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Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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Hello, japanese researchers… I was surfing through Youtube and I saw a bunch of video-replacement videos with the title Super Mario Hyadian / Western Show of Super Mario. A lot of the stuff references NND, and me being the non-japanese speaker I am, I was wondering if you guys know anything about it.

Here is the thread in question

If you don’t know anything, that’s perfectly fine, I just thought I’d try you guys.


Unfortunately, my deadly business is continuing. I’m almost forgetting even my poor English grammar…

> Haoh Sho Ko Ken’s entry
Nice work :) By the way, is that image macro funny for you guys ? To be honest, it’s unbelievable for me…


These information is what I know about Spitting While Kissing’s fad.

The first and initial movie is here. It was posted to NND on Nov. 11, 2008.

This movie’s author is “cdm”(a.k.a Kei Sugita) and has been famous for his funny and well made handmade animations. His works quite often make not a few followers.

His personal web site

Information page of his commercial works

Other fads on NND made by him.

- A Song of Favorite Breasts (バスト占いのうた, Basto Uranai no Uta)
Origin (Apr. 23, 2008)
NND wiki
search result on NND

- panty-shots sereis (パンチラシリーズ, panchira sirizu)
Origin (Jun. 24, 2008)
NND wiki
search result on NND

In these cases including this fad, their music isn’t meaningful.

And followers are not supporting his work but supporting cdm himself. And they are just tracing his works innocently. So, I think focusing on not his individual works but the author himself is more suitable researching.

For your information, his success on NND made him become to professional manga ka. His first work was released in last month. His book’s page on

And this fad isn’t related to “nice boat” directly. At that time, NND admin replaced deleted inappropriate movies to this nice boat’s movie just for fun. So, this boat is a joke for expressing that inappropriate scene is running on the background as NND’s movie.

That’s all. See you again if I’m still alive…

Hi Fellow Japanese memes researchers.
I’m working on a possible entry for PoPiPo/ぽっぴっぽー as a dance meme. I’ve found the original Nico Nico Douga video, the derivatives, the “official” PV video about green vegetable juice, the PoPiPo MK-II possible sub-fad but I have trouble finding where the original song comes from actually.

Is PoPiPo an official song from a Miku Hastune album or is it fan-made ?

Edit : Jostin kindly answered for me =>

Lamaze-p. I think I have everything I needed to make an entry.

Last edited Sep 25, 2010 at 11:24AM EDT

I have updated the “Hissu Amoto San” and “Ran Ran Ru” entries.

Mona_jpn, if you want to help, I will create an entry for “The House of the Curse” (呪いの館 Noroi no Yakata), while I will find as many images related to it as well as the ones for the Two Two, Ran Ran Ru, FC/NES Spelunker and a few other meme entries?


Here you are !!

- Orginal Game
Its article in Wikipedia is here (Google translation).

The original game is a free game made by an ordinary internet user “Sankaku Onigiri(三角おにぎり)” and his son “Tomo chan(ともちゃん)”(he was 3rd grade at that time). And its official name is “The House of the Curse (episode 1)”(呪いの館 第一話).
it was released on Vector, Japanese free&share ware web site, in 21st of July, 1996.

However, nobody had noticed its strangeness and epicness till the start of 2008. And to make matters worse, original game itself had been stopped releasing on public several years before.

-Meme’s origin

This meme’s trigger is its playing video posted to NND on 2nd of January, 2008.

I found a chaotic game when I was sorting out my old HDD

Every watcher was knocked out its strangeness and epicness.
This info page on NND says that this video scored 1 million page views at 11th of May, 2008. And now its page views are over 1.8 million.

The points of this game loved by many NND users are its extreme difficulty, player character’s strange jumping and crouching pose, and its epic death cry “イ゛ェアアアア!”.

  • I can’t get suitable spelling for this cry in English. So, I leave it to you :)

And its player character soon became to be called “Hiroshi” because he is look like Hiroshi Nohara from Crayon Shin-chan.

At the next day, 3rd of January 2008, the first MADs was posted to NND.


As you know, it’s a crossover MAD with “Marisa stole the precious thing”.

Then, many MADs and parodies were increased rapidly.

To say in addtion, Japanese students’ new year break are nearly 1week. So, it was lucky for this meme’s exploding that many NND users had enough time to make MADs and parodies quickly just at that time.

And, fortunately, original game data was reproduced on the web by some users effort.

sorted by views
sorted by recent date
NND encyclopedia
The house of the Curse @ Wiki

- Sequel
This game is “episode 1”. But Sankakuonigiri and his son have not released its sequel yet.
So, some of fanatics made their original sequels by themselves.

The House of the Curse (RC)
It was made by users at this game’s thread on “Doujin game” board in 2channel.

Download page
playing movie

The House of the Curse (EX)
This was made by another user and was added extra effect and new actions. This version is sometimes called “Hiroshi May Cry”. Of course, this is pun for Hiroshi and “Devil May Cry”.
Both of them were made in January 2008. So, their creating speed and motivation were so high and positive at that time.

- Appearance on TV show
In November 2008, The net star! (Google translation) ,Japanese monthly midnight TV show, introduced this game’s playing movie and praised its epicness. And February 2010, this show interviewed this game’s author “Sankakuonigiri” with e-mail.

From this interview, it revealed that he was 39 when he made the game. he had no skill to create a game. But by inspired by “Alone In The Dark” which was released on 3DO real, he decided to create a survival horror computer game like that. However, he gave up making “episode 2” because his son became not playing with him.

And by this interview, he noticed the exploding of his game’s popularity on the internet. He said “All what I want to say for this situation is イ゙ェアアアアアアアアアアア”.

Furthermore, he reopened his game’s page on Vector and updated the game for recent OS.

Now 2010, he is 53 and a officer of accounting and finance department on a enterprise and his son, “Tomo chan”, is 22 and is a public servant.

Last edited Oct 04, 2010 at 10:54AM EDT

Entry for “Noroi no Yakata” (The Cursed House) is now created:呪いの館

I had to take care of my concerns in reality, while I had to wait for someone to post a comment in this thread to keep it as active as possible, or a moderator or administrator will lock it; however, Yatta turned this into a featured thread, but I don’t know if it means we don’t have to keep it as active as possible. I’ll have to contact him.

Anyway, is Nuclear Fusion a meme? Looks about as small as Mayim Mayim.

I’m researching a Nico Nico meme about a Japaneze-dubbed Werther’s Original Commercial and the Grandpa in it. Here’s the meme in question:

Some derivitaves:

My main questions are:

What is the name of the meme?

and How far has it spread on Nico Nico Douga?

Well, saying Nuclear Fusion is a meme/small meme is like saying that about all of the Touhou BGMs are memes. Though there are some BGMs that get a bit more well-known, like Nuclear Fusion, faith of 50 years and more. I think we need to add the well-known ones in the main Touhou article, and mention them there, we don’t need a whole entry for every touhou song that gets a MAD a few times V:

Well the Wearther’s Original CM does look like quit of a meme, I know it for a long time. Basicly, G-San is the grandfather, who usually get refrenced to the NeruNeruNeruNe witch, they are both old and they both advertise candies. Creepy indeed.

@Ramses :
Wersther’s Original is : ヴェルタースオリジナル (literaly Verutasuorijinaru, google translated inc.)
The article from NND encyclopedia :

What I don’t know is why he’s referred to “魔王 / Devil” (google translate of that article : Verutasuorijinaru ’s uncle Isan the " devil "is sometimes called). Something maybe related to the mirror effect in the video, where he lifts his hand holding the candy, which when mirrored looks like Satan ? :/

During my Noroi no Yakata fan artwork search, I found a website that helps us identify several Nico Nico All*Stars; however, mona_jpn said that some of them don’t count as memes (e.g. Doara the Koala mascot):

Last edited Oct 12, 2010 at 04:34AM EDT

Nice link 1983parrothead :)

By the way, is “El Shaddai – エルシャダイ ~アセンション オブ ザ メタトロン~” sounds familiar to you ?
It’s face has made an article on kotaku recently, featuring it as a japanese game meme :

Here is a reminder to all members: the longest amount of time for this thread to last without a comment posted after the last is 30 days.

Anyway, someone submitted the Higurashi related meme “Usoda!”, but with only a mention of it. No info about its origins, derivatives, not even external links (or sources):

Here are some info about it:


Negative. You’re comment about it is the first time I saw El Shaddai.

Last edited Oct 19, 2010 at 02:55AM EDT

Hi fellow researchers.
If you need to be editor of any Japanese-oriented meme entry here, like Uso Da, feel free to ask.

In the meantime, I would like to definitely settle something about the 2channel and 2chan parent entry.

According to Mona_jpn, 2 entries (one for each chan) should be done instead of only one, as it currently is.

As far as I’ve understood the parent entry, it features the two chans because futaba channel (2chan), which has been launched in 2001, was created, as a result, because 2channel was dying, and in danger of being taken down at that time.
That relation between the two chans isn’t really developed there either and I’m asking you, Japanese experts, if it’s enough to keep the entry the way it is.

Do we clearly need to divide it into 2 different parents entries ?
If so, which memes belong to which chan ?

Last edited Oct 20, 2010 at 06:43PM EDT

@1983parrothead :
I can confirm at least there’s a HUGE number of works for something that is not that old. First videos tagged date from June 2010 (at least, ones that are not wrongly tagged " エルシャダイ ").
There is currently +1600 videos on NND tagged " エルシャダイ ":
– sorted by date :エルシャダイ?sort=f
– sorted by popularity :エルシャダイ?sort=v
Don’t mind the first one, since it seems to be the original videogame trailer, but already the first derivative work under the original trailer is already over 1 million views, and it has been released the 22th September !

The trailer seems to be rather serious but I think it failed and people try to mock the protagonists attitudes. Some character is called “Enoch” but if I think about it, it might sound “Inu” which means “Dog” :/

Some videos on youtube too :エルシャダイ&search_type=videos&suggested_categories=24%2C23%2C1&uni=3&search_sort=video_date_uploaded
and some ranking video of El Shaddai :

The game :

@Tomberry : I personnaly think we should differentiate them since we are as much attached to the exact origins of international meme as japanese are of japanese ones. (but don’t mind me, since i’m not japanese, so they’re the best to answer that question ^^)

Yeah, El Shaddai’s fad is now blooming around NND. This was started around the middle of this September.
For many Japanese, the protagonist Enoch’s face is too realistic, odd, uncool and funny. So, many MADs and parodies feature his face expression.

like this.

And also Lucife’s way of speech is pompous and pretentious. So, his speech is cutted and reedited in MADs so much.
However, no phonetic translations or puns you guess is there.

This game’s developers answered about that fad on this interview with Japanese news site ITmedia (Google Translation)

They said that they accepted this phenomenon on NND very favorably.

And Now, Enoch appears in a lunch box . (kotaku japan)

Okay Tomberry, here is a list of already submitted Japanese memes that still need from a little to a lot more work:

> Uso Da! – (terribly submitted)
> Shuzo Matsuoka – (needs more info, including some about his most widely used quotes and acts)
> Futae no Kiwami – (Poorly submitted; needs cleanup.)
> Enemy Controller – (needs a little more info + a section titled “Appeal Outside of Japan” for English-based ones)

I’m not sure about these below:

> Chirumiru Cirno (チルミルチルノ) – (probably not large enough to be a meme, according to mona_jpn)
> Mayim Mayim (マイムマイム) – (see Chirumiru Cirno)
> I’ll Go to Tokyo – (probably needs more derivatives)
> “Marisa stole the precious thing” – (it looks like it needs more work, but probably not)

Which of these should we start with, mona_jpn?

Last edited Oct 25, 2010 at 04:05AM EDT

Ok Parrothead, I’ve added you as an editor of the entries you’ve mentioned.
Can I please have a definite answer concerning the “2channel and 2chan” dilemma ?

AT Tomberry

  • “Ok Parrothead, I’ve added you as an editor of the entries you’ve mentioned.”

Yes, except for the last four, but if any of you are very sure that any or all of them don’t need more support, then that’s fine. Another meme that needs more work is Matsuda, you idiot! (which should have been called “Bananaroido!” (“バナナロイド” lit. “Banana powder!”). Add me, mona_jpn and G0 DVL to its editor list.

Can I please have a definite answer concerning the “2channel and 2chan” dilemma?

I usually stick with what mona_jpn suggests, just like what I said about the Chirumiru Cirno and Mayim Mayim memes.

I can’t decide which meme belongs to either 2channel or 2chan, but I believe WHAT THE F*CK AM I READING? belongs to 4chan, because that is where the meme started. Although the original image originated in Japan, the image showing Ronald McDonald reading a book (see bottom of page 2 of this thread for more info) became notable enough outside of Japan, due to the author of it name “kurekure” being well known for his many artworks that many consider to be bizarre. Here is the author’s website:

This discussion about adding memes as part of other memes reminds me of something I am wondering about: what’s the point of NND All*Star videos and other similar things having:

> a few memes that are part of 2channel/2chan (e.g. Yaranaika?, Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!),
> a few memes that are part of a series of MADs (e.g. Hissu Amoto San, Shuzo Matsuoka),
> a few memes that are part of NND (e.g. Horse Head Mask, RED_ZONE),
> and a few memes that are either part of another group or are independent? (e.g. Spelunker, Miyoco)

If they are NND All*Stars, then why separate some of them as part of other memes/things on Know Your Meme?

AT mona_jpn

Remember discussing about Doara the Koala? If you said he isn’t a meme, then how do you explain these five videos? Do they help make him notable enough to have a meme entry about him? (over 2 million views) (over 1 million views)

Last edited Oct 26, 2010 at 03:52AM EDT

Hello fellow researchers.
For those who are more in depth with Japanese memes, it seems there is, lately, some kind of an exploitable contest coming from futaba channel (2chan) => Make this image sexy [NSFW], from October 30th. It’s also covered there.

Is it a flash-in-the-pan or is there more to it ?

“Make this image ####” is something usually covered in another website (NSFW) :

I don’t know if it’s officially called “Viper challenge” only at sankakucomplex. I’ll try browsing some forums and see what I can get.


I haven’t really paid attention to the related contests covered by SankakuComplex until I saw the sleeping Azn thing. Then I saw the name “Vipper Challenge”. We already have an entry for Vipper Challenge.

It may or may not be the correct name for that thing but it seems to be something held on a regular basis on Japanese imageboards. 2chan made a few (make this look sexy/moe/cool), 2ch made some as well (make this look terrifying or also man sleeping on train).

The entry is here anyway but it needs more work.


Yeah. Does anyone want to be an editor of that entry ?

Talking about SankakuComplex, has anyone heard of 日本鬼子 / rìběn guǐzi – Oniko

2ch artists creating a moe character to retaliate against China ? Possible meme ?

Last edited Nov 03, 2010 at 08:35PM EDT

I’m afraid I don’t have enough knowledge to work on the El Shaddai entry, Tomberry.

I am still waiting for mona_jpn to help me decide on whether we should work on “Uso da!” first or “Futae no Kiwami” first.

If Doara the Koala (dancing baseball mascot) isn’t really a meme, then I guess not every Nico Nico All*Star is a meme.

If mona_jpn can’t help right now, then G0 DVL can help continue researching more info needed to complete the Hissu Amoto San meme. One thing I see missing in it is Nikken, who is seen hitting worshipers in the head. His skin is very brown and wears glasses.

Last edited Nov 06, 2010 at 11:33PM EDT

Hi again. There seems to be an Hinomoto Oniko wikipedia article dealing with the phenomenon I exposed above and calling it a meme.
I’m doing some research about that “Japan/China” historical hatred and I’m going to submit an article about it.

If you know more about that recent moe phenomenon, please feel free to express it here.

Anyone want to help work on anyone of these entries?

  • Futae no Kiwami
  • Matsuda, you idiot! (which needs to be retitled under the tag “バナナロイド” (Bananaroido))
  • Enemy Controller
  • Uso Da!
  • Chirumiru Cirno
  • Marisa stole the precious thing
  • Mayim Mayim
  • Shuzo Matsuoka


I’m new to Hinomoto Oniko, which means I don’t know much about it. Sorry.

Anyway, remember the Kira’s Laugh meme? You are one of its editors. I’m pretty sure is a sub-meme of Bananaroido, and not originally created mostly by Americans; however, it is sometimes used in MADs and other related videos together with Bananaroido. I even seen it in some NND All*Star videos.

I already posted this as a “suggest a change” for the Hinomoto Oniko article, but It wouldn’t hurt posting the interesting bit here:

“It might be noted that has taken on an official site like role for the Hinomoto Oniko Project. It is the site where the purpose and copyrights of the project are explained, representative character designs are voted for, and they where the ones that recently initiated the creation of a new character based on an other derogatory slang word, 小日本 (Chinese: xiǎo rìběn; Japanese: Kohinomoto, pet name: Konipon).
“Pixiv is already full of new Konipon designs, and the site has closed submission stage three days ago, and has started the voting process. Initial voting will be closed in 5 hours from now, after which I believe they said to open the decisive voting with the 6 most popular designs.
“Popular Nico Nico Douga videos and Pixiv encyclopedia also link to this site as a main way to get to know Hinomoto Oniko.”

So, now I’m wondering, should Konipon get her own article or be integrated in Oniko’s page?

By the way, I just remembered there are also two other reoccurring characters in the Hinomoto Oniko meme, which are called ヒワイドリ, Hiwaidori “indecent bird”, being a perverted bird oni that takes the form of a rooster, and ヤイカガシ, Yaikagashi (not sure what this name means), a being taking the form of a fish with hiiragi (holly olive) leaves as arms.

Hiwaidori was popularized within the meme by the designer of the winning Oniko design, and I have not researched the origin of Yaikagashi. Also, Hiwaidori is known to say “乳の話をしようじゃないか” chichi no hanashi o shiyō janaika, roughly meaning “let’s have a little chat about breasts”, and anthropomorphic versions of the two by Coro have gained some popularity.

Last edited Nov 17, 2010 at 05:43AM EST

svdm, I’ve added you as an editor of the Hinomoto Oniko entry, if you don’t mind adding those useful pieces of information you have mentioned both here and in the suggestion tool.
Is Hiwaidori thef humanish rooster we can see fleeing from Oniko in the Top picture of the entry ?
Because it’s not the first time I see some kind of human rooster being used in Japanese arts/animations.

Concerning “Konipon”, I haven’t heard of her yet. If she gets the same kind of trending popularity as Oniko, then yeah, we will definitely have to add a separate sub-meme entry.


I’m adding the バナナロイド to “Matsuda, you idiot!” and “Kira’s Laugh” as a sub-meme of it.

@Tomberry Yes, Hiwaidori is the rooster from the top picture. According to Pixiv Encyclopedia that picture was the origin of the character, which is likely considering the first Hiwaidori image on Pixiv was submitted only one day before the winning design was announced, meaning it was submitted at least a week or so after the original was revealed to the public.

To keep this thread from being locked, here is a Christmas present featuring:

Donald McDonald
Shuzo Matsuoka
Masami Hisamoto (from Hissu Amoto San)
MIYOCO (a.k.a. Hikkoshi Baba)
Billy Herrington (a.k.a. Big Brother / Aniki)


Did you make that yourself? o_o



I’ve actually been meaning to ask you guys this for a while now, but what do you guys think about NND music fads (a useful song for MAD remixing, or a meme in itself)? o_o

Like Tetete (てってってー), for example, I remember that being fairly popular a short while ago.


Yes. Click “Try Another Dance” to watch them dance in different themes from 80s to Singing to Surfing. To create you own either click “Star Over” or go to . JibJab also features other kinds of dance themes.

@ The subject you mentioned

I’ll have to research a little about that whenever I get the chance. I’ve seen that specific Michael Jackson dance scene in the Tokyo Nico Nico Land Electrical Parade Deamlights video.


In addition to the Tetete thing, do you guys know anything about Nekopan (猫パン)?

Apparently it was made by a children’s author named Hirose Takuro, but I can’t find much information about the books themselves :/

His Website

There seems to be quite some problem actually in Japan. They voted a ban on “improper manga & anime for the youngs”

Source (SFW) :

You can thank this man : Shintarō Ishihara

Now maybe there’ll be MADs of him :P

Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine

Hello Japanese Researchers.

Here is something which I have gotten alot of enjoyment out of over the past week or so and I thought it might be interesting to you all.

Fushigina kusuri

I was browsing around Nico Nico Douga and found a video of Pikachu dancing to this catchy “Miracle Medicine song”. The plot is very straightforward and easy to understand.

Forced to drink a potion Pikachu is subsequently put under a spell. Pikachu becomes alternately a surfboarder, a street performer, a hero, a supergirl and finally a an emerging butterfly.

With further searching in English and Japanese I found dozens of these videos starring different Pokemon and various popular characters from other shows. Below I posted the English subtitled video and the URL for a video which is a matrix of 24 of these playing all at the same time.

English Subtitles:

24 matrix URL

At this point I have run across so much information about this I feel I could write an entry if you would like me to try.

It may be too new or too cute but the information and videos I have already collected for my Japanese scrapbook will more than fill a Meme report.

I am going to do the research anyway especially on the following topics:

Meanings of all the signs in the video
The drug scandal in the news which helped to popularize it
The different characters being portrayed
The Pokemon episode with the Pokeman pharmacy
Other things I find.

Take care. I have really improved my Japanese lately because of what I learn from KYM. Thx.

Last edited Dec 16, 2010 at 01:33PM EST

Hello all,

I’m looking for some hep researching the Pocky Dance/ ポッキーダンス. I began researching it over two months ago, but it dropped off from my list of things to do as soon as Thanksgiving came around. There’s already a thread with some research here . Basically, it’s a dance that originated in a Pocky commercial (I believe it aired a little over a year ago, could be wrong), and is now used in MAD’s. The song is called Dance 2 by Orange Ranger feat. Soy Sauce. I could use some help with the Nico Nico Douga videos, and (if at all possible) things like the spread and popularity.


Last edited Dec 22, 2010 at 12:16AM EST

Those characters I had seen so far:

Ronald McDonald
Shuzo Matsuoka
Hisamoto Masami (from Hissu Amoto San)
MIYOCO (a.k.a. Hikkoshibaba, real name Miyoko Kawahara)
Billy Herrington (a.k.a. Big Brother / Aniki)
Angry German Kid
Seto Kaiba (for the Enemy Controller meme)
Kirby (behind the Gourmet Race BGM meme)
Sanosuke Sagara (for the Futae no Kiwami meme)
Rockman (behind the Can’t Beat Airman meme)

…They are from a group called Nico Nico All Stars (ニコニコオールスター). We should make a sub-meme about that group.


“Angry German Kid” refers mostly to copies of his well-known raging video subbed with humorously incorrect dialogue for comedic reasons.

In Japan, as part of the Nico Nico All*Stars, it’s different. Most videos featuring him are a series of MADs tagged as “Keyboard Crasher” (キーボードクラッシャー).


Thank you. Angry German Kid has a Nico Nico Douga alias, Keyboard Crusher (キーボードクラッシャー).

I am making an English translation of the Nico Nico All Stars list (link to page I am translating:


Aka-san / Gedō Beibī (外道ベイビー) is now confirmed. Any requirements in order for it to become “Featured”? All I can think of is some info about it being used to censor the privacy of Billy Herrington’s and some others.

Yes, 1983parrothead, I think there is something to add on the fact the face is use as a way to censor Billy Herrington’s private parts. The thing is, I haven’t seen it anywhere else other than the crazy Steamroller chase video actually so, if you can gather more examples of it, then yeah, it should be added to the article.

By the way, while I’m posting here, I would like to ask you, Japanese researchers, about 2 different anime clips often used in Mads and Nico Nico Douga oriented stuff.

This video, titled “Megaroll”, is a great summing up of all the Nico Nico Douga related memes/clips. I have seen many iterations of the Lucky Star bits with the light-purple short-haired character as well as the “moaning” sound from that fighter in white clothes and red scarf, presumably coming from rurōni Kenshin.

Do you know anything about it?

@Tomberry : There are multiple famous characters from the anime “Lucky Star”. I always recognize Misao because she’s featured in many Megaman ゼERO parodies but Konata’s “Timotei” has a lot more success.

For Kenshin, it’s part of the celibrity of the “futae-no-kiwami” (フタエノキワミ、アッー!) move. I don’t know much more than the current article and 1983parrothead’s comment below :

Thanks G0 DVL!
Yeah, so there is an entry for that Kenshin thing that needs work.
Granted that many bits from Lucky Star are abused in MADs as well.

That reminds me that we have an entry for Timotei. It has been deadpooled because of serious lack of backstory and stuff (especially Nico Nico Douga related info).
Well, to the to-do-list with that.

Here are some other articles that need more work in order for them to become “Featured” and especially have their “Episode” created. Some might also need translations in video or script format. Once all tasks are completed, they should be reviewed by one of the KYM staff.

Hissu Amoto San (mona_jpn doesn’t want to help on this)
  • Needs more info about some people seen along with Hisamoto that are mentioned in the article, and some not mentioned.
  • I’m pretty sure the Kirby’s Gourmet Race Remixes meme is a sub-meme of Hissu Amoto San, because of her debut MAD influencing Gourmet Race meme. The Falcon Kirby remix contains Hisamoto’s quote “PARN” in the title “Falcon PARN!”
  • Some clean up and/or rearrangements if necessary.
Shuzo Matsuoka
  • Needs the meme’s trigger episode.
  • Needs its first MAD video.
  • Needs Shuzo’s public statement about his MADs. Mona_jpn thinks so, and I think so too, because Billy Herrington’s article also has one.
“Uso da!”
  • According to mona_jpn: "If you set that Rena’s specific raging image as main subject, we Japanese don’t have so many episode to say about that. Of course, its popularity in many internet forums outside Japan is a bit notable.

In fact, “liar!” became buzz word around 2002~2006 among its original doujin game’s fanatics because it’s broad utility word in forum communication such as Futaba and 2ch. And, different from Futaba, 4chan or many forums you westerners have, 2ch can’t embed images to posts. So her raging Shift-JIS art was created by 2ch users when its animation series was on air in 2006.

On the other hand, Higurashi’s animation series itself is a bit popular MAD movies’ resource in NND.

There are over 2000. However, the reason why there are so many is only that its original game and animation were popular among otaku and some nico nico users.

Even Americans don’t need any special reason when they make parodies of Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park."

“Matsuda, you idiot!”
  • Mona_jpn said that "Death Note’s MAD movies are usually called “松田バカヤロウシリーズ(Matsuda Bakayao sirizu, Series of “Matsuda, you idiot”)” or “デスノートMAD (Death Note MAD)” simply. Bananaroido isn’t main name of that MAD’s series and I think it’s not so suitable word for its entry’s title."
Touhou Project remixes
  • Mona_jpn said “NND’s MADs are never a meme, a fad or notable movement. They are just served as a foil to main audio or visual sources and are never be set as the main subject in MADs on NND.” That includes Chirumiru Cirno, U.N Owen Was Her?, Usatei, Bad Apple!!, “Marisa stole the precious thing” and others.
  • Needs the parody of her seen on a television show.
  • Some clean up and rearrangements in article.
Donald McDonald / Ran Ran Ru
  • Some clean up and rearrangements in article.
  • More info about the Western audience’s reactions.
Ichiro Suzuki / Ichiro Laser Beam / “I was almost coming”
  • One of the notable video compilations of Ichiro’s throws. The first one currently used in the article is a little different and isn’t a compilation. YouTube keeps removing the compilation for copyright reasons.
  • Perhaps an English translation of his whole “I was almost coming” interview, so others can know what he is saying when watching MADs about him.
Chargman Ken
  • Title is mispelled.
  • Some clean up might be required.
Hammer MADs
  • The article reads that the Hammer theme originated from the Donkey Kong arcade, but there is no video on YouTube that plays the original arcade version’s, but there is one that plays the NES port’s, which sounds more like the Super Smash Bros. version than the arcade version does.
  • While I was researching with Super Smash Bros. series researcher CrappyCaptureDevice and Nintendo Database members, I noticed that the Hammer theme is based on that trumpet song used in place of “CHAAARGE!” when in any kind of battle, whether it’s a war or a sport. That makes sense because Mario tries to charge toward his enemies with the Hammer. But we can still mention that the Hammer theme from Super Smash Bros. started in the Donkey Kong arcade.

Enemy Controller
  • Needs some clean up and arrangements.
  • Needs Western impact section for the English ones.

This is about all I can think of for now. I will mention others later.

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“Uso da!”
According to mona_jpn: “If you set that Rena’s specific raging image as main subject, we Japanese don’t have so many episode to say about that. Of course, its popularity in many internet forums outside Japan is a bit notable.
In fact, “liar!” became buzz word around 2002~2006 among its original doujin game’s fanatics because it’s broad utility word in forum communication such as Futaba and 2ch. And, different from Futaba, 4chan or many forums you westerners have, 2ch can’t embed images to posts. So her raging Shift-JIS art was created by 2ch users when its animation series was on air in 2006.
On the other hand, Higurashi’s animation series itself is a bit popular MAD movies’ resource in NND.
There are over 2000. However, the reason why there are so many is only that its original game and animation were popular among otaku and some nico nico users.
Even Americans don’t need any special reason when they make parodies of Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park.”

Ah, I was wondering why I found so little on the images; I’ll change the focus of the article to its use as a buzzword then, with the images/MADs as a second thought when i get more time (lots of stuff that needs to be done, sorry).

Touhou Project remixes
Mona_jpn said “NND’s MADs are never a meme, a fad or notable movement. They are just served as a foil to main audio or visual sources and are never be set as the main subject in MADs on NND.” That includes Chirumiru Cirno, U.N Owen Was Her?, Usatei, Bad Apple!!, “Marisa stole the precious thing” and others.

I can kind of understand that- but many of those fads have moved over to the western web, and have made a great impact here. For example, U.N. Owen Was Her? is regarded by many YouTube Poop users to be one of the most overused (even annoying) fads ever created. Even if its not notable to Japanese users, their notability (and perceived meme-like status) in the western web should be considered as well?

Enemy Controller
Needs some clean up and arrangements.
Needs Western impact section for the English ones.

Will try to clean-up later.

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I +1 OGW’s view on Touhou remixes.
They may be old and not popular anymore on the Japanese web but on Youtube, they are bound to be everlasting.

I have to disagree for Bad Apple!! as well.
When you have a Japanese phenomenon that made it to one of America’s main TV channels and brought up many remixes (let alone MADs) while also compiling different approaches and genres (laser show, sand, apple peeling, stop motion, gameboy screen, Warcraft 3 mod), it’s no longer a fad, it’s an art form.

Concerning Ichiro Laser Beam, yeah, Youtube’s dick when it comes to “ToS violations” and Copyright claims. Because the video was down, I searched for a new compilation but couldn’t find any.
On the other hand, I’ve found the original untouched clip of his Tenth inning throw, the one that has been massively reused in MADs, and edited the entry with it.
If it’s not suitable then I’ll let you change it. If it is, then we may simply rewrite some words and sentences about it.

I’m going to try to find any Shizu Matsuoka related material concerning possible acknowledgement of his meme and usage in MADs when I get some times. I guess that, if he had been interviewed about it, he might have recognized which episode the MADs are from.
I’ve found it for Billy Herrington so I guess there must be one.

So Sorry. As ever, I can’t have enough time to catch up this discussion or answer your question and requests.
From mail, this thread seems to need some more detail information about Shuzo Matsuoka now.

So, I researched it a bit.

-His public statement about MAD phenomenon on the web.

His statement was published not on the web but on “Tennis Magazine” the Japanese magazine which was released on Oct, 2009.

Roughly Translation.

About the movies reusing “Konnna Anata Ni”

There are no end to the number of people who make remixes reusing “Konna Anata Ni” the videos on my official web site and post to video sharing services.
I never forgive people who modify my earnest videos by preference and laugh it out.---- It’s joke, I don’t get angry about this, and I am surprised and saying “Wow, it’s amazing.” while watching videos.
I also want to give applause to elaborate remixes. They are marvelous!! At the same time, I hope low-quality videos make more efforts.
I appreciate people making videos with heart and soul.
I think we should make more epic videos for you to be able to make more better remixes.

Naturally, it became topics on some news sites like here;

If possible, I’ll add trigger video, first MAD video and history of this phenomenon on NND in a few days.

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