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free boxxy!

Last posted Sep 18, 2009 at 11:41PM EDT. Added Sep 16, 2009 at 11:00AM EDT
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i did some research about boxxy;
and god, what the CBCR did to her was horrible and stupid, something that showed to me the extent of the pit of darkness that is /b/.
someone should bring her back, ask for mercy from our queen, and fuck the consequences.

Franco, I think you have your facts confused.

The CBCR or Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction was a group that compiled a document of all of the personal contact information they could find. These documents were “leaked” onto 4chan where Boxxy haters attempted to plan IRL raids.
Members of CBCR later revealed that they had intentionally put together false information in order to send would-be griefers on a wild goose chase. The CBCR was protecting Boxxy.

Boxxy never asked for /b/ to become obsessed with her. But because she was a hyperactive teenager and a Gaia Online user, she fit the profile of someone for /b/ to hate. Ironically, only about half of /b/ hated her, while others seemed to be in love with her.

Boxxy has been maintaining a low profile in order to avoid stalkers. As long as there are those who consider her the Queen of /b/ there will also be those who want to take her down. It’s basically a case of unwanted microcelebrity status that she never even asked for.

My advice would be to let sleeping dogs lie.

boxes will be served in the enrichment center testing room.
and chris, i saw in a blog a while ago that the CBCR actually was created to substitute the Valkirye-thingie, and that they were actually more efficient at finding information about Boxxy.
this is the blog.
but i don’t know, probably your research is correct.


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