach it to the working script….?

EDIT: according to a freind of mine who know Nico for a long time, the link i provided SHOULD HAVE WORk, BUT!:
Nico embeds videos only to some jap sites, and i dont think KYM is one of these sites, so, i am sorry mona_jpn, i think will have to deel with old ways…

EDIT: BUT!, you can look for other Nico sites leik Zoome or Nicozon and look if you can embed from there…

Last edited Apr 10, 2010 at 12:44PM EDT

Good and you’re partly right. Web sites which can embed niconico ext player was limited to several Japanese blog service before. But since NND’s latest version in Oct, 2009, that has been able to be embedded everywhere.

I think that if KYM changes their system setting, ext player will work here.

I wrote about it on “Suggestions?” yesterday. and I’m sure that KYM’s adimin will work soon.


that’s good to hear ^^.

now, im reaserching VIP Teacher, i will write an article about it soon(after “Holacust Day”)

wait, before VIP Teacher, i want to say something EXTREMLY importent for the HAMMER entry:

look at this video:

now, this is a video of the Rumia from touhou, saying something in the “hammer tune”.
now, she seems to immitate menay memes like “carmel dansen”, the “pan” move, the VIP teacher and many moar….
any comments?

and, another dervation of the HAMMER:
the golden hammer which is a golden version of the hammer that have a tune of itself…

new way to upload airmoto to youtube!:
type name and replace letters with hebrew letters! “o” = “ם”
just like that =D
the new cahnnel is called:


it was of my freind but he left it to meh =D


Hi once again.
- While I’m letting Buri(゚∀゚)Hamachi (ブリ(゚∀゚)ハマチ) grow a little, and before making more research to the “I try playing X” thing, I’ve stumbled upon another potential Japanese Dancing meme. This:

I would gladly have your thoughts about this one. It seems pretty big.

- I also found what looks like a sub-meme from “Night of Knights” here:
It doesn’t seem to be big enough to be its own meme, but still stands a something that i’m planning to add to the “Night of Knights” entry.

Google translate says it’s called “I Tall” or “I’m Tall” I guess.
Does anyone have any more clues about it ?

Last edited Apr 13, 2010 at 05:46PM EDT

Isn’t 2chan a Meme, since its got a few sites modeled after it, such as 420chan, 4chan, 7chan, but in origin its Japanese.

Its also widespread across the internet, so yeah.

Also sorry if this was already posted.

Last edited Apr 14, 2010 at 02:24PM EDT

>Swearie Killer :
well, first of all:
it has an entry.
second, i think yo uare right, spawn so many chans that its could be a huge meme, so big it made people host website.
i think its essential to say this on the entry.

> せっこりんらぁん

Though its origin is old, numbers of them are not so many and their page views on NND are not so many too.

And I’ve never heard that one of them have impacted to Japanese internet culture.

So, I think that is not so popular enough to be called a meme in Japan.

However, by their page views on YouTube, it seems that these MADs are more popular for westerners than for Japanese.

If it’s enjoyable for you guys, I think it has worth to have an entry in KYM.

> あばれてみた (Abaretemita lit. I’ve tried raging.)

I see. It’s suitable to set that as one of derivatives of “Night of Knights” meme.

If you need more research about these two fads, I’ll collect those information quickly.

> 2channel and 2chan

For Japanese sense, 2channel and Futaba(2chan) are completely different from each other and it’s not suitable to be in the same entry. Anyhow, it’s not important here except for Japanese.

Thank you Mona_jpn !
Well, What I lacked for あばれてみた was its English translation. Thank to you, I think I can see what is the main theme in these animations (a character overexpressing his rage in a way he seems like dancing to the Night of Knights music). On Youtube, some videos of it are also tagged “X on drugs” for that matter. I think I have everything I need to include in the Night of Knights article now.

On the other hand, for せっこりんらぁん, I have trouble finding the original music clip.
I thought it was much more popular on the Japanese web and that’s very interesting to learn that the main public who seems to enjoy it is on Youtube rather than on Nico Nico Douga.
Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a little help on this one.

> 2channel and 2chan
Do you think that article need a little rewriting to state the difference between the two boards ? Is there anything you would want to see added or changed to that article ?

Last edited Apr 15, 2010 at 11:17AM EDT

> せっこんりんらぁん
It seems that the music which is used in MADs doesn’t exist itself on the internet.

The source of source music is here.
(This isn’t in YouTube)

Title : Colinda
Artist : soeur plus!
from Album “AGIO

And nobody in Japan knows who sped this up about 23%. I think that its followers are copying that music from the first MADs.

> 2channel and 2chan
I think that they should be separated and should have their own entry individually. It’s strange for us Japanese as well as that Ebaum’s world and 4chan are set in same entry because both of them are foreigners’ internet forum.

Though they actually influence to each other, one’s culture is completely different from the other.

Last edited Apr 15, 2010 at 12:40PM EDT

so, new entry that im working on.

Halfby’s 2 greatest hits: RODEO MACHINE and Screw the Plan.
aka : Omai Gonzo(i think O__O)

from my understanding, it is hardly a meme, but an extremly known song in NicoNicoDouga.
it appears in one of the last songs of Kumikyoku and many people make “renactment” of the song’s clip which is a flash video of many people march in the streets.
there is a known scene in which the main charecter that “leads” the marching people falls of a building and then “1, 2 ,3” and he’s wig falls on he’s head.
these 2 songs are very catchy and good, so please cheack these out and when my article is published i will notify you guys, for now, i cant provide links becuase i am in a hurry…
BTW, mona_jpn, please provide links to the sources in the Airmoto article each source at it’s place.

Airmoto’s source? Is it enough? “頭がパーンMAD素材リンク”

People who was inspired by HALFBY’s movie came together and reproduced Halfby’s movie in real life.
It was a fad between late 2007 and 2008.

there are about 100 movies on NND.

This fad is called “中曽根OFF” (nakasone ohu).
It may be called a one of dancing memes.

about the source tag, it has some interesting results :3.

about HALFBY’s dance, it can be called a dancing meme.
BTW, im making one of these at my next anime convention XD.
about nerunerunerune, i know alot about it, but, people sometime relate her to G-San from the Werther’s original commecial, what is the bond?.
last thing, mona_jpn, i need you to find some ways to download videos from nico nico douga, and i need a way that can download many videos in a row, not an online converter so i could upload more and more sources and essential videos to youtube.


> Downloader
Some of applications can download raw movie files from NND but most of them are provided in only Japanese.

Fortunately, “Orbit Downloader” is provided in English and can download videos from NND. Can’t you use this ?

> Nerunerunerune’s lady and Welter’s- Original’s man
Because both of them are promotional character from snack foods and old folks.

They became a fad individually almost in the same time. So they are sometimes set together.

Last edited Apr 18, 2010 at 12:25PM EDT

well, i will use Orbit downloader.
although if you can, give links for the Japanese tools, i think ill get how to work with them.
i had Nico chache but it made my internet unstable so…if i did work with Nicocache ill be able to handle these.

this HALFBY meme is mroe epic then you think, i saw a off-line meeting(the marching) video that the police actualy STOPPED THE TRAFFIC in order to clear the way for the marchers.
also, in some marches you can see many people immitate memes such as Ran Ran Ru, the PAN move, someone was dressed like Supu and more.

> standalone player
- NNDD (requires Adobe Air)
- nFinder
- Craving Explorer

> Firefox plug-in

Learn by yourself how to use it !

> Police
They’re not policemen but guards. Japanese police never cooperate with any practical joke such as this :(

new meme, actualy 2:

its actualy "So exiting 3d action game, oh well.
now, MatrixMarioX has made a few MADs of it and it made me reasearch it a bit, can i has a tag? :3

Here you are.

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NND encylopedia

To keep this thread running, there is one, or should I say two memes that kind of bother me. Not by its actions, but how many refer to it: Keyboard Crasher/Angry German Kid.

They might be the same, but if you look closely, you’ll understand the difference between them. Here are my definitions of them:

Keyboard Crasher – A series of MADs that use videos of a boy from Germany supposedly named Leopold, mostly his one video showing his rage against a PC. The name of this meme refers to his largest action: slamming a computer keyboard against the desk.

Angry German Kid – A generic, nickname for Leopold used in place of showing and telling about his infamous video like “Look at how crazy this boy is. Can’t he get a life or something?” Unlike the larger “Keyboard Crasher” meme, the Angry German Kid is mostly about adding incorrect, but comedic subtitles to it, while sometimes incorrectly showing what he is playing or watching. When native English language users (especially U.S. citizens) see the “Keyboard Crasher” meme, they refer to it as the “Angry German Kid”, because it stars the same person.

well, Leopold has 3 names actualy.
the name “Angry German Kid” was given to him by the Germany people, who first saw this video at a german blogging site.
the second name was given to him by the Nico Nico Douga community: “The Unreal Gamer”, he was called that way becuase he was trying to play “Unreal Tournament”, and got pissed off.
the 3rd name is “Keyboard Crusher” which is a smaller name given to him by some japanese people on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga.
Leopold is known in he’s 3 diffrent names at many places, the most “internetional” name i think is “The Angry German Kid”.


“Ichiro Laser Beam” entry is now created. Are you 100% positive that it is to early to create it? If so, then I apologize about it and won’t repeat it to other memes. Here is the entry:


The Angry German Kid is more like two memes than just one. One about subtitles, the other being MADs.

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