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Turban meme on Facebook?

Last posted May 14, 2010 at 01:24PM EDT. Added May 11, 2010 at 09:34PM EDT
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What’s the deal with this? It seems to have an entry here but it says it’s marked as invalid. Why is this? Sure it’s mildly offensive to Sikhs I guess but it’s nothing worse than Raptor Jesus/Islamic Rage Boy/Scientology (inb4 not a religion) etc…

In fact a large part of the joke is that people are intentionally mistaking Sikhism for other religions (normally Hinduism and Islam).

For anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about here are some examples:

There are countless other examples along the same lines so as you can see this is a definite meme with almost all these groups having 100000+ members.

The Facebook-group-as-meme has always been a little bit a bitter pill for me to swallow for some reason; there’s very little actual content creation associated with setup (none at all really if you’re just sourcing images from the web) so you don’t get any mutation / variation there.

You could argue that the practice of setting up a Facebook group around a particular theme is memetic (Can this X Get More Fans than Y) but there has to be a really strong set of identifiable characteristics which are mutated. In the More Fans than Y example the whole thing is centered around a really particular and identifiable snowclone (like I’m in Your X, Ying Your Z, etc etc). Parts which can be switched and changed.

This set of Turban Related pages is a bit far of a walk to – I think – be called a Meme just yet. I’d be curious to know how you see these sets of pages as being a “definite meme”.

@Mike It seems possible to argue that Facebook groups are the walled garden equivalent to single topic blogs and probably share their characteristics of “low-memetic, high-virality.”

Going to go think about this some more…


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