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Last posted Mar 14, 2015 at 08:29AM EDT. Added Feb 25, 2010 at 10:59AM EST
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> Detroit Metal City

DMC is a successful gag comic, and the highest peak of its popularity was around 2007-2008. Therefore, DMC has some of fandom. But they don’t have huge impact enough to be called a meme.

> Godman

Godman has been popular among mainly 2chan users because of its surreal story. I like it too. Godman’s character model for MUGEN was made in 2chan.

After 2007, Godman has been featured in some of parody videos on NND as same as other popular characters among 2chan users. But, because they have been all eliminated due to copyright claims, his popularity couldn’t spread over outside 2chan.


I first saw them in this video, which shows a modified version of the doujin fighting game Dragon Blast [Project Soul Gainer], that features notable NND characters.

Other than the ones already added to KYM (e.g. Hatsune Miku, Touhou Project, Ran Ran Ru, Enemy Controller, etc.), and the ones you said they aren’t enough to count as memes (e.g. Dora, Krauser, Godman, etc.), anyone else in this video a meme?

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You really like that fake video game advertising video :)

DMC and Doala are never internt memes, but successful products in real life. It’s quite natural that such trending topics have a certain amount of parody or fan art on the web.

I think the characters who have the possibility to be called a meme in that video are Bronto, Opoona and Godman, though each of them is a quite small meme.

And, explaining their episode to you guys is extremly difficult for me. they don’t have parody illustrations or MAD videos. As for Godman, there is no archive of his threads in Futaba.

So, there is no evidence to make you guys understand visually.


>Nico Nico Fighters

Yes. It’s as interesting as other Nico Nico All*Star videos, which feature numerous characters and celebrities from different universes, some that are (or could become) Internet memes, which is the reason why I showed this, the Nico Nico All*Star Icon Factory and other similar stuff.

>Edited entries

Anyway, nice work on editing the entries. _

I’ll check for some parts that need proofreading, but only if I in the editor lists.


Oh, I forgot that now is the time to Halloween. I’ve never participated to Halloween party because I don’t like any boisterous ceremony/party…

Anyway, I’m going to write the article about Spoo as soon as possible, and try finishing it till Friday.


Nico Nico Pedia – List of Nico Nico All Stars (Japanese)

This list contains some of really big online phenomenon, but most of them are just a small inside fad lionized by humorless users, mainly junior high / high school students, only in Nico Nico Douga. So, I think the fact that is listed up on that doesn’t mean it deserves to have its own article on KYM.

I also think some of notable characters that deserve to have its own article are still left in this list.
Out of curiosity, which characters in that list do you like?

I’m seeing a lot of parodies of this picture on tumblr and /a/. It’s a screencap from the first episode of Mirai Nikki of the yandere character Gasai Yuno.

I’m not really sure if it’s popular enough to consider as a meme, but it’s definitely a trend atm. Most of these are coming from Japanese artists on pixiv and so far I’ve found over 40 different parodies.

This is a good example of a lot of the parodies

One problem when searching for these is it doesn’t seem to have a name… I just look for Mirai Nikki images and these just kinda pop up.

Last edited Nov 02, 2011 at 04:29AM EDT

I found many parody illustrations on pixiv. Those are tagged under “Ecstatic Yandere Pose” (恍惚のヤンデレポーズ, Kokotsu no Yandere Pose).
Search results on pixiv- 恍惚のヤンデレポーズ

It seems that it’s a small fad among amatuer illustrators in pixiv, and /a/ only reproduces those images from there.


Thanks! And woah. There’s a lot of these. I guess it’s kind of a “wait and see” as to whether this will become more notable.

mona_jpn wrote:

I agree.
Though we’ve already had the article, we had better watch and wait for a while.

The article was made a day ago by a Brand New Member.

If anyone wants to work on it, feel free to do so.

Edit: It seems Alokp requested editorship, so I added you.

I’m already starting to like this meme.

Last edited Nov 02, 2011 at 12:37PM EDT

Yeah. There are already some really funny variations that have popped up. I did some preliminary work on the article, but it could be expanded more. I’ll get back to it when I have time. If anyone else has feedback, let me know.

I’ve been seeing lately a lot of MADs using this Touhou videos

For what I know, it’s a collaborating effort between various voice actresses and artists. I have two questions about it.

1- What’s exactly so memetic about it? A japanese MAD maker who uploaded one of his videos in Youtube said one of the reasons is the poor quality of the voice acting. I’ve noticed too some of the lines get used more, like Reimu’s “The weather’s good today” or Marisa’s “Then she’ll close the shrine”

2- And what’s with putting gay porn footage in the end of the MADs? This one I’m more curious about.


Those MAD videos are tagged under Cookie Series →クッキー☆

Though it’s never known among people outside Japan, we Japanese have a tricky online phenomena of the gay porn video “A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream” (真夏の夜の淫夢, Manatsu no Yo no Innmu). It has remained perennial favorites among quite silly internet users since 2002. I will write an article for this phenomena someday. But it’s very hard work to me because there are so many things that need to be described.

They got interested in this Touhou video of cheap plot and horrible voice acting because their bad acting resembles to that of gay porn actors. Originally, that video became invisible among Touhou fans due to its poor quality. So, this video was totally the subject of mockery only among that gay porn fans.

Because those MAD videos are made by them, gay porn footage is always put on them.

@Natsuru Springfield

Sorry for leaving that entry. I lost my motivation due to the attitude of the original poster… I’m joking :)

We need to describe too many things about this online phenomenon. I gave up doing all of that by myself because that was too hard work for me.

However, If we could help together, we will be able to finish writing this entry.


Nico Nico Pedia entry (Google Translate)

The online phenomena of Idolmaster includes many kind of inside memes. And you know, information for all of them is only provided in Japanese.

  • MADs
  • Music remix / Mash-up
  • Virtual War Chronicle series
  • iM@s producer series

And these are also internet memes born from idolmaster.

  • Te-Te-Te (we’ve already had the entry for this)
  • NONOWA-san
  • HOME Haruka

The most important thing is that various kind of commercial developments including goods, figures, live concert tours and an animation series have been succeeded since 2007 despite of the fact that the original game released in Xbox360 had been sold only 100 thousand in its first 1.5 year. This is because those MADs and fanfiction on the web had led the popularity of this series.

I’ll explain those memes/fads individually.

THE iDOLM@STER’s mads are different from MAD memes/fads that have already described on KYM.(*1) The videos called MAD in this online phenomena are editing live stage scene and remixing it with other pop music as if they are performing the song. If people who knows the history of video remixes and mash-ups in music / art culture saw them, they would consider those video as a rudimentary visual mash-up. Unfortunately, many of the Japanese internet users who lionize MADs are mainly teenager and don’t know those cultural practice.

Because iDOLM@STER MADs almost don’t need to produce a laugh like other MAD videos, its creators had been competing on the quality of visual effects and camera work. As a result of this, many professional / semi-pro visual creators who had both creative skills and adobe’s expensive applications had joined into this meme’s bandwagon, and their high-quality works had been leading the popularity of this meme.

And, there are two episodes that we must describe about this online phenomena. One is 765comm@nd (pron. NAMCO command), the other is the Japanese electro pop group “Perfume”.

765comm@nd is a nickname given to an easter egg in “iDOLM@STER live for you” which is the expanded version of the 1st iDOLM@STER released in February 2008, and it was found in July 2008. This command can change the stage into blue background. From any angle, this feature is absolutely prepared for MADs. By this easter egg, the quality of iDOLM@STER MADs had improved spectacularly.

Prior to 765 comm@nd

After 765 comm@nd

Perfume is now a very popular group in Japan, but they had been too minor until the middle of 2007 and they were almost disbanded at that time. Several books point that one of the assists that rescued them from that situation was the MAD videos reusing their songs posted to NND around the summer of 2007.

In actuality, many different circumstances involved with their success story. However, many Japanese internet users and web media endorse the discourse that their success comes from the popularity of MAD videos on NND.

Unfortunately, many important MAD videos reusing perfume have been deleted from NND, and those videos reuploaded to YouTube deleted its audio by the copyright holder.

At last, we have to touch about the end of this online phenomena.

Many high quality MAD videos that were made with the fullest possible use of 765 comm@nd, After Effects and Premiere had got a much popularity. But, these works also raised the threshold to join into this meme, and made NND users have an experienced eye for MAD videos.

Since after the final release of download contents in August 2009, the momentum of this meme had been losing gradually. Top creators have already got tired of iDOLM@STER and fallen away from this meme. Now there is no good MAD video leading the popularity of this meme.


I guess you guys probably can’t appreciate iDOLM@STER MADs because you can’t determine if the song in the video is the original song in iDOLM@STER or taken from other pop artist’s music.

*1. For your information, the style of those MADs is usually called OTO-MAD (音MAD, lit. Sound or Audio MAD) and it is nothing more than one of the sub genres in MADs.

Hey. I want to make an entry called “Can ‘x’ kill Servants?” It’s from the Type-Moon series Fate/Stay Night, but it’s been discussed a lot on /a/ recently due to the new anime series Fate/Zero and the US release of Fate/Extra.

From what I know, this meme started on 2ch. But do you have any information on when it started? All I know is that it came from a rather heated discussion of whether the character Shiki Tohno (from Tsukihime) can kill Servants, but the character Ryogi is also commonly mentioned. If possible I would like an approximate date for when this started.

It’s usage is typically in “power-level” type threads where fans try to compare a character’s strength. Someone will usually come by and post, “But can ‘x’ kill Servants?” as a form of trolling.

Searching on Google brings up a lot of results and it is also briefly mentioned here. It is also mentioned in the Lurkmoar wiki in the Type-Moon article.

To tell the truth, I am not sure if I should just an entry on Type-Moon series since these threads are really popular on /a/ and there’s a lot of memes associated with this (from what I know, it’s also really popular on 2ch). However, I don’t see many Type-Moon memes outside of Type-Moon threads aside from “Can ‘x’ kill Servants?”. Though, I do sometimes see variants of “A cat is fine too.”.

I also did clean up on Anime Opening/Ending Parody MADs. However, I do lack information on popularity and origin. If possible, could you do a search on NND for these and let me know what you get? I can use the English website all right, but I’m not too great with searching on the Japanese website.

Last edited Nov 15, 2011 at 02:04PM EST

Ah… actually, “A cat is fine too” already has an entry.

Hmm… guess I’ll go ahead and make the Type-Moon article later and make the “Can ‘x’ kill Servants” article now.


> “Can ‘x’ kill Servants?”

The discussion about the power ranking of characters in the Type-Moon world (Fate and Tsukihime) had already begun when the first “Fate” was released in 2004. And that wasn’t on 2channel (2ch), but on Type-Moon board in Shitaraba BBS which is quite similar to 2ch, but is completely other web service.

Because of avoiding antis and trolls in 2ch, many of threads for the discussion about type-moon’s works have been continuing in Shitaraba since around 2003.

The oldest thread specialized for the ranking was posted on March 1st, 2004.

As of now, the latest thread for this series is number 440.

In addition, discussion comparing the power of characters in Type-Moon world with other skills in other manga/anime series (eg. Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Nen in HUNTER x HUNTER) have already started in this board in 2003.

However, this is nothing but a heated discussion among Type-Moon fanatics and it hasn’t spread to the outside of their community. Of course, any creative contents hasn’t been generated from that discuss.

So I can’t say this is something worthy memetic phenomena on the Japanese web.

> Anime Opening/Ending Parody MADs.

The popularity of MAD video what it is today has been led by online video sharing services after 2006.

But, the practice of anime OP/ED parody in MAD videos had already started when video deck became mainstream in 1980’s, and some of them had been already uploaded to the web around end of 1990’s. Those videos had been only distributed among a few Otaku groups in universities and geeks in the underground web culture. It also had never come up to the overground.

If you think MAD is the popular and standard cultural practice in Japan since it was started in late 1970’s, that’s completely wrong.

mona- Thanks! I wasn’t 100% sure of the origin of it. I did some looking around and it does seem like “Can Shiki kill Servants?” was something that started on /jp/ rather than 2ch. That information is helpful though.

However, in general I wanted to research Type-Moon since it has become more popular recently on /a/ and in the US due to the new PSP game, the Fate/Zero, and Carnival Phantasm.

As for the anime opening/ending MADs, I did a search on Azumanga Daioh since I was rehauling that article, and I didn’t see anything with an amazingly high view count. In general, the highest view counts I saw were for the live action parodies (there were a few that were 1 million +).

Greetings, I have recently come across with a Japanese indie horror game made in RPG maker! (Just like Yumi Nikki) called Ao Oni

It looks like it’s quite famous on Nico Nico Duga now that it was Translated into English, it started gaining some fame in YouTube as well!
There are 3-4 different updated versions of this game (1.0, 5.2, 6.23 and Ao Oni Jikkyou)
There is also a Hetalia spoof called Heta Oni
@Mona_jpn can you take a Look about it?
I have already found some MMD and Music Parodies on YouTube (as well as some Let’s play and Screaming reactions videos)
Not to mention the popularity of the Oni

Last edited Nov 20, 2011 at 09:49AM EST




I remember those illustrations became a topic only for a short period of time in around 2008. That topic came from /news4vip/ in 2channel. Though threads for those illustrations are occasionally posted to there even now, I don’t think this is worthy to be documented.

an Archive for a thread in 2010 (NSFW)

Yeah. I think there is no specific episode worthy having a name like “Can Shiki kill Servants?” on the Japanese web. So, You can concentrate to search only on westerners web about it:)

Anime OP/ED parody is basically a quite short fad only while the original Anime being on the air. So, nobody cares those videos made before YouTube and NND had been launched.

As for Azumanga Daioh, the most popular parody was a flash animated video in 2003. You probably can’t find this on video sharing service because the copyright holder for this animation series keep deleting parody videos doggedly.

On the Japanese web, many of old masterpiece of online parodies like this can’t survive on video sharing services.


Of course, Yes. Over 14,000 videos related to that game have been posted to NND. It may be worthy to have an article on KYM. Fortunately, that subbed video is very convenient for explaining the feature of this game.

It seems that TV Tropes have a well-written entry for this game. By referencing this page, we’ll be easily able to write our own entry in KYM.

That Toradora’s dance in those videos isn’t anything notable as an internet meme/fad. There is no other instance reusing this scene in online parodies.

Meanwhile, that music from SEGA’s 2004 video game “Project Rub” actually caused a big sensation on the Japanese web in that year. Maybe you don’t know it.

I think the online phenomena of that music is worthy to be documented in KYM.

Hm… i think… i can find one or three more videos with this dance and music, but they all have bad creating quality. But ok, if you sure it’s not meme, it’s true.
Sorry for my badly english.

No, problem. My English writing is poor, too. hahaha.

BTW, As I wrote on Rhythm Heaven thread, I’m planning to make an entry for this game in the future. If someone knows its popularity on your regions, please teach it to me in that thread.


I’ve been seeing some references related to that ever since this artwork by a well-known artist:

There has also been some other Hayao Miyazaki related content going viral.

@mona_jpn- Thanks! Since Azumanga Daioh got changed to a subculture entry, I have to do more research on it. From what I remember going to Osaka a few years ago, it was still a notable series and there was some amount of merchandise still available in Gamers and Animate (a friend of mine who I was visiting bought a special edition Osaka book). It was popular at one point in the US. I don’t know much more than that though since I wasn’t really into slice of life anime back then.

“Can Shiki Kill Servants” as a meme does seem to be exclusively an /a/ and /jp/ thing. I’m still debating making an “Unlimited Blade Works” entry since doing parodies of that has also been recently popular on /a/.

Over the break, I’ll have some time. There’s actually a lot of anime-related entries that need work.

I did have a couple questions though-

Would you say that The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a subculture? Mainly because when I think of anime subcultures this is kind of the first thing that comes to mind. I kept on hearing about a lot of things like Haruhism and churches related to that show, though I’m pretty sure all of that died down after other series like Lucky Star and K-On became popular. Do you have any more info on this?

And I visited Futaba channel recently, and one thing I noticed was that キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!! was spammed everywhere. What does this mean? And uh… are you familiar enough with Futaba to know why it has three 二次元裏 boards?

Sorry, I’m quite busy recently. I have to decrease pile of business…

@Antilie, @1983parrothead

Now I’m writing about “balse/barusu” (i don’t know this spell is written in a script of the translated version). Many Japanese media and TechCrunch covered this topic.

- New Tweets Per Second Record -- 25,088 TPS -- Set By Screening Of Japanese Movie “Castle in the Sky” | TechCrunch

We must have the article for this topic as quickly as possible, I think.


> The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

That was quite popular on Doujin Market in 2006-2008, and also has so many fan-arts. these are still flood on the web.
In addition, I recommend you those Internet memes/fads related to this novel/anime:

- Mikuru Beam
- WaWaWa Wasuremono (MAD fad in Nico Nico Douga)
- Suzumiya Haruhiko (rule63 style fad in NND)
- Nyorōn Churuya-san (fanmade comic merchandised officially by the original publishers in later.)

Those topics are worthy to have entries, I think.

> キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!
This is “Kitaaaaaaa-!!” which is a Shift-JIS art originally created in 2channel around 2001-2002.
It’s meaning is:
キタ!! (Kita): (X) came/appeared!!
(゚∀゚): impression of joy and excitement

its original usage is expressing joy and excitement for epic moments (headline news, porn pic posts, etc).

But, its usage in Nijiura have become something like “a dead letter”. therefore, this shift-jis art has no meaning in particular on there.

FYI, An flash animation movie inspired by this shift-jis art caused a big phenomenon on 2channel from late 2002 to 2003, and this movie is one of the milestone in the history of the Japanese online creation.

Okay! Sounds good. I’ll do a setup for the subculture entry and get to the others after.

I’ll work on the Suzumiya Haruhiko (though I might label it as Kyonko since I think more people are familiar with that name)..

And uh… the only one I’m not familiar of those is WaWaWa Wasuremono. I can try to do some primary research, but I would probably need help with that entry.

Nyoron Churuya-san and Mikuru Beam already have entries-

The Hare Hare Yukai entry also needs cleaning (same with the Motteke! Sailor Fuku entry OTL). I’m waiting to see if I’ll get granted editorship on those. I wanted to include the mention of the prisoner dance group doing the Hare Hare Yukai along with the popular video of cosplayers doing the dance in Akihabara and then getting chased off by police.

I really appreciate your insight. :) It’s very helpful.

Last edited Dec 14, 2011 at 01:25PM EST

There are two fanmade memes found in Touhou that I haven’t seen much of in here.

The 1st one’s Mannosuke, a testosterone power house version of Rinnosuke, one of the very few male characters, that has been interpreted as a symbol of manliness and/or perverseness. He’s shown up in doujinshi, some MAD videos, and fanart. As well as a couple fan made Touhou games like Touhou Labyrinth and Touhou soccer:

And the second are those mask wearing perverts found in some of the MAD videos, fan art, and fan made manga stips. The Sin Sacks, their name cause their masks say sin or something along those lines, are pretty much just a group of perverts that love Touhou. (And can sing very well apparently). The idea of some of Touhou’s perverted fans making their way to Gensokyo to wreck havoc is pretty funny. One of the vid.s even has a pedobear reference.

Here’s two pretty good vid.s I found depicting their nature and fandom:

Here’s them getting punished (the less obscene version) by Touhou char.s:

So yea, IMO, they’d be great additions for know your meme as Japanese memes.

Last edited Dec 15, 2011 at 01:04AM EST


Should Hare Hare Yukai be the submeme of Anime Opening/Ending Parody MADs submemes or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?


Hey, mona_jpn. I wonder if it is a good idea to only work on one portion of any very large meme entry like the IDOLM@STER, Futae no Kiwami and Hissu Amoto San, at each time?

Last edited Dec 15, 2011 at 02:39AM EST

Ah… I personally think that Hare Hare Yukai is notable beyond it’s MAD parodies to the point where it does belong more under the subculture rather than the Anime Opening/Ending Parody MADs.

I got some questions/suggestions for the Haruhi article. Good idea for an article btw.

You added Endless Eight as a minor meme. This is a good choice, but I’d like to point out that we do have 2 other entries for endless 8.

The first one is a hidden entry, so only moderators (like mona and me) can see it. The second one got deadpooled. Based on the information it deserves this deadpool. But if one of you thinks it deserves more attention, feel free to request editorship. If it gets some good work, I don’t mind putting it back into submissions.

But that’s not what I am here for. I’d like to ask if “Kyon kun denwa” should be given a mention in the “Minor Memes” part. Included to Endless Eight or seperate doesn’t really bother to me. “Kyon kun denwa” is often associated with Endless Eight. It’s commonly used as a trigger to remember people of the Endless Eight and the frustation it might have given them. I dunno, give it some thought and add it if you think it deserves a spot.

You seems to love almost naked guys:)

> Mannosuke
He is originally called Ko-rin (こーりん) in Japanese. He was born And got popularity in the 2nd Touhou Saimoe Tournament (東方最萌トーナメント), Touhou characters fan voting event held by Touhou fans in a Japanese online forum, 2005. Since then, he has been used in many Touhou fan-arts and parodies.

> the 2nd one
They are called 罪袋(Tsumi Bukuro, eng. Sin Sack). it comes from a fan-fiction video posted to NND in 2007. They are designed as creepy fanatics deeply loving Yukari Yakumo.

I think both of them should have its own entry in a Wiki for Touhou project at first. These aren’t essential topics for KYM.

Not Bad idea. I always think I have to do all of work for a entry by myself. if other people assists my editing, it’s very helpful for me. However, it never changes that I have to translate almost all information from Japanese by myself after all…

I think the best parent entry for a entry is about its base phenomena. Same style entries (eg. MADs, YTPMVs) have better be listed not as “related entries” but as “similar entries”.

So the parent entry for entries already listed in the entry you made should be changed to it, I think.

I guess this makes sense.
It’s not the fact that they’re depraved from most of their clothing, it’s the idea of there being some literal manliness in Touhou that intrigues me (I would gladly welcome a fully clothed person on the series). I can see why these aren’t on everyone’s mind, I mean, “who’d want to stare at something like that unless they get off on it?” Is what people probably think.. And yes, I did have to browse through some pretty weird stuff to get these lesser obscene pic.s…

@Randomman- I think Kyon-kun denwa would be good as a section under Endless Eight, unless what research I do supports that it’s well-known outside of it’s association with the Endless Eight.

And yeah. I’ll request editorship on that entry. I’ll take care of that and Nyoron over the course of this weekend.

Though… do you think I could possibly get editorship on a few other entries that need fixing? For example, the Lucky Star Opening article needs a lot of work. So does the GAR entry. I looked around and found a decent amount of info that could help out both articles.

@mona_jpn- I agree with this. It might be a good way to sort entries that technically fit under more than one category.

Last edited Dec 15, 2011 at 06:37PM EST

Alokp wrote:

@Randomman- I think Kyon-kun denwa would be good as a section under Endless Eight, unless what research I do supports that it’s well-known outside of it’s association with the Endless Eight.

And yeah. I’ll request editorship on that entry. I’ll take care of that and Nyoron over the course of this weekend.

Though… do you think I could possibly get editorship on a few other entries that need fixing? For example, the Lucky Star Opening article needs a lot of work. So does the GAR entry. I looked around and found a decent amount of info that could help out both articles.

@mona_jpn- I agree with this. It might be a good way to sort entries that technically fit under more than one category.

Done and done.

You’re always free to request editorship btw.

I keep on seeing some sort of weird connection between Yuki Nagato and Solid Snake in the various Nico Nico Meledy’s and other videos. I’m not certain if it’s a meme or not but couled somebody please elaborate if it is?

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

I keep on seeing some sort of weird connection between Yuki Nagato and Solid Snake in the various Nico Nico Meledy’s and other videos. I’m not certain if it’s a meme or not but couled somebody please elaborate if it is?

Those videos aren’t related to both Yuki Nagato and MGS series so much.

Those are filksongs by a NND user who imitates the voice of Akio Ohtsuka, the original voice actor for Solid Snake. Just by his choice, Yuki Nagato’s song was sung.

Because this is a quite early instance in “Utatte Mita” (I tried singing x) movement on NND, some of his videos have so many page views in there. But, those are just hit videos in only NND, not enough to be called a fad/meme. I think so.

Hello guys. I need your help.

I made an article for WaWaWa Wasuremono which is a sub-meme of Haruhi, just now.

But I can’t find the source clip of this scene because most of original clips of this animation on YouTube are blocked from Japan.

So, if the source clip can be found from the U.S, please tell its link to me.

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