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Japanese memes

Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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well, you are right.
the international meme is to make phonetic subtitles to Leoplod’s videos and the japanese meme is to make MADs.
i think we need an entry about all of his videos and two sub-entries for the subtitles meme and the japanese meme.
this would be great but i dont have much time now so if you open one just make me an editor and ill see what i can do.

@Thread about Keyboard Crasher/Angry German Kid :

I don’t see anything in your statements that would prevent Leopold from having a single entry on his own, but divided in two parts, each one for each sub-meme he’s used in.

So feel free to write down here every aspect of Leopold’s “sub-memes” in order to do a great entry clean-up/edit on it.

The same way, There is maybe many things to add to the Crazy frogs Brothers entry because, while I’ve sneaked a peak into Nico Nico Douga for previous memes hunt, I realized that there were also mads made on them.

What do you think ?

Last edited Apr 27, 2010 at 03:12PM EDT

Don’t worry. You did a good job :)

Crazy frog bros. are called “幼少期のゲイツ (Gates in childhood ,Yōshōki no geitsu)” in Japan.
This is because the boy with red shirt on the video looks like Bill Gates by our Japanese sense.It was imported in Japan in 2007.

Only in NND, Gates boy was characterized as a boy who encourage us Japanese with dirty words.
“糞ジャップ共!” the sentence which is shown in every movies on NND means “fxxkin’ Japanese!” .
NND users enjoy Gate boy with commenting that words on every Gates movies.

This is a original way of enjoyment by Japanese.

Search results on NND
sort by date

sort by views

NND encyclopedia

Like this case, we Japanese enjoy many memes by our own way and don’t care about how it is popular in foreign countries.

I’m not sure if it should be called a sub-meme.

Edit: F : jeer at , T : encourage (like sergeant Hartman from “Full Metal Jacket”) :)

Last edited Apr 27, 2010 at 05:02PM EDT

Well, since this topic is about japanese memes, I’ve found recently youtube videos about Hokuto no Ken character Kenshiro, his attack (hokuto hyakuretsu ken) being used by other characters. I guess this meme is 2 years old, and maybe it’s already dead, but there are still some videos on youtube.

Mario’s Hokuto HyakuretsuKen

Donkey Kong Hyakuretsu Ken

Captain Falcon: Hokuto Hyakuretsu-Ken

Okay, I’ve done some extensive edits in the Crazy Frog Brothers entry.
Feel free to tell me what you think of it.

Mona_jpn, I’m also revising the Angry German Kid entry in order to add the MADs made about it.
Can you please give me a NND list of MADS and, maybe, a NND article about the phenomenon ?

Thank you in advance.

These are intriguing for me. I’ve never watched such a spoof’s style on the Japanese internet. It may be totally originated by Youtubers.

Good and concise description.
I think Japanese fad in a worldwide meme is not so important enough to be made a sub-meme entry.
Like this crazy frog brothers’ entry, it’s enough to describe a Japanese fad as “a bit different reaction” concisely in the same entry.

And, if there were higher resolution movies on Youtube or NND movies could be embedded directly on KYM, we are very happy :)

> Angry German Kid
In Japan, Leopold is mainly called “Keyboard Crasher” (キーボードクラッシャー) or simply “KBC”. “Unreal Gamer” isn’t popular and wasn’t named by Japanese. And he is sometimes called “German Vocaloid (ドイツ製ボーカロイド, Doitsusei Bōkaroido)”. This is because his shouts are used like a “Vocaloid” in many MADs.

He was imported to NND on Mar 6, 2007.

Notable Japanese phonetic translation phrases which are used in many MADs are “Tapioka Pan (Tapioca bread)” “Tennō heika Banzai! (Glory be to His Majesty the Emperor!)” “Manko! (Pussy!)”.

sort by date

sort by views

NND encyclopedia – about phenomenon

Keyboard Crasher Wiki – all information about KBC is gathering

- addition
Guy who is inspired by KBC MADs makes a real Tapioca bread.

Tapioca bread made by professional. (They aren’t on Youtube)

Good and I notice I’ve forgotten about j-e-n-o-v-a remix at all.
From this search result, it’s clear that “C-R-A-S-H-E-R” is the origin of j-e-n-o-v-a remix and was made in NND. This was imported to Youtube at 7th Mar, 2008.

And it seems that j-e-n-o-v-a remix started to be reused in YTPMVs around Dec, 2008.

These are probably earliest models of j-e-n-o-v-a remix in YTPMV.

And from the amount of its YTPMVs and their scores, I think j-e-n-o-v-a remix is more popular on Youtube than NND.

Last edited Apr 28, 2010 at 11:29PM EDT

thanks for the editing, on 7 Colors of Tapioca Douga it says that “sm167” is the first Leoplod source on Nico,in the original video of Leopold on Nico the title is : “[キーボードクラッシャー]Unreal Gamer[本家]” which means:[Keyboard Crusher] Unreal Gamer [upstream] and the only word i understood from the title was “Unreal Gamer” so…it happened ^^".
but you can see that “Unreal Gamer” is one of the earlier names for him.


Yes, “Unreal Gamer” was his name at first when his movie was imported to NND.
However, in Japan, it is said that a first Japanese importer didn’t name that and
that was originally named so on overseas when we Japanese found that.

And “Keyboard Crasher”soon became popular and “Unreal Gamer” quickly went out of fashion.

Okay, I’ve checked the course of ブリ(゚∀゚)ハマチ/BuriHamachi.
The first video started the 31st of January 2010 and, in less than 3 months, it has got more than 1 000 videos on Nico Nico Douga.
This is definitely the time to document that Japanese meme here.
I’m taking the lead to investigate further, unless if someone wants to do it of course.

mona_jpn, i have a question:

In some of Shu Zo’s MADs you can see this “Robert-san” who is a man Shuzo meets(or something).
my questions are:
who is he?
were is it recorded?
is it on Shuzo’s article?
is there a tag for him?

say, mona_jpn, i saw what is probably going to be a new meme/join the airmoto meme.
im talking about the Obutsudan no Hasegawa, i think it is related to the SGI, and so to the Airmoto meme.
that tag of Hasegawa i got is kinda shitty(12-14 hits) but i think its going to be a larger amount of videos…so, what do you think?

Oh, btw I didn’t found any research page about the Cheetahmen 2 theme song. It was a meme around 2007 and there were tons of remixes on youtube and nico nico as well.

more videos here:

Last edited May 05, 2010 at 08:44AM EDT

good job =D
but, i think it is importent to say that there were also fake cheetahman games.
i saw a video about the SAME cheetahman game with touhou charecters, and a PS2 version, and a diffrent levels version and more and more

Thanks! :)
About the cheetahmen fake games, indeed they should be mentioned as well.
I just saw one yesterday, but now I’m really curious about the one with touhou characters, I’m gonna check it out later

Perfect !! I hope this dancing meme is enjoyable for you guys.

> Robert-san
This video was shot in San Francisco, USA and was provided on Shuzo’s official web site.
It’s not certain who is he clearly. It’s said that maybe he is Shizo’s office staff or a coordinator in San Francisco.
And of coarse, his MADs relate on Shuzo’s MADs.

Here is his MADs’ tag. “ロバートの将来性” (lit. “prospectiveness of Robert”)
NND encyclopedia
There are about 90 MADs related on him on NND.

I think that Robert doesn’t have worth enough to have a single entry in KYM . It’s enough to add it on Shuzo’s entry. And I think Shuzo’s article needs drastic amendments. We should enrich it and can do it as you know.

> Obutsudan no Hasegawa
Unfortunately to say, it doesn’t relate on Airmoto. Hasegawa’s commercial movie series are on the air for a long time in Japan and its catch copy and melody aren’t changed too.
So, as we Japanese have been familiar with that, that movie is reused in many MADs.

@adinan_balves & @omniputance
I present these source links for your great researching.
NND search results sort by date
NND search results sort by views
NND encyclopedia
Cheetahman on Japanese Wikipedia
Cheetahman wiki

Thanks a lot for the links, they were very helpful! :)

Hey, finally I created the article:
And I already added you as an editor. Let me know what you think about the article and feel free to make any changes or corrections on it.

Mona_Jpn, or the others, do you have some precise ideas of what [MMD] are exactly ?
Are they simply CGI versions of MADs or is there anything more special to add on them ?

Because I stumbled upon MMD videos called MikuMikuDance or MonaMonaDance.

If MMD are something strong on Nico Nico Douga (and it seems that way), there is maybe something to write down about it here.

Last edited May 05, 2010 at 08:38PM EDT

> Miku Miku Dance (MMD)

MMD was made for Miku Hatsune’s dancing and by some programmer inspired by Miku’s character at first. But nowadays, Miku and many other characters are dancing on this platform and they are sometimes used like G-mod on NND.

This is because there are many characters modelings, choreographies’ data, and stages data made in a huge user’s community. And they holds their original contest “Miku Miku Dance Cup”. Therefore many new MMD videos are made today.

So, I think MMD is independent from Vocaloid and standing as internet meme by itself.
Furthermore, if you have more knowledge about another big meme “IDOL M@STER” same dancing and MADs (or mash-up) meme, you’ll get more deep understanding of this MMD meme.

Last edited May 06, 2010 at 01:14AM EDT

The AirMoto meme is now OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED!

Anyway, now that the Cheetah Men II article is created, after I create Two Two’s article, I’m planning to create the article about the Famicom/NES port of Irem’s arcade game based on MicroGraphicImage’s (or Tim Martin’s) Spelunker, that later became one of the most recognizable Japanese Internet memes.

I first noticed it in this Flash animation by NSF titled “Michael Quest” (or “Michael Quest III”), the first of NSF’s three Michael Jackson Flash animations that was followed by “Michael Fantasy” and “Michael Forever” (which the FC/NES Spelunker also appears in them). NSF also did a Flash animation showing Michael moonwalking through some parts of Super Mario Bros. 1. I first saw Michael Quest on G4’s television show, Attack Of The Show (formally on Tech TV as “The Screen Savers”), and Kevin Pereira, was shocked about how funny it was.

The FC/NES Spelunker made numerous appearances and became so popular, it forced Irem to release a remake titled Minna de Spelunker (planned for release outside of Japan as “Spelunker HD”).

Ok, so, im spreding the Airmoto sources around youtube:
here are two MADs i made, they are preatry good and one of them is featured on Nico:
and for other stuff, i think someone should be brave and start looking for the Ocho source video, or atleast make a further research, id love to, but it creeps me out DD:.
so, i have the tags and the Nico pedia page, who wants to research it?

Spelunker is a one of characteristic icons of Japanese video game culture because he is awfully fragile in the game. He is known as the weakest game’s character ever in Japan. Of course, his popularity in Japan is also based on Japanese “Kuso” culture loving awful games’ awfulness.

These are examples of his popularity;

1.スペランカー体質(Superankā taishitsu, abbr.スペ体質 :Supe taishitsu, lit.Spelunker’s constitution) is famous Japanese slang which means get injured easily in many times. it’s usually used for professional sports players. Michael Owen(Manchester United, England) is typical example of it.

And スペる(Superu) is a verb which means get injured in a trifling matter.

2. Irem software engineering, a franchisee of Spelunker in Japan, has continued posting four-frame comic strip series “スペランカー先生(SUperankā Senei, lit. Teacher Spelunker)” since 1999.

In this series, he is drawn as a physical education teacher being afraid of any difference in level. And of course, he dies easily in many times.

This comic series was released in a special book in 2009. and it still continues now.

and his anthology comic by many mangakas was also released in 2010.

-Is it a meme or not ?
He is actually a meme.

But, I think he is a subculture’s meme or IRL meme rather than a internet meme.

He shows on some flash animations and video movies on Youtube and NND. However, it’s not because of any internet phenomenon, but because of his popularity in video game culture continuing since late 80’s.

I’ve already got tired of Airmoto.
Maybe you’re the best researcher of her. Best of luck!

Last edited May 17, 2010 at 10:35AM EDT

Hi everyone, long time not posted…

I’ve been a little more in Billy Herrington videos, and encountered a new serie called “こするだけシリーズ” (Kinkaku ?)

Originally, it’s a men rubbing a towel between his legs, while a rather disturbing soundtrack is played. Like Billy, he’s called a fairy (sounds like gay here. Like how Billy was named “Fairy of the forest”)

There are a just a few videos on youtube of this :
- Green exit guy :
- Hatsune Miku :
- Tluk da da da version (トゥルトゥルダダダ) :
(There was a Chargeman Ken version on youtube but it was removed by its uploader. I couldn’t find it either on NND)

It all started in November-December 2009, and there are just a few videos on NND (110), but they’re mostly involving a fake picture when you see it (usually involving an image of “pantsu”) then switching to the animation where one character, using the body of the actor in the movie Billy Herrington starred in where he does… that gesture. :|
… somehow another version of Gayrolling.

- 765 version :
- Chargeman Ken version :

(Found it again ! yeah ! XD)

Last edited May 18, 2010 at 07:57AM EDT
> Miku Miku Dance (MMD)

MMD was made for Miku Hatsune’s dancing and by some programmer inspired by Miku’s character at first. But nowadays, Miku and many other characters are dancing on this platform and they are sometimes used like G-mod on NND.

This is because there are many characters modelings, choreographies’ data, and stages data made in a huge user’s community. And they holds their original contest “Miku Miku Dance Cup”. Therefore many new MMD videos are made today.

So, I think MMD is independent from Vocaloid and standing as internet meme by itself.
Furthermore, if you have more knowledge about another big meme “IDOL M@STER” same dancing and MADs (or mash-up) meme, you’ll get more deep understanding of this MMD meme.

Thank you Mona_jpn.
I don’t think that [MMD] can stand as a meme per se. It looks more like a Japanese version of Gmod. On the other hand, if there are common themes/jokes inside of it (Like the Food debate meme is for team fortress 2) then these sub-memes can be worthy of being documented here, and to have the MikuMikuDance as a parent entry, if necessary.

Welcome back G0 DVL.

Last edited May 18, 2010 at 09:54AM EDT

You’re great!
That’s because I’ve continued watching tons of her MADs around 3 years…
I don’t wanna see her anymore !! XD

Long time no see ! I’m glad to see you again.

> こするだけシリーズ (Kosurudake series, lit. Just Rubbing)

Source video is from one of the Wrestling series meme’s videos existing since 2007. However, when that became a meme by itself was Mar, 2010.

Here is the origin of this meme. It was posted on NND at Mar 9th, 2010. And because this movie’s editor distributed his dancing movie source, many followers started making MADs in same way by same source. Therefore, this meme is spreading.

And for your information, This solemn BGM of that movie is “接触(contact)” from 80’s Japanese animation “Space Runaway Ideon”. Its author is Koichi Sugiyama also famous as the music composer of Japanese popular video game series “Dragon Quest”.

Furthermore, now May, 2010, some people are gathering on offline and shoot rubbing dance videos.

From this video, this offline meeting was held in 6 cities in Japan and gathered over 100 people in total.

This meme includes not only MADs but also those dancing fads.

EDIT: embedded a video again.

Last edited May 18, 2010 at 02:41PM EDT

I see. A meme needs a common theme in it. In that point, although MMD is used in many Japanese memes, MMD are just only a tool as well as Gmod.

I think we can’t ignore these tons of movies related on MMD.

It’s over 15,000. And it seems that MMD is recently busy to dance Fukkireta :)

But, they are used in different ways individually. Some of them are Vocaloid song’s and Touhou remixes’ music clip, some of them are music clip remixes of other major musicians, some of them belong to another MADs’ meme and others are comical like a Gmod and made to join the MMD Cup.

From the point of view as a platform, we can’t find any common theme of it :(

@mona_jpn : I think we see more MMD as a “program” than a meme. I don’t know if you could see VOCALOID as a meme itself, for example.
Though, there is a Nico Nico Douga entry which is not a meme by itself, but might be useful to regroup anything that has similar content/theme.

About Fukkireta, someone already started an article (you already saw it ^^) :吹-っ-切-れ-た
NND main tag :吹_っ_切_れ_た
NND encyclopedia :吹 っ 切 れ た

Someone posted an TOP 50 all of fame of it : (poor Matsuoka Shuzo finished 90 after the classment)
According to the NND encyclopedia, there are “championships” in different categories to see which one holds the most audience : MMD, Drawings, Project DIVA, MADs
There’s the origin of the music written, but I wouldn’t post the google translation of it or something that would sounds wrong :/

EDIT : Where are my manners >.<
Thanks for providing so much info about the “Just scrub series” ^^
I’ll sort them to make another entry, “sub meme” of the Billy Herrington entry

Last edited May 19, 2010 at 02:56AM EDT

> Fukkireta

1. What is the most important is that ラマーズP(Lamaze P) the person who caused this meme is the man who generated Geddan which is previous big meme you love. Yeah, He is a habitual offender :)

2. Fukkireta sometimes means getting rid of worries or some depressive mind. And in this case, this means getting rid of shame. 8toushin is dancing through deep concentration beyond all sense of shame. And 8toushin is a classic dancing character from 2channel shift-jis art culture.

And Lamaze-P also made Kasane Teto’s animation version. And he also distributes all their source files freely. So, many other movies are made today.

3. Muisc source is here. Song’s name is “おちゃめ機能” (Ochame Kinou :Mischievous function)

It was posted on NND at Apr 1st, 2010.

But non-vocal track was unreleased at that time. From first movie’s description, that was “robbed” of from Gojimaji-P by Lamaze-P. However, “Gojimaji” is another name of Lamaze himself in fact :)

4. This simple dancing meme is quite familiar to those previous. So, it will influence to westerners sooner or later. If it happens, we must catch its timing and should add it on an entry.

You’re welcome :)

BTW, don’t you know about “スーパカズヤのテーマ(Super Kazuya’s Theme)” ? This is a music remix fads of that from Billy’s movie. This may be sub-meme of Billy.

Last edited May 19, 2010 at 11:20AM EDT

@Mona_jpn :

8toushin, compared to Mona itself, is a different entity ?
Many article are pointing at him being an evolution from the initial Monã character so there is maybe something to say about it in the Mona entry.
As you may know, I wrote the entries for Monã and Giko Neko but we might need one for 8toushin if he is a relevant Japanese shift-jis art character.

Some have also suggested to cover Shii. Aside from Monã and Giko. Are there any particular other “well-known” characters standing above the others (contrary to, as far as I know, 1-san or maybe Avex) ?

The same way, someone made a very poor entry about soy sauce Kikkoman which, according to wikipedia, has been a big Internet Phenomenon starting in the early 2000s.
I think I’m going to clean up that entry in order to undeadpool it if there is many things to say about it.

Do you know some more about it ?


> Hattoushin

Actually, He is nothing but a one of derivatives of Mona. But he has some notable histories on Japanese flash animation culture. This culture is now defunct. So, you westerners are hard to know about this.

I don’t know when he appeared on the internet at first. But from wikipedia, he started to grow rapidly on this thread.

8頭身のモナーはキモイ / How creepy Hattoushin-Mona is.

This thread was built on Sep 25th, 2001. On this thread, >>1(1-san, ichi-san) insisted that Hattoushin is creepy and he hated Hattoushin.

Then, other anonymous users began to tease him jokingly with Hattousin’s Shift-JIS Art filling full of love for him.

By this thread, Hattousin was characterized as the man expressing his love for ichi-san dynamically and enthusiastically. And ichi-san was also characterized a guy who are always running away from Hattoushin’s crazy loving.

And of course, both of them are male.

Their basic character’s settings were made in this episode.

And this settings are used in flash animations on early Japanese flash animation culture. in early 2000.

These are some of examples made around 2001-2004.

By these and many other flash animations, Hattoushin’s popularity were grown up so much.

On the other hand, Hattoushin has long legs and arms different from other classic Shift JIS Art characters.

So, he was suitable to reproduce human’s moving on flash animations. Moreover, he has his too passionate character.

Therefore, he began to dance passionately on flash animations around 2002.

Unfortunately, those dancing flash animations aren’t on WWW now (even in NND). So I’ve salvaged them from internet archive and converted them into Youtube videos. Here you are.

Those notable flash animations’ impacts inspired us Japanese internet users in that generation so much.
So among that generations, Hattousin is the best dancer ever.

But nowadays, generation has changed completely. Many Shift-JIS art characters become far away from the main stream of internet fads. And Japanese flash animation culture was completely annihilated by some problems in that community around 2005-2006. Now, many Japanese young internet users don’t know any famous flash animation in the past.

So, they are now classics. And, needless to say, resent dancing queens are Miku Hatsune and many other characters running on MMD.

At last, if you learn this history,

you’ll know that this MonaMonaDance is made up of this generation’s changes and is popular by reminding old internet users of Shift-JIS Arts’ and flash animation’s good old days :)

> soy sauce Kikkoman

Kikkoman was born and became popular in Sep, 2002. And according to Japanese internet news site IT Media, he was imported to American internet culture by MetaFilter.

This topic was posted on Nov 16th, 2002.

Kikkoman spread from here to other internet cultures.
Here are the internet archive’s cache of Kikkoman’s info page and other his gallery.

In those page, the amount of images are so so. But music remixes and other flash animations are few. There are mainly his and other characters’ modified Shift-JIS Arts and fake episodes of Kikkoman’s comical and heroic story like a TV program generated by anonymous users on 2ch Kikkoman’s threads.

Therefore, it’s a bit hard for us to enrich his entry as same as others on KYM.

Of course now in Japan, there are few people remembering him as well as other classic Shit-JIS Art characters :(

> Shii

Also, Shii is nothing but a derivative of Giko. She was born as female version of Giko and was characterized as a cute and innocent girl loving a hug by anonymous users on 2channel.

However, that’s all. Indeed she is famous as well as other classic Shift-JIS Art characters, but she is never more famous than them.

I think Shii works as the icon of Japanese Shift-JIS Art culture in westerners’ internet culture much more than that of Japanese.

Maybe the reason why Shii is famous among westerners is that she appears on Shii’s song which uses English song and is quite easy to understand for westerners on 2002 and there is cat loving culture (Caturday, Long cat, etc…) on westerners’ internet.

I think Shii isn’t worth enough to have a single entry on KYM, but needs to be described on Giko’s entry including this cultural difference.

@mona_jpn : Thanks again ! I’ve seen some of スーパーカズヤ (Super Kazuya) videos but never noticed there were so many of them, Maybe because I can’t read japanese descriptions and comments (I rarely use Google translate, except for searching tags)

I’ve found another tag some time ago but didn’t tried to search info about this : 定岡ウェーブ

It’s the shower scene from one of the movies Billy Herrington starred in where he looks at a man (is he called Sada Okazima ?)in the shower. The variation here is centered on the guy showering, multiplied X times until he fills a line or the whole screen. Those multiplications of him then moves in a way similar to waves, hence the tag’s name : 定岡ウェーブ (Sada Oka wave)

First occurence in second aniki (look around 1:45 at the bottom of the video to see its first occurence) :
Example of nowadays works :
A parody of an ad :

The “定岡ウェーブ” then moved onto other series/theme. It didn’t spread much on youtube, though :定岡ウェーブ&search=tag (gives 2 videos, whereas定岡ウェーブ gives 47 videos)

(By the way, i put hatena links since it should allow non registered NND users to watch them. Can you confirm it works ? / Should I continue like this ?)

This is the community link :

I remember little of Hattoushin when I watched some of the animations (I remember of one where you see him posing in strange positions, probably to tease the other character). I first saw him on a flash animations, but I didn’t know at that time its origin :/

EDIT : Another you must watch (only a few seconds) :

Last edited May 21, 2010 at 04:39AM EDT

I don’t want to let that thread be drown like that.
I have a question concerning something called “PoPiPo” :

It seems to be something closely related to Vocaloid and Miku Hastune, But I’ve seen some other characters (not related to the show) doing the same dance.

Is it something simply bound to Vocaloid or is it a dance meme on its own ?

Last edited May 30, 2010 at 12:25PM EDT

Hi Tomberry,

Not sure about that one, but this seems to follow the same pattern as Fukkireta. Someone posted a strange choregraphy and then, everyone seems to follow it.

This article mentions it :ぽっぴっぽー

Also, first videos uploaded on NND are from 2008/02/12 (or so it seems). First one has above one million views and there are OVER ONE THOUSAND videos under this tag.

I’ve still not updated the article because I searched a little more on Hissu Amoto San.

I think there’s a new character emerging from the Hissu Amoto San series : Ooshima Masayuki (google translation of " 大島正幸 ")

This character is shown only on a Future 2 video, presented by Masami Hisamoto. He’s remarkable because he’s bald. I don’t know if he says anything because most of the videos shows only him, without saying a word. If I follow the google translation, he’s used in MAD in slow motion and the sound then reminds of “boiling eggs” (eggs, which might have a relation to how you percieve the character).

From my point of view, the video seems normal but the sound is a little disturbing, as if there was a subliminal message :/
The character popularity rose in December 2009.

Another character is Hitomi Shimizu that has some popularity (enough to be in the SGK-all stars). One of her popular phrase is “Watashi mo ?” (“Me ?”), said in a strange manner.

There’s also Izumi Yukimura (雪村いづみ) you can see singing in some videos but I don’t understand how she’s famous (some joke based on “いづみのキャパシティ” [Izumi capacity ?]).

Also, a bit more of search gave me the name of Ishikawa (堀江一眞 [Google translate fails to translate his name correctly and gives “Horie Hazime 眞”)

Hissu Amoto San characters list :創価オールスターズ

I’m coming back here for some other questions.
I’ve stumbled upon some parodies on MMD of the Bad Apple!! music clip for Touhou.
I then planned to make an entry for both the clip and the song when I realized that the clip was home-made by a Nico Nico Douga user and when I learnt that the song was made in 2007 and wasn’t very well-known from the Western public until October 2009.

But, I also discovered something…. different. The Bad Apple!! song was already a meme in Japan in the form of a dance made by people, recorded on tapes and posted on Nico Nico Douga well before the clip was even created:

There are more than 100 videos dealing with the dance on Youtube, and surely much more on Nico Nico Douga.

So here are my questions :

- > Was that “Bad Apple!! dance” entirely created by Touhou fans in the first place, or was it something staged via something in particular… mainstream related ?

I noticed many videos of different people dancing to songs and recording themselves, being alone or in groups, as that has already been shown here with the HALFBY dancing.

I was then wondering :

- > Are these videos pertaining to Japanese dance clubs or is this a genuine interest by Japanese Nico Nico Douga users for making videos of them dancing on various music tracks (even if most of them are dealing with Nico Nico Douga fads) ?

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The original song is from a Touhou game :

I’ve copy pasted the description :

Song: Bad Apple!!
Artist: ZUN

Stage 3 theme from Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story.

Then, the song has been remixed by Alstroemeria Records (I don’t know when), which has been used in some mads

Personnaly, the first time i’ve heared that remix was on a idolmaster medley : (go to 1:34 to hear it briefly)

PS : I am idiot sometimes… NND encyclopedia has of course an article about this :
– for the original one : apple!!
– for the remix : apple!! feat. nomico

I don’t understand right now the remix article, but it mentions something occuring the 08/06/2008 with that song. It tells also about the Haruka’s MADs (the name of the idolmaster character in the upper dailymotion video).

I don’t see a special description of the shadows video… maybe it’s developper in another article.

As far as I understood, the 08/06/2008, a Nico Nico Douga user made a video looking like a story board, and basically saying “This is how Bad apple!! should be made into a clip, someone wanna do it ?” and it was nearly the same idea as what would become the stylized shadow clip afterward.
Then, it seems that guy got the idea first, even if he didn’t make it himself.

But, what is bugging me, more than the song itself, is that peculiar dance.

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I think they’re as much original as the Lucky star opening dance (Motteke! Sailor Fuku). At some point, they decided of a choregraphy that mimick the parts where they dance and they complete it with something else when the characters are not dancing, but I’ve not seen many of these. I see more works based on the shadows and the music rather than the dance itself :
- Bad Hamburger (Donaludo version) :
- Bad Aniki (Wrestling series version) :
- Big apple, feat izumi (Hissu amoto san) :

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Sorry, I can’t make time to solve your questions on these days…

BAD APPLE’s stop motion video was on air by CNN.

I’ll manage to assist your researches. Please wait for a while…

The Ahegao Expression is very good and thorough research :)

I leave some additional information about it here.

- Ahe

“Ahe” comes from Japanese onomatopoeia of “アヘアヘ(aheahe)”. It describes female’s flushed breath in sex and means her sexual excitement.

- “らめぇ”

“らめぇ (Ramee)” is a mispronouncing of “だめ” (Dame, No) by sexual wired. Different from westerners, Japanese ladies always say “No” instead of “Yes!” in such a situation. “らめぇ” is also popular orgasmic shout in hentai comics as well as the Ahegao expression.

- The history of Ahegao in Japanese hentai culture

from these articles… [all NSFW]

The History of Ahegao
The chronological table of Ahegao in hental comics
The chronological table of Ahegao in adult games

An early model of Ahegao was shown on Japanese hentai comics and adult games around 2000. But it wasn’t so notable and was just a one of expression methods in hentai comics. And it was mainly used as abnormal and undesirable orgasm expression such as sex assault, rape, etc…

Ahegao got its popularity widely in hentai comics around 2005. Even in normal sexual episode, Ahegao style started to be used by many hentai comic artists and many dojinshi specializing in Ahegao also started to be released in Dojin market in those days.

And around 2008, its popularity became a peak and at the same time, its too much exaggeration style itself became a laughingstock on Japanese internet.

This pixiv fad have these episodes on its background. Therefore, although it seems sexual in actually , it doesn’t include sexual meanings so much but mainly innocent and silly joking.

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You’re welcome :)

But, is my description grammatical enough to cite to the article entirely ? I can’t have any confidence in it…
I’ll challenge to write more grammatical English from now on.

Anyway, such as this article that you can easily understand without language is given many and good responses in here KYM. I’ll be glad if you could understand that Ahegao didn’t appear on the web suddenly without any background like other image macros and pixiv fad is not so sexual but simply joking from my poor description.

Well, I understood that it was more of a joke when they compared that face as a facial disease (bacillus) to begin with.
I hope we have made it clear enough together in that article.

I also made an entry for Gununu if you wanna check it out.

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