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Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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Yes, indeed.

BTW, I tried to send a message about Matsuda, You idiot to its article’s editor several months ago. But it’s not reflected to the article yet. Maybe the message hadn’t arrived to him in correct or my writing was too poor to read.

I leave it here. Dear great researchers, please decipher it :)

- Background

“Death Note” was used in many parody collage when it was appearing serially in a magazine. They are called “デスノコラ(desuno kora, abbr. of “Death Note’s collages”)” and was very popular on Japanese internet between 2004 and 2006. It’s said that the reason why “デスノコラ” got so popular is that it includes many serious conversation scenes with serious expressions. it’s very suitable to replace their dialog into something funny.

Its popularity on NND and YouTube is partly based on this previous fad.

Death Note Parody page

- Origin

The original episode was on the air at the 26th June 2007 in Japan. And it is very popular scene since it had appeared on its comic.
The reason why this scene is so funny is that Light who was clear-headed and cool as a cucumber by that time immediately screamed too disgracefully and also wriggled around. Of course, this scene on its comic had been used in many parody collages before its animation was on the air.

And because many characters are shouting in this scene, there are many funny misheard phrases in it.

Example :

これは罠だ!:Kore wa Wana da! (lit. It’s a trap!) →粉バナナ!:Kona Banana! (lit. Powdery banana!)

馬鹿野郎:Baka yarou (lit. Idiot!) → バターロール:bata roru (lit. Bread roll)

父あああああさん:Tousaaaan (lit. Fatheeeeer!) → 象さん:Zousaaaan! (lit. Elephaaaaant!)

思い通り!:Omoi douri (lit. At my pleasure!) → ホモに同意! Homo ni doui (lit. I agree with a gay!)

誰を撃ってる!:Dare wo utteru! (lit. Who do you shoot!?) → タレを売ってる!: Tare wo utteru! (lit. You’re selling the source!)

ふざけるなぁ!:Fuzakerunaa! (F**k off!!) → プーさん蹴るなぁ!:Pūsan kerunaa! (Don’t kick the Pooh!)

馬鹿を見たで済ませるのか?: Baka wo mita de sumaseru noka? (You’re saying they are the fools?) → カカオビターで済ませるのか?: kakaobita de sumaseru noka? (You’re saying that cacao is bitter?)

殺す!: Korosu ! (lit. Kill you!) → 黒酢: Kurozu ! (lit. black vinegar) or コムスン!:Komusun (COMSN, Japanese nursing agency having a poor reputation)

レスター! ジェヴァンニ! Resutā! Jevanni! (Rester! Gevanni!) →Mr.デブ杏仁!: misutā debu annin! (Mr. fatty apricot kernel!)

40: Yonju (Forty!) → ペ・ヨンジュン!: pe yon jun! (Bae Yong Joon!, famous Korean actor)

These funny misheard phrases also stimulate MAD editors’ motivation.

- History

And this scene started to be used in MADs right after it was on the air.

The first MAD which got popularity on NND is this.
夜神月は大変なノートをすりかえられました (yagami light wa taihen na note wo surikaeraremashita, Light Yagami had been replaced the precious notebook).

It was posted on NND and YouTube at 28 June 2007.

And around Mar. 2008 its popularity got highest. Many MAD movies were on NND’s PV ranking at that time.

But the accident happened on the end of June 2008. Huge amounts of MADs on NND were deleted by requests of its copyright holders. And “Death Note” was also no exception.

Some of “Death Note” MADs were reproduced on there right after that but were immediately deleted again by its copyright holder.

And they are still monitoring strictly now on NND. So they lose their home ground.

The reason why their MADs on YouTube get many page views is that they has lost their birth place on NND and YouTube works as their shelter.

So, people who watch these videos on YouTube are mainly Japanese and these videos don’t influence to westerners just because page views of MADs are so many.

And many Japanese memes can’t keep their popularity without appearing on NND.

Therefore, “Death Note” MADs are losing its popularity gradually after late 2008.

- Collaboration MAD
KiraKira Douga Ryuseigun [Death Note X NicoNico Douga Ryuuseigun]

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Whoa… thank you mona_jpn ! I think I could get only the “banana powdery” with my current knowledge & intelligence ^^.

I also remarked the disappearance of Death Note MADs. Their destruction is, as you said, less active on youtube, and there is so much removed from NND that it impacts its popularity as a meme.

I’ve posted a comment on his article so that he should be directly redirected to your post.

You commented on that article a little while ago. it was good timing :)

I checked out that Gununu’s entry. And I’ve researched its exact date of birth. Unfortunately to say, it seems that it’s uncertain even for Futaba’s heavy users.

But these info may give us the hints of its growth.
This is the template information image of Gununu’s thread. from this information, Gunu-Kora started on the thread to enjoy the moe of the Coppola’s Gununu in Futaba. Then, one day, it became an independent thread. (Japanese)
On this Futaba’s thread archive of Gununu, anonymous users talked about its origin.

In this thread, one user said the oldest time stamp in his Gununu’s images was June 11, 2007. And another user said he got many images on June 28, 2007.

From these testimonies, Gununu’s thread had been already existed on June 2007 at least.

This is a memo of Gunu’s history by an anonymous user in Futaba. (Japanese)

From this memo, Gununu got over 1000 images at Nov 28, 2007, 2000 images at Mar 29, 2008, 3000 images at Sep 27, 2008, 4000 images at May 30, 2009 only in Futaba (not including pixiv).

Gununu’s slide show was posted on NND at Dec 23, 2007.

Gununu was introduced by “ネタなべ。(netanabe)” at July 24, 2008.

Gururu started to be spread to the outside of Futaba by these impudent* guys.

  • why it’s impudent ?

Futaba has the very strong unwritten rule “Don’t bring the contents made in here out”. This is not because they want to keep it only to themselves but they extremely hate that poor guys who claim images unprincipled and disturb Futaba’s public order come to Futaba. Therefore, they hate that their contents are introduced to the outside of Futaba because it call those idiots into there. And they also hate whoever try to earn money by their gratuitous contents.

These are totally based on Futaba user’s policy, and from this point of view, those guys are very impudent.

Similarly, Gununubooru is hated by them so much.

GunuKora wiki is made by themselves to pigeonhole vast information about Gununu. But it’s not a warehouse. So, no original images are there.

Last edited Jun 11, 2010 at 01:19PM EDT
Futaba has the very strong unwritten rule “Don’t bring the contents made in here out”. This is not because they want to keep it only to themselves but they extremely hate that poor guys who claim images unprincipled and disturb Futaba’s public order come to Futaba. Therefore, they hate that their contents are introduced to the outside of Futaba because it call those idiots into there. And they also hate whoever try to earn money by their gratuitous contents.

These are totally based on Futaba user’s policy, and from this point of view, those guys are very impudent.

Similarly, Gununubooru is hated by them so much.

So, exactly the same thing as ED’s hatred toward KYM, or 4chan hatred toward “newfag” and “mainstream” memes.

Thank you very much mona_jpn. Do you know any written archive showing that anger/uneasy embarrassment coming from Futaba users to other websites hosting “their” content ?

The MIYOCO and Shuzo Matsuoka entries have been tagged with a “Researching” tag by “Community Manager” Brad, and were updated by him and especially “Staff Intern” amanda b. .

In this Baccano! opening parody, besides Masami Hisamoto, Fusako Saito and MIYOCO, are the others also memes? I uploaded it to YouTube for those of you who are too lazy to use NND:

Last edited Jun 18, 2010 at 05:00AM EDT

These are example of that case

- NetRunner and its readers
The Japanese rude computer magazine. They are famous for publishing illegal information irresponsiblely.

Many Futaba’s products were reproduced on that magazine without author’s permission. OS-Tan is the representative victim of them.

Here is the warning for NetRunner’s editors and its readers. “禁ネトラン厨” means “No NetRunners allowed”. This type of image can be seen in every web site about Futaba’s products.

Unfortunately, NetRunner went out of existence in 2009.

- 2channel users
Futaba users also don’t like 2channel users because they are annoying and idiot. Even in memes discovered in Futaba at first, once 2channel users smell out it and lionize it, some Futaba users stop making their products.

Yaranaika is typical example of it. Yaranaika was discovered its talent by Futaba. Then, it was imported to 2channel, got a big hit on there and was spread over Japanese internet as 2channel’s fad. At that time, it had already got out of fashion in Futaba because of 2channel users’ fuss.

I think Shuzo’s article needs a drastic amendment but that of MIYOCO’s doesn’t need that so much. What are they researching ?

Probably, you don’t need introduction of Masami Hisamoto, Fusako, miyoco, and neunerunerune’s grandma.

for others, please see below,

- Miyuki Hatoyama : The former first lady in Japan. She sinks in occultism so deeply. Many Japanese know her as a lunatic.

She isn’t reused in any other MADs.

- Kazuko Hosoki : A fortune‐teller always behaving insolently. She appeared in many TV programs till several years ago and she repeatedly said to every guests “You’ll die soon”, “You’ll go to hell” from her fortune‐telling.

search result
NND encyclopedia

There are not enough to be called a meme.

- High performance granny (高性能おばあちゃん, kouseinou obāchan): An old lady appearing on Japanese strange informacial of cheep puppy robot "Tetsu the pet dog robot (愛犬ロボ「てつ」,Aiken Robo “Tetsu”)". It seems that not her but this informacial itself is a little fad in MADs on NND.

search result
NND encyclopedia

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@ mona_jpn

Thank you.

Anyway, after I saw this video below:

I saw Ryo Sakazaki on his motorcycle being converted to M.U.G.E.N. This video was created by me:

And later featured in this Nico Nico Douga All*Star video:

I’ve noticed that it is a meme often known as “Haoh Sho Ko Ken” (覇王翔吼拳). Here are more videos found on YouTube:

Last edited Jun 19, 2010 at 04:19AM EDT


> Haoh Sho Ko Ken
This is a image macro fad on Futaba in 2007.

“(Buki wo motta yatsu ga aite nara) “Haoh Sho Ko Ken” wo tsukawazaru wo enai"
“(If I fight with armed forces), I can’t help using “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken”."

This "Xせざるを得ない(I can’t help doing X) " is roundabout and a speaking with an air of importance for this scene. And his remark also means indirectly that “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken” is superior to heavy firearms.

All game player knows that “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken” needs very slow and big movement for its shooting. So they don’t believe his statement at all.

Moreover, his costume, a cloth for Karate and geta, unsuits for riding a big motorbike.

These strangeness inspired Futaba users and they made many parody images.
And because a character making of M.U.G.E.N is so active in Futaba, he was soon imported to there as a player character.

If you can’t understand this delicate nuance of Japanese language, this funniness won’t be transmitted to you westerners so much. I think so.

I have submitted Spelunker:

I’d like to have more info about the “Two Two!” meme, the “X is Training” meme, and the “I can’t help using “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken”.” meme to create their entries.

I’ve also discovered three Japanese memes: Passion Yara (パッション屋良), Marisa Stole The Precious Thing series (盗んでいきましたシリーズ) and some series of clips showing men bear-hugging women in video games and animes.

Someone submitted a Japanese meme that needs more work:

> Two Two
I wrote wrong information before. Two Two’s parody images started to be made not by Futaba but by 2channel users.

ネイティオこっち見んな (Neithio, Don’t look at here)
This thread was started in Nov 11, 2006. This “poke” board in 2channel is for talking all about pokemon.
They talk about their love for Neithio and his powerful and philosophical look (his eyes) in particular on there.

This wiki page was launched to sort parody images and shift-jis Art(AA) released on that thread in Jan 3, 2007

search result in pixiv “トゥートゥー”
Over 400 images related on this tag are here.

search result in NND “トゥートゥー”
There are over 200 videos. but not all videos are MADs.

NND encyclopedia

However, I don’t think the amount of these images on pixiv and videos on NND tell us Two Two is popular enough to be called a meme. They are not so many for its age.

It seems that this fad is loved and supported by some his limited fanatics.

So much for day :)

> X on Treadmill
On the westerners’ web, it seems that those videos are known as “X on Treadmill”. This is more suitable for entry’s title than literally translation “X is training”.

- about original animation

This program was on air by only pay animation channel. So, its viewers were not so many. And, this animation itself hadn’t been picked up its splendidness by any media in particular.

I only remember it as nothing but one of many animations which were on air in 2009.

The original ending movie is here.

The first MAD video is here. it was upload on July 9, 2009.

Then, many followers refered to this and started to make same video with various characters.

The animation started to be on air on Jun 25, 2009. So, this fad started about two weeks later.

search result on NND

sort by views

sort by recent date

Now, there are over 500 videos on NND.

However, the most important thing is that this MADs’ method is awfully easy even for people who has no creative mind and skill. Therefore, this video was became the fad easily and each videos are foolishly same.

Yes, many people were inspired not by its original animation’s attraction at all but by MAD’s easiness to join to the fad.

This video scores the most page views on NND. Like this video’s editor, there are few people on NND who has creative mind and skills.

To say honestly, this fad is awfully boring.

EDIT: embedded videos again.

Last edited Jul 01, 2010 at 10:50AM EDT

>> Passion Yara

He has a teacher’s certificate of health and physical education in senior high school. So, he makes full use of his license, his comedy style looks like a physical education teacher on school or an physical instructor appearing in a educational TV program. Yeah, he plays the role of physical education teacher passionately.

Furthermore, his accent and looks which are typical character of Okinawa people are funny for many other Japanese people.

His gag appearing on MADs drumming his chest by left arm is named “Yarayara Banban(やらやらバンバン)”. Yarayara comes from his family name “Yara” and Banban comes from Japanese onomatopoeia “Ban” which is same meaning of “boom” in English.

For your information, his official profile by his agency says that his gag is prohibited by some elementary schools because it’s bad for children’s health to copy his gag drumming on near the heart.

He started to appear on several nationwide TV programs about late 2006. But many Japanese got tired of him and his joke soon and he faded out from TV show. Around late 2009, we could’t watch him in any nationwide TV show.

Now, he appears only on 2 local TV programs in Okinawa.
Yes, he is already history.

- MADs
He start to be reused in MADs on NND around late 2008.

The first MAD is here. It was upload to NND on Oct 20, 2008.

later, other MAD’s editors started to import him to MAD.

search result on NND
sorted by date
sorted by views
NND encyclopedia

Now passion’s MADs are about 120. They have been deleted several times due to copyright claim. However, even if we consider that influence, they are not so many for its years.

And, as I wrote before, there is vanilla way to reuse comedian’s joke in MADs. There are many cases same as that of passion’s on NND.

Moreover, MAD’s editors sometimes choose MAD’s resource not because it’s popular nationwide but because it’s easy to be reused in MADs. Unfortunately, I think Passion’s chest-drumming is later one.

So, I think he isn’t worth enough to be called a meme. MADs of Passion and other comedians are nothing but small fads on NND.

Last edited Jun 30, 2010 at 12:35PM EDT

> Marisa stole the precious thing
Maybe Tomberry, Vlad, or other Touhou fanatics are more familiar with Touhou remxies than me. So, I write about its info concisely.

This is one of the early hits in Touhou remixes. and was released by IOSYS which is a famous circle in Japanese Dojin market on Aug 13, 2006.

On the internet, it became popular among otaku community because its promotion flash animation’s quality was praised by several otaku web sites.

Original flash animation is here.

For your information, maybe westerners have already known about it, its title comes from famous dialogs of the animation movie “The Castle of Cagliostro”.

Therefore, Many Japanese, especially in otaku, can easily understand the precious thing is heart by only reading its title.

- MADs

After NND was launched, some video resources began to become fads on there around Feb 2007. At that time, because this song is popular among otaku who are also MAD’s editors, they were mashed-up just for fun. These are examples of this.

Let’s go Onmyouji

Haruhi Suzumiya

After these hits on NND, other otaku set this song itself as main resource and started to mash it up with many other video and audio resources.

Through these events, this song itself became a one of the early fads on NND.

Search result on NND
sort by views
sort by recent date
NND encyclopedia
About song
About MADs

Nowadays, this song is less popular than before. But it’s still reused in MADs as standard music of MADs.
But it seems that it hasn’t been imported to westerners’ web yet. So, this is nothing but regional fad only in Japan.

To say in additon, like these videos, it’s nonsense and dirty work to mix vocal tracks together. But almost all otaku (MADs editors) don’t care such a thing. That’s because their music experience is basically poor. They know only game music, anime music and some music which is reused in MADs frequently. They never know what is the “mash-up” exactly.

So, I think the popularity of this song in MADs on NND also says that people who make and enjoy MADs have no aesthetic sense of music.

next : “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken”

Last edited Jul 01, 2010 at 04:14AM EDT

> “Haoh Shoh Koh Ken”

The reason why it’s funny and inspires Futaba users to make parody images is that is what I wrote before.

This is a one of the hundreds of image macros in Futaba. And it’s doesn’t influence to the outside of Futaba so much. Therefore, this is a regional fad in Futaba only.

From a private archives of Futaba, the first thread of it started on July 11, 2006. And, now over 2000 images are archived there.

Its thread is called “Ohaoh Thread(お覇王スレ)” and built at everyday 5:00 AM. Though I’ve never checked that thread yet because Futaba’s server deletes thread within 3 or 4hours, the series of this thread may be still continuing now.

Ohaou is a pun for “Ohayo (おはよう, Good morning)” and “Haoh”. That thread appears in very early morning for this pun. Of course, almost all internet users won’t and can’t access to Futaba in such an early moring. So, this fad is supported and kept by small small Futaba user’s community in actually.

on NND, it became a bit known by ニコニコRPG (niko niko RPG) which is the role playing game made by NND users. It seems that not a few NND users noticed “Haoh Sho Koh Ken” fad for the first time by this game.

search result on NND
There are mainly M.U.G.E.N videos.

NND encyclopedia

> some series of clips showing men bear-hugging women in video games and animes
Sorry, I don’t know such a type of video. Could you give me some videos for its examples ?

Good and careful work as ever. I can’t do anything but correcting Japanese spelling :)

Arigato gozaimasu, mona_jpn!

To keep this thread/topic active, (or from being locked), here is a tip for you: to keep up with incoming entries about Japanese memes being submitted, look up “Nico Nico Douga” on Know Your Meme to see what most or all have been submitted on Know Your Meme:

There are some that have been submitted and need more info and cleanup.

Last edited Jul 08, 2010 at 12:11AM EDT

Ok guys sorry for not posting for a long time, i wasn’t able to. Sorry ^^".
anyway, i think we are missing a main Kirby article, a huge entry that pretty much covers all of the Base songs for MADs.
There are already 3 – 5 entries about kirby BGMs and i think we need only 1.
there’s also the Dynablade and the PopStar thing, and even more BGMs that became somewhat of a meme.
so, im going to make a antry that sums up all of kirby’s BGMs


The Two Two entry is now created. Over 200 videos on NND may sound like they aren’t enough to confirm Two Two as a meme, MIYOCO had slightly over 100 on NND when I created her entry, while she shortly became confirmed by KYM staff.

For the images found on pixiv, we can find as many of the ones that are related to the meme and upload them below the meme’s entry as possible.トゥートゥー

Last edited Jul 11, 2010 at 03:25PM EDT

Hello, my good fellows.

I have a question.

This article is only written about simple and silly poops on westerners’ web.

On the other hand, this fad’s origin is Japanese company promoting song which gave large impact to Japanese internet users and is important as the early model of consumer generated media in Japan.

However, these backgrounds don’t relate to this westerners’ fad directly. So, I think that if you are interested in only fads of yourselves, this article is already concise and enough and doesn’t need any more regional and trivial information.

So, I ask to you guys : Is this an enough and worthly article for you ?

Sorry, mona_jpn, I’ve never heard of Japan Break Industries.

Anyway, I submitted “X is Training”. I know it’s boring, especially edits of Plug’s body, but I seem to enjoy the ones related to other memes, as well as some of the most creative ones.○○がトレーニング

For the bear hug videos I’ve seen on some parts of YouTube and NND, I’m pretty sure they don’t count as a meme, but I might be incorrect on that.

Recently, the Ran Ran Ru article has been fully confirmed, but it still needs a lot more work. It needs some info from its Nico Nico Pedia articles and some images related to the meme. And do you recognize these three, mona_jpn?

Last edited Jul 20, 2010 at 03:45AM EDT


> 盛るぜぇ~
This animation “とらどら!” was on the air from Oct, 2008 to Mar, 2009. These MADs were made at that time.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable tag for its fanfics on NND. But, it seems that its MADs are not a few.

However, Her dialog, character or moving are not so epic to inspire someone’s creative mind. The reason why her MAD movies are on NND is that she was popular among otaku at that time. Its very vanilla way for MADs editors on NND that they reuse anime character who is popular among otaku at that time in MADs. By reusing fresh source, they can get many page views easily without any other efforts. Nowadays, many They are busy in making K-On MADs.

I think it’s fruitless effort to pick up every case like this one by one and we should narrow an argument down only to something epic inspiring people clearly.

> Futae no Kiwami (フタエノキワミ、アッー)
This is the one of the early hits on NND which also made NND more popular web service in Japan. Its impact was as well as that of “Billy” or “Enemy Controller”.

KYM already has the article of this. However, it’s terribly bad. We must enrich it.

> The house of the Curse (呪いの館 Noroi no Yakata)

Japanese Wikipedia has its entry. This game became popular on NND on Jan, 2008. And its popularity on the internet was picked up by Japanese TV program in Nov, 2008.

This fad’s interest is its game’s extreme difficulty and extremely strange death cry of player character. So, I think that its funnies is easy for non Japanese to understand.

Yeah, it’s worth enough to have an entry in KYM.

Before I begin on those, I’ll have to help the Ran Ran Ru article look better. What all should be done in it, mona_jpn?

All I can think of are some external links, an “Appeal Outside of Japan” section, a better M.U.G.E.N video, and that’s about it.


> Appeal Outside of Japan
I think the article should be more detailed about the sensation in Westerners’ web after the impact of “Ronald McDonald Insanity”.

However, I have no good idea about it :(

> external links
As for external links, we had better add search results on NND , that of YouTube, and NND encyclopedia as usual.

NND encyclopedia

NND encyclopedia

東方乱々流 (Crossovers : Ronald x Touhou)
NND encyclopedia

Here are some good examples.
Donald vs. Spidarma! (Japanese Spiderman)
Donald vs. Kernel Sanders
Donald vs. Yaranaika

This user uploads many Ronald’s MUGEN movies.

Hi there! I joined Knowyourmeme a long time ago, but I have only gotten really active recently.

My username is usually Ogreenworld (but its been changed as a joke for now).

Anyway, this is my first time joining this thread, and I look forward to researching Japanese memes later with you guys.

I also joined this thread to talk about another Japanese meme:

I just submitted a new entry (Somewhat NSFW) talking about a fairly old meme known as 先行者 or “Senkousha” (Senkōsha), called Xianxingzhe in Chinese. Although the robot comes from China, it is clearly a Japanese meme. I am part Chinese, and although I am not fluent, I know a lot of the essential words and grammar, and I also have some level of experience researching Chinese memes; therefore, I can research the Chinese components of this meme. However, I am not as confident in my ability to research Japanese memes (with Google Translate as my only help).

Right now, I am editing as I go, adding information as I find it.

But I;m in desperate need for some help with its popularity on 2Chan.

Also- in the entry, I might have a few incorrect translations (using Google Translate). I would be glad to add anyone as an editor here.

Anyway, do not worry- I am not here just to exploit your knowledge. I will try my best to help you guys out with your research in the future(but for now, I’m exhausted from researching this particular meme).

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Currently, I’m trying to read through this entire thread so I have some idea of what’s going on.

EDITEDIT: Is it very popular on NicoNicoDouga? I don’t have an account. :/

Last edited Jul 25, 2010 at 01:51AM EDT


Oh, that brings back good old memories. it’s very memorable internet fad for old internet users such as me.

Ok, I’ll search thread logs on 2channel and some news site’s archives to enrich “spread” section of that entry.

And, maybe this is Chinese’s reaction for Japanese fuss.

> Is it very popular on NicoNicoDouga?

Senkousha is very old and classical fad in Japan. Almost all user now in NicoNicoDouga is young. So, they don’t know or remember Senkousha. Therefore, it’s not a popular character as a resource of MADs or some parodies on NND.

Okay, that makes sense that NND wouldn’t have too much.

> Yea, that is a “Chinese reaction,” but it seems to be only one reaction by “国防科技大学校友主页联盟 国防科技大学八系九三级联谊网站” (sorry, its a long title). But surprisingly, other than that, I’m not finding a lot on the Chinese reaction towards the meme, especially because 先行者 is a difficult term to search (that’s why its not included in the entry… yet). Even when using “Specific date Range” on Google, I’m having a bit of trouble (but I have found a bit, especially with Taiwanese sites).

I did notice, though, that seems to be more useful than for seraching “先行者.” I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I just noticed. Anyway, I’ll edit the entry to reflect my findings.

Just out curiosity, I noticed that, in the 先行者 videos, two popular themes (besides his “cannon”) are his “hand paddles” with the ability to extend/change color and his rival (a red version of 先行者). Is there a specific name for the rival and Senkousha’s hand paddles? Also- how do you write “crotch cannon” (excuse my crude language) in Japanese?

EDIT: mona_jpn, I’m adding you as an editor (don’t feel obligated to work hard).

EDITEDIT: A few NND videos

Also, I heard there’s a novel based on it. That’s hilarious!

Last edited Jul 25, 2010 at 05:46PM EDT


Senkousha novels are here. Many of them are short stories.

Goole search is useless even in Japan. I pick up information from old web sites and its archives directly. Perhaps only native Japanese speakers can do that.

> The name of “crotch cannon” in Japanese

In Japan, that name is 中華キャノン (Chūka Kyanon, Chinese Cannon). The song in that movie, it’s sung as 中華大キャノン (Chūka Dai Kyanon, Great Chinese Cannon).

> Enemy’s name
That red enemy doesn’t have its own name and isn’t so important. In Japanese robot animation, it’s standard style that rival machine is red and three times as fast as others. Yes, its origin is Char Aznable ,“The Red Comet” in Gundam.

That red enemy is only following such tradition in Japanese robot animation.

> Hand Paddles
This comes from Japanese classic gag “コマネチ(Komanechi)”. Famous comedian and movie director Takeshi Kitano is the originator of this.

The original Komanechi by the originator.

And this gag’s name comes from Nadia Elena Comăneci who was famous Romanian gymnast. This is because he invented that gag by being inspired by her high leg cutted leotard and its crotch line in Olympiad.

Here is one of the info pages of Senkousya.

This page’s author said he got 1 million page views in a year.

Paper craft

I am beginning to encounter a lot of MADs that use footage from these:

Toei Spider-Man (sometimes known either as “Spy Dama”, “Supaidaman” “Japanese Spider-Man”, or “Tokusatsu Spider-Man”)

Many people outside of Japan (especially in the U.S.) consider it to be an awful version of Spider-Man, due to certain reasons: having a giant mech and a vehicle (which he originally didn’t have in the comics), and comparable to the successful English adaption of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I posted several comments telling them the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) never originally had their own vehicles in the comics (due to the 1984 comics that started it all failing to become as popular as the 1987 animated series that’s loosely based on the comics). The vehicles and other similar stuff were added to the 1987 TMNT and Toei Spider-Man to help sell their toy counterparts. Me and several other people posted a lot of comments below the Toei Spider-Man videos on YouTube saying that Toei’s Spider-Man was created 15 years before Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger was brought to the U.S., while Toei Spider-Man was revolutionary for its time, influencing the Super Sentai series in using piloted giant mechs starting with Battle Fever J. Toei Spider-Man was made fun of by Conan O’Brien in one episode.

Here is an example that’s part of the already submitted meme, Mayim Mayim, with a cameo appearance of this tiny person holding some censor sign, which I’m also wondering what it’s all about:

Commando (1985 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger)

This film is considered by many people in the U.S. as a classic. In Japan, I’m pretty sure it’s about the characters in the Japanese version saying something they consider to be laughable, like “PON!”

BGM from a Doraemon OP

I know Doraemon is an anime and tokusatsu icon of Japan. Here is a cross between Commando and the Doraemon OP:


I first encountered these when I looked up AirMoto MADs.

This one person counting numbers seen in “Xatumiru Xatu”.

This person with long hair.

I first encountered him in the Tokyo Nico Nico Land Electrical Parade Dreamlights MAD.

Two series of Pokemon related ones: one often showing Satoshi appearing to be evil or cursed (see “Marisa stole the precious thing” several posts back), the other one using this footage (which I also saw in the Tokyo Nico Nico Land MAD):

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> Toei Spider-Man

Yes. One of the very important formats for Super Sentai Series, the combination between life size transformed hero and giant robot,
was produced in Toei-Spiderman for the first time.

Toei Spider-Man became a fad on NND around early 2007.

MAD editors are inspired by these two funny points:

1. When he faces to enemies in every episode, he says too heroic challenge. And its expression is a bit shopworn for many Japanese now.

2. Unfortunately, all actor on this drama is bad and their way of speech are never smooth. So, there are many funny misheard phrases on many serious scenes in the drama.

Spy Darma, the well known nickname of Toei Spider-Man, comes from Spiderman’s bad speech. We can never catch right phrase from shouting his own name. With lack of pronunciation of “n” sound, His shout sounds like saying “Spy Darma!”(スパイダーマッ!).

MAD editors make fun of these strangenesses.

NND encyclopedia

MAD movies on NND has been deleted due to copyright claim for several times. So, to avoid the searching by copyright holders, there is no suitable tag for Toei Spider-Man MADs on NND.

Spy Darma sound board

> Commando
Commando is a fad in 2channel originally since 2004. All scenes and dialogs on the movie is full of perfect B-picture quality. Many 2channel users love its funnies and uncoolness.

Some of 2ch’s server has been forced to down when Comanndo was on air because of tremendous access to Commando’s thread on there.

MADs on NND are under the influence of this fad on 2channel.

search result on NND

There are about 200 movies on NND.

NND encyclopedia

Commando wiki

Parody images
Shift JIS arts

> Pokemon
That phrase is “You’re not a human!” (お前ら人間じゃねぇ!, Omaera Ningen ja Nee!)

His name is Takeshi. He is Brock in English version.

He is pretty angry seriously but his expression is quite normal as usual. This mismatch makes us laugh.

From NND wiki, this became a small fad among MAD editors around Aug 2008.

search result on NND

Not all movie relates to Takeshi’s dialog. And its MADs don’t score so many page views.

NND encyclopedia!

You forgot about “Sazae-san” (seen between Commando X Doraemon and the Two Two video) and I mentioned not 1, but 2 Pokemon memes. The other one you didn’t tell about was the one often showing Satoshi appearing to be evil or cursed. I guess they were too small for you to notice them in my previous post. Here are examples:

Nico Nico Pedia about the Satoshi one:

And here is “Sazae-san”. I have a video related to this in the Ichiro Laser Beam / “I was almost coming” entry.

Please don’t rush me. It takes time for me to research their information and translate them :)

> Evil Satoshi

On NND, It’s called “闇サトシ” (Yami Satoshi, lit. Dark Satoshi). Dark Satoshi appears on Pokemon AG episode 177.

What is the important thing is Satoshi’s voice actor is same as Ryo Bakura in YU-GI-OH in JAPAN. Bakura also has dark side and has many evil and dirty remarks. MAD editors enjoy swapping Dark Satoshi’s (or normal Satoshi’s) remarks to Bakura’s dirty remarks.

Search result on NND
NND encyclopedia

The amount of videos on NND are not enough quantity to be called a meme. This is only small fad only on NND. Moreover, only Japanese speakers can understand this kind of parodies.

This is totally only Japanese regional fad.

> Sazae-San’s Opening Theme

It’s not a fad clearly. Sazae-San’s Opening Theme is rarely resued in MADs. However, this is only because Sazae-San is nation-wide popular animation for a long time. There is no fad setting this opening theme to its main subject on NND.


This is a fad on NND in 2007 and called “full-automatic crack egg machine” (全自動卵割り機, Zenjidou Tamagowariki). On that video(1:31-). The man, named masuo, shouts “Whoooooooooooa tasty”(びゃあ゛ぁ゛゛ぁうまひぃ゛ぃぃ゛ぃ゛, Byaaaaaaa Umaiiii). It was so epic and funny for viewers and became MADs’ resource quickly. Yes, this is same case as the fad of Haward Deen’s “BYAH!”.

search result on NND

MADs and original episode on NND have been deleted due to copyright claim for several times. So the amount of them on NND are not so many.

NND encyclopedia

> This one person counting numbers seen in “Xatumiru Xatu”.

He is a comedian, Cho Uehara(上原チョー, Uehara Chō) and not a meme.

wikipedia article

search results on NND

He doesn’t have his article on NND encyclopedia.

> This person with long hair.

He is also comedian, Eikō Kanō (狩野 英孝, Kanō Eikō). He was a bit popular MADs’ resource around early 2007. However, MADs were relentlessly deleted by copyright holder and MADs editors motivation were totally dampened. So now, it already get out of fashion.


NND encyclopedia

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Hi guys, Again posting here after a long time, you did an awsome job :D.
Apart from that, I was browsing through Nico Nico Douga and saw a MAD of the AGK with a BGM from the video of Hakata-san(Some kind of a Salt product?).
Anyway, here’s the original one(I guess V:)

As follows, heres a version of Suwako Moryia from Touhou 10:

The “Hakata no shio” sentence used in these video is taken from the end of the hakata salt commercial:

The tag “伯方の塩” has 95 hits on YouTube, and on nico:
231 hits of videos.
211 Hits of MyLists.
28 Static images.
and 169 “Nico Live” shows.
I’ve seen some MADs of it, including the AGK one, NeruNeruNeruNe one and more.

This shout is the sound trademark of Hakata’s salt and has been on the air for many decades. This powerful, soulful and too macho shout is familiar to almost all Japanese people. So, the popularity of this shout in MAD resources on NND is originally based on its name value in real life.

search on NND sorted by views
search on NND sorted by old date
NND encyclopedia

The shout of Hakata’s salt started to be reused in MADs around Nov 2008. From the search result on NND, this is because the hit of this MAD : Hakata’s per-salt cooking class

This was very rough and dirty work but made not a few MAD editors followers.

However, the immediate cause of its popularity on NND these days is the influence of 伯方さん(Hakata-san, or Salt-tan), the personification of Hakata’s salt made by Lamaze-P. Yes, this is Lamaze-P again.

search on NND sorted by views
search on NND sorted by old date
NND encyclopedia

This cute girl and its music enhanced the popularity of Hakata’s salt to whole NND users. (Yes, all NND user doesn’t like MADs.)

Hakata-san is characterized as “Hashitanai” (disgraceful) girl. So, she is almost naked and is wearing nothing but poncho. Hashitanai’s sound is made by editing and remixing from the word order of “Hakata no shio”.

Sorry about that, mona_jpn, I didn’t mean to rush you. I was just letting you take your time. From now on, I will request important info for one fad/meme, then submit it before I repeat with the next. Quality is greater than quantity. In other words, “Quality >>> Quantity”.

However, I will ask you if they are a fad or a meme before requesting for all the important information about them. For example: Is the 1986 Famicom game Transformers: Convoy no Nazo a fad, a meme, or neither? I’ve seen a video showing some people laughing everytime they lose a life against an enemy, due to the game’s intense difficulty. I believe it was made difficult, because back in 1986, there were other video games that were equally challenging, like Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as “The Lost Levels” outside of Japan), Atlantis no Nazo, Takeshi no Chōsenjō and Meikyū Kumikyoku: Miron no Daibōken (known outside of Japan as Milon’s Secret Castle).

I don’t know what meme I should create an entry for next, but I guess it would be Toei Spider-Man, because the show is gaining some popularity, due to how bizarre and different it looks compared to the original Spider-Man comics and the Super Sentai series, as well as the reasons why several people in Japan create MADs about it, though revolutionary for its time and represented in this photo as part of a tribute to the tokusatsu genre:

Uploaded with

Last edited Aug 11, 2010 at 04:49AM EDT

> Transformer


That is one of the famous Kuso-games among old gamers. Its extreme difficulty is unreasonable (or simply mis-designing) rather than challenging.

Their popularity are based on Japanese “kusoge”(クソゲー) culture in real life. So, it doesn’t have potential to be called a “internet” meme or fad.

> Toei Spiderman

Fortunately, Marvel is producing all episodes of Toei Spiderman with Eng sub now.

So, translating all funny phrases is quite easy.

However, Toei Spiderman is nothing but a regional fad only on NND. And Toei Spiderman itself, though it was only a bit strange in those days, isn’t so popular and notable product in Japanese Tokusatu culture.

So, what we should talk about Toei Spiderman isn’t so many.

EDIT: OH! Article was made just now.

Last edited Aug 11, 2010 at 11:04PM EDT

>Toei Spider-Man

OK. I have been added to the editor’s list of the article thanks to PyroDarkfire (creator of the article) and I have updated the article with some videos and info. Before I add external links, I want to know what are the best keywords to use in searching for Toei Spider-Man videos. I noticed that there is an article at Nico Nico Pedia, but it’s very small and needs more work.スパイダーマン


Out of all the others that I mentioned, what do you highly suggest me to create an article about next? Some of them were featured in NND cross-over videos. When you have decided, post some important info for me to add to its KYM entry.

1. NeruNeruNeruNeruNe
2. High Performance Granny
3. Doraemon OP
4. Commando
5. 盛るぜぇ~ (lit. “I’m gonna serve!”)
6. Yami Satoshi
7. The House of the Curse (呪いの館 Noroi no Yakata)
8. “You’re not a human!” (お前ら人間じゃねぇ!, Omaera Ningen ja Nee!)
9. “Full-Automatic Crack Egg Machine” (全自動卵割り機, Zenjidou Tamagowariki)
10. Passion Yara
11. Haoh Sho Koh Ken
12. Eikō Kanō (狩野 英孝, Kanō Eikō)

Or these three new ones I encountered?

Maejima-kun, a contestant of Super Mario Club (スーパーマリオクラブ)

Uploaded with

Some baseball player I saw in ju’s MUGEN character, Nico.


Battle Dome

Last edited Aug 13, 2010 at 05:39AM EDT


> Toei Spider-man

- NND encyclopedia
Not that but this is the article about Toei Spider-man’s phenomenon on NND.

- Suitable Tag
Unfortunately, there is no suitable tag for Toei Spider-man on NND. Due to copyright claim of Toei, Toei Spider-man’s videos have been totally deleted from NND.

> Others
I think the house of the curse is the best. The funnies of its death cry may be easy for westerners to understand.

Rest of them, including these newcomers you suggest, is not so notable. They are nothing but small fads only among MADs editors.

> Maejima-kun
Too exciting and ungraceful boy.

NND encyclopedia
search result on NND

He isn’t notable.

> Doara
He is one of the mascots of Japanese professional baseball team “Chunichi Dragons”. his strange shape, only head is costume and others are normal human’s, and his funny, dynamic and a bit uncool moving became popular among Japanese internet users around 2007.

In spite of a commercial mascot, his popularity made him release his books, goods and games. I think he is the most successful mascot ever in Japan.

Japanese Wikipedia
NND encyclopedia
search result on NND

On NND, his videos are so many based on its popularity. But his parodies and MADs are not so.

> Battle Dome
Toy’s commercial film in early 1990s. Because its visual and narrator’s way of speaking is exaggerated such as American’s extreme advertising, this film is funny and uncool. Therefore, it is loved for many people.

NND encyclopedia
search result on NND

The amount of videos are so many. But all of them doesn’t score page views so many. It’s nothing but a regional fad only among OTO-MAD community.

> G.G Sato
Japanese professional baseball player.
His famous performance shouting in hero interview is “Kimotiiiii!!!” (キモティー!, lit. It feels great). This catchphrase is sometimes reused on MADs.

Japanese Wikipedia
NND encyclopedia
search result on NND

He isn’t special baseball player and also notable MADs’ resource.

Hm, Anyone who know anything about “ミツバチ(Mitsubachi)”? I’ve seen it floating around on NND for a while now. I don’t have much information about the whole thing.
I only know that this(Nico: YT: might have been something that “lit the fire”, I’m not sure though. I don’t have much information to work with, plus that I’m crap at japanese.

OK, give me the important info needed for the article about “The House of the Curse” (呪いの館 Noroi no Yakata), in order for it to be easily confirmed, and I’ll create it as soon as possible, please.

Here are my guesses on how large the already mentioned ones are. Correct me if I’m incorrect on any of them:

> NeruNeruNeruNeruNe – Has plenty of MADs and was featured in several NND cross-over videos.

> High Performance Granny (高性能おばあちゃん, kouseinou obāchan) & “Tetsu the Robotic Pet Dog” (愛犬ロボ「てつ」,Aiken Robo “Tetsu”)". – Fad. Not large enough to be a meme, though featured in ju’s MUGEN character Nico and some NND cross-over videos.

> Doraemon OP – Not large enough, but it’s probably growing.

> Commando – Same as Doraemon OP.

> 盛るぜぇ~ (lit. “I’m gonna serve!”) – Possibly a meme. Featured in several NND cross-over videos.

> Yami Satoshi – Too small, but only time will tell if this will become a meme or not.

> “You’re not a human!” (お前ら人間じゃねぇ!, Omaera Ningen ja Nee!) – Same as Granny & Tetsu.

> “Full-Automatic Crack Egg Machine” (全自動卵割り機, Zenjidou Tamagowariki) – Similar to 盛るぜぇ~ (lit. “I’m gonna serve!”). It was also featured in several NND cross-over videos.

> Passion Yara – Probably as large as, if not larger than Two Two.

> Haoh Sho Koh Ken – Same as Passion Yara.

> Eikō Kanō (狩野 英孝, Kanō Eikō) – Same as “You’re not a human!” (お前ら人間じゃねぇ!, Omaera Ningen ja Nee!) and Granny & Tetsu, but probably not featured in ju’s MUGEN character Nico.

> Maejima-kun – Same as Yami Satoshi.

> Doara – Same as Eikō Kanō (狩野 英孝, Kanō Eikō), “You’re not a human!” (お前ら人間じゃねぇ!, Omaera Ningen ja Nee!) and Granny & Tetsu. Like Eikō Kanō, he’s probably not featured in ju’s MUGEN character Nico. He was also featured in Nico Nico Fighters as a playable character, while he was KO’d along with several NND All*Stars by Miku in an animated video.

> Battle Dome – I’ll probably let KYM administrators decide on this. I haven’t seen it featured in any NND cross-over videos nor used by ju’s MUGEN character Nico.

> G.G Sato – Are you saying while he’s not a special baseball player, he also isn’t a notable MADs’ resource?


This song is “Honeybee” (ミツバチ, Mitubachi) and was released on end of this July.

This song’s melody is sampled from Japanese old children’s song “ぶんぶんぶん(Bun Bun Bun)”. Bun (ぶん or ブン) is Japanese onomatopoeia meaning the sound of bee’s wings flapping.

First of all, this song’s singer, Yusuke Kamiji, is hated by not a few people because of his forced popularity. Although this song’s case is very epic, more or less, all his songs is always blamed.

Its music work, featuring “SOCA” beat, is terribly shoddy. And its lyric is also awfully trifling, silly and utterly incoherent.

Therefore, this song is terribly annoying for many Japanese and some of them become irate because they think this song dirties original “Bun Bun Bun”.

For example, its customer reviews in Amazon are filled with their roar and sneering completely.

Even 5 stars reviews, there are sarcasms. The most helpful review says “This disc is best for farmers’ bird repellant” . Its CD is usually mocked as “flying disc making sounds”.

Now, over 600 videos (remixes, MADs, mash-ups, dancing, etc…) related to this song are on NND. However, almost all aren’t reuploaded to YT unfortunately.

Search result sorted by views

NND encyclopedia

I think this phenomenon among Japanese internet users is enough memetic.
I’m paying attention to watch how this phenomenon develop.

Sorry, I don’t have the time anymore. Please wait for a while.

> G.G Sato – Are you saying while he’s not a special baseball player, he also isn’t a notable MADs’ resource?

Oh, Yes. He isn’t notable MADs’ resource. Sorry for my bad grammar.

I’m bumping this for another possible Japanese meme : The cardboard box gundam guy

It seems to be another example, like Aka-san, of a western guy’s picture becoming a big phenomenon in Japan.

As far as I know, it began in 2003, date when the picture from an unknown anime convention was uploaded to it’s not there anymore.

There are many pictures from people dressing up as him, fanarts, even action figures and posters in Akihabara.
Is there more information about it on the Japanese Web ?
I can’t find who he is and how big his fame is in Japan, aside from some articles, mainly “worst cosplay ever” threads on the western web.
I suspect it took off around 2004.

Last edited Aug 24, 2010 at 07:01AM EDT

To prevent this thread from becoming idle enough to be locked, someone created an entry for “Horse Head Mask”, which I’ve seen it several times on the Internet:

Along with The House of the Curse, I am also thinking about writing entries about the Doom series (the ones with explosions that started with Doomed by Ichiro’s Laser Beam), not id Software’s popular PC game) and the song from the Touhou Project OST, Sun Worship of Gnosis ~ Nuclear Fusion (霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion).

Last edited Aug 31, 2010 at 12:46AM EDT

So sorry. I can’t take time for your research recently and this bad business will be continued for the near future, unfortunately.

He is called “Box Gundam (箱ガンダム, Hako Gundam)” and is a well-known fail (and lovely) cos-player since around 2004.
Google search
search result on pixiv

Sometimes, his parodies are made by internet users. But the amount of them is quite a few despite this picture’s age.

So, he has never become a “big” phenomenon on the Japanese internet and I don’t think he is a meme.


New entry submitted: “I can’t help using “Haoh Sho Ko Ken.”” 「覇王翔吼拳」を使わざるを得ない’t-help-using-“haoh-sho-ko-ken-”-「覇王翔吼拳」を使わざるを得ない

More bump: My first time posting here (I am not an expert at Japanese memes, but I can bring attention to some nico nico douga things I see). I’m Noticing this:

Videos under the name “Maimumaimu” when run through a translator that seem to be from NND are around, though I can’t find where the audio’s from.

EDIT: Dammit! Not again!

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</ param> </ param> </ param> <embed src = " / EuZZ1603zFU? Fs = 1 & hl = en_US “type =” application / x-shockwave-flash “allowscriptaccess =” always “allowfullscreen =” true “width =” 480 “height =” 385 "> </ embed> </ object >

</ param> </ param> </ param> <embed src = " / RzURN7XMA5A? Fs = 1 & hl = en_US “type =” application / x-shockwave-flash “allowscriptaccess =” always “allowfullscreen =” true “width =” 480 “height =” 385 "> </ embed> </ object >

A few examples of what I found. Go crazy, All I can do is find videos, really…

Last edited Sep 20, 2010 at 03:53AM EDT

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