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Joker Make-up and Why So Serious?

Last posted Oct 25, 2009 at 11:06PM EDT. Added Sep 04, 2009 at 03:22AM EDT
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LOL! That video is pure win because College Humor is pure win.

Also, the Riddler has always been my favorite Batman villain, so he’s pure win too. On a related note, I heard rumors that the next Batman movie will star the Riddler as the main villain and one of the probable actors to cast the role is Johnny Depp (completely pure win!).

This is an almost accurate picture of my reaction to hearing the news (if you can’t tell, that’s the awesome face):

Unfortunately, Depp himself has already negated the fact that he’ll star in the movie. Why’d you have to destroy my dreams, Johnny? WHY?! T^T

Vin Diesel should play the Riddler.

Here’s how it goes down.

Batman #3 (working title)

Scene 186

Location: Edward Nigma’s Garage

(Batman shows Riddler the riddle Batman found on his lawn)

Batman: That wasn’t a riddle, that was a drawing of this very garage done in blue crayon.

Riddler: It’s cerulean.

Batman: You misspelled “street” and your name.

Riddler: Shut up. Here’s a new riddle, if you don’t get it right… YOUR PARENTS WILL BE KILLED. If you ca-

Batman: My parents have been dead for years.

Riddler Fuh-uck. Okay, here’s a riddle about where I hid all the money I stole. Uh, don’t look in my garage.

(Batman sighs heavily and turns towards the camera)

Batman: Christopher, you asshole. Why the fuck did you pick this idiot.

Christopher Nolan: Uhh, Christian, it wasn’t me is was castin-

Batman: Don’t give me that bullshit Christopher.

Riddler: No wait guys, I got one.

Batman: What the fuck is it?

(Riddler makes a cup-like shape with his hands)

Riddler: What’s this?

Batman: What’s what?

Riddler: This thing.

(Riddler points at his hand)

Batman: I don’t know, what?

(Riddler puts his arm in his hand-cup and flexes his biceps)

Riddler: Gun Rack.

Batman: I’m fucking leaving, fuck you Christopher, fuck you.

(Credits Roll)

I’m bumping this thread to show people something interesting Google Insights has told me about the “Why so serious?” catch phrase:

Yeah, but “Why so serious?” is the movie’s tagline.

If you were to add “The Dark Knight” you see they peak at the EXACT same time, July 2008, when the movie premiered.

I hope Johnny Depp stars as the Riddler in the next Batman. I love the way the series has rebooted (along with how James Bond has rebooted,) and it’s got more of a 21st century dark and gritty feel. I hope they don’t loose sight of this really dark feel, and I think that Depp could do an excellent job of being a weird but wicked villain, keeping in like with the Heath Ledger (RIP)-Joker performance.

And I think it’s safe to call the joker make-up thing a meme. It’s got a lot of spread off the internets, but there’s a notable presence on the interwebz.

But sometime, this site should be branching out in the topics. Like a “memes” section, an “internet slang” section, and a “notable internet phenomenon” section. That’d help in sorting out everything that goes through here.
Just saying.


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