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Last posted Mar 02, 2010 at 11:31PM EST. Added Mar 02, 2010 at 06:13PM EST
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Many of us have been passing judgement on memes too quickly, myself included. While it may seem that a lot of submissions should be deadpooled based on the info, many of these are actual memes, as said by Chris.
We might all need a re-debriefing, so here.

1: The only time it’s an insta-deadpool is with spam, troll, or duplicate entries.

2: If it looks like it isn’t a meme, look it up first. Turns out “It’s so cold in the D” is a meme, even though it looked like junk. GOOGLE, GOOGLE, GOOGLE!

3: This article is crap. +1 work.
Work on what? Origin? Spread? Evidence? Specify.

“[15:02] <@chrismenning> Instead of telling others why they suck, tell them how they can be awesome”

Yeah, that.

So, yeah, don’t “+1 deadpool” until you have actually checked for its presence.

+1 Confirm is fine too

+1 Work is meh…
sometimes it’s a bit bothersome listing down if there are so many fails in the entry itself even though it’s an absolute meme

+1 Deadpool
You have to explain why it has to be deadpooled, but sometimes the answer is so obvious you just have to say it…

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